Funny / The Megas

  • The Megas Are Easily Distracted.
  • "Don't Fuck With Magnet Man": Just listen.
  • While Fly on a Dog is mostly about Megaman going through what might be a mental breakdown but a bit of mood whiplash makes for some dark humour with this line. "I can ride in a dog (Underwater!)"
  • Scent Blasters.
  • I gave you hair (ROBOTIC HAAAAIIIIIR)
  • During Super Fighting Robot, they make "pew-pew-pew" and explosion noises during the part of the song where, in the show, it's a montage of Wily's robots destroying a city.
  • Metal Man's entire personality is funny in retrospect. As more and more Robot Masters get songs dedicated to them, many of them are depicted as sympathetic, either due to being crazy, genuinely believing in their cause, or being forced to fight. But Metal Man, the one who started it all, is just a narcissistic jackass who loves decapitating people with saw blades and saying the word "metal".