Awesome / The Megas

  • Look at the tracklist for Sparked a War.
    • Having their music featured in the official trailers for Mega Man Universe.
  • Scent Blasters is hilariously awesome.
  • Programmed to Fight is one for Crash Man. He manages to overpower his own programming long enough for Mega Man to stand victorious over the battle, either by letting the final blow be dealt, or killing himself.
  • Harder Than Steel is pretty awesome. Hard Man is an old fighter who fears he's gone soft over the years. With Mega Man challenging him, it's his chance to either prove he's as tough as ever, or go down in a blaze of glory. The crowd's cheering for him when he shows up, they still believed in Hard Man.
  • I Refuse (To Believe) is one for Mega Man. He puts the brakes on the downward spiral he's been on since the end of Get Equipped to save Dr. Light and Proto Man from their own slides into darkness. And Melody From The Past confirms that Proto Man was saved from his own rage.
  • Heart of Fire is almost a motivational anthem about Simon traveling through the Clocktower to face Dracula's right-hand man, Death.
    "You can feel it burn, somewhere deep within. Death comes for all men, Now you come for him"