YMMV / The Megas

  • Alternate Character Interpretation: This is encouraged by the Megas. While they obviously have their own interpretations for how the songs go, they generally keep them to themselves so that people don't take said interpretations as law and stop coming up with new theories, such as explicitly refusing to elaborate on who sings Make Your Choice.
    • Not only are the Megas' own characterizations of the character this, but even within the songs themselves this can be applied. Is Flashman gay for Megaman, or just afraid of his power? Does Heatman want to burn the world For The Evulz or because he's insane (or because this is how he mourns)? Are people terrified of Air Man because of his monstrous appearance or because he's an insane robot built by a mad doctor with the intent to have him kill them?
    • Crash Man is either a Tragic Hero, an Anti-Villain, or possibly both.
    • Bubble Man is either The Woobie, the Black Sheep, or both. At the same time, the song suggests that he's not only trying to prove his worth to his brothers, but to himself.
    • Metal Man can be seen as an Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy (as described below) during the beginning of his song, but towards the end, his singing holds slight shades of seeing a Worthy Opponent in Mega Man.
    • Wood Man could be just trying to avenge his brothers.
    • Quick Man's song suggests he's trying to say Screw Destiny by killing Mega Man.
    • Does Roll reciprocate Magnet Man's feelings, simply trying to protect him from Mega Man, or does she want nothing to do with him?
    • Hard Man could be a Benevolent Boss, or just in a good mood most of the time.
    • While Hard Man's people seem to love him at the time the song takes place, and he appears to care about them and how they see him, ("but now they say the Hard Man's gotten soft"), was it really genuine adoration, or a collective feeling of "could be worse", given all the bonafide psycho-bots other towns got stuck with? Or were they on the fence, not quite sure whether to fear or respect him, but knowing they might as well stay on his good side lest he show a not-so-good side?
    • Who is the "rat" who betrayed Gemini Man? One interpretation is that one of his personalities betrayed the other. Another possibility is that it's Proto Man — in the game, Gemini Man's level is the only one where Proto Man just helps Mega Man instead of fighting.
    • Did Wily give the Robot Masters personality quirks on purpose to make them more sympathetic? Its hard to tell when we don't really hear about the fact that they commit crimes in Wily's name. Although Air Man outright states that he will destroy the humans.
    • Continue is basically a case of Alternate Song Interpretation, as while it's clear the song is about Mega Man, the fandom is still not sure who's supposed to be singing it to him. There are strong cases for Dr. Light and Roll, and even Dr. Wily and Proto Man.
    • Similarly to Continue, Make Your Choice is either a duet between Mega Man and Proto Man or sung by Gamma.
  • Accidental Innuendo: Probably unintentional, but Woodman is the master of machines... and of the birds and the bees?
    • Well, seeing that he is Wood Man...
  • Crack Pairing: Don't Mess with Magnetman gives us Magnet Man/Roll, Mega Man's sister.
  • Designated Hero: Wily and most of the Robot Masters view Mega Man and Dr. Light as being this in-universe.
  • Ear Worm: The entire band qualifies; specially if you're a massive Mega Man fan.
  • Fan Nickname: Geminoir, since Gemini Man's song is a sendup to film noir and detective stories.
  • Fandom Rivalry: There's a friendly rivalry with The Protomen, due to them both being Mega Man bands that involve lyrics (with absolutely nothing else in common). Jokingly brought up by the Protomen when their site was hacked, as they joked that it was the Megas' fault. Over time they became Friendly Fandoms, especially as the bands began to affiliate more with each other.
  • Foe Yay: Blue Like You. Oh dear God where do we begin...
    • How about the chorus?
    Hey Mega Man, join my side/And let me stop this moment in time/You'll be mine, forever.
    • However, it doesn't appear to be a random choice to give him the Foe Yay. He does seem to have a Freudian Excuse for this rather... Freudian goal:
    What Mega Man and my brothers don't know / Is this flash is all for show ('cause inside) / there's nothing there, and there's nothing to me / I'm empty and I'm hollow!
    This flashy suit and this flashy stage / I use only to hide (the fact that)/ I am lonely, and I need somebody / Like Mega Man, by my side!
  • Growing the Beard: The general consensus about the MM3 album; Get Equipped was lighthearted but a bit formulaic, while History Repeating has deeper lyrics, more story, and different song styles and themes.
  • Ho Yay: Listen to Hell Has Frozen Over and try to say that it doesn't smack of a love declaration between Fireman and Iceman.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Airman and Heat Man.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • I WILL NOT KALE, stemming from a misheard lyric note  from "I Refuse to Believe." The Megas later used a gif of the meme to announce History Repeating Red on Bandcamp.
    • Harvest Moon is the greatest game of all time. Explanation 
  • Narm: Some of the more painful rhymes and overly-dramatic lyrics can cause this.
    • Get Equipped has lines like "It's Mega Man part 2, I'm dressed in blue, this is my song" and "My level has robotic ostriches, bats, and big monkeys!"
    • "History Repeating", while generally dramatic, has a couple of lines that kill the mood.
    History repeating...
    Who do they call when robots need defeating?
    • "Bloody Tears" adds in "What a horrible night to have a curse" pretty awkwardly, since it doesn't fit the rhythm of "this nightmare just keeps getting worse."
  • Painful Rhyme: From The Annihilation of Monsteropolis:
    I will fly high above Monsteropolis / and I'll rain terror down on the general populace.
    • Another example from Melody from the Past:
    ''You are the one the hero who will stand/Do not blame father he is only a man.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Word of God has said that they probably won't be doing songs for the Robot Masters past game 3 (except for a few select songs), which really is a shame since there's plenty of potential there.
  • The Woobie:
    But to your aid an unlikely friend, programmed to fight 'til the very end.
    This flashy suit and this flashy stage, I use only to hide/The fact that I am lonely and I need somebody like Mega Man by my side.
    I realize something, as I stand here waiting/That I'm the one who I'm really hating
    I had a name, my father called me "Blues"/He tore my heart from my chest to give to you
    Do you know what it's like to be built this way?/With only the power to push others away?
    I can attract everything I see/But the one I love to me
    I'm not a bad guy, I'm just designed that way. No matter what I try I can't help but hurt those close to me. And I can't see a way out this time.
    The me that used to be here, has gone away but I can't say where. I think that I may have killed him... I'm so scared.
    My private eye, we're never going to make it; somebody is out to get me. I've had all I can take...
    • Even Dr. Wily makes a play for this in "Gamma Unchained":
    Iíve heard the names that they call me. Some sting and some canít help but ring true. I have to live with what Iíve done and find the strength to continue. So tell me why Iím the one that they fear and for him they cheer.
    • By the time of "History Repeating", Mega Man himself shows signs of this.
    History repeating / Who do I call when I'm broken and bleeding?
    • By the next album, it's pretty obvious:
    Why did he give me voice? And still choose not to hear me. Just white noise...
    No shoulder to cry on a dog...
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: For two tunes that were extremely similar to begin with, Journey's Faithfully and Elec Man's theme from Mega Man 1, The Megas take it a step further in Evolution of Circuitry by having the last verse sound almost lyrically identical the second verse of the Journey song.
    • From Evolution of Circuitry:
      Journey starts, it all ends tonight
      I'll send the spark of war along the wire
    • And from Faithfully:
      Restless hearts, sleep alone tonight
      Sending all my love along the wire