Awesome / Megadeth

  • The band actually won the Humane Society's Genesis Award, a prize given to celebrities who work to promote awareness of animal cruelty. They're the only metal band to ever win the honor. The award was given for the title track of Countdown to Extinction, which itself is a song about "canned hunts", a practice where hunters are given the opportunity to kill an animal in a confined area.
    • According to The Other Wiki, the song may have been a Take That! to Metallica's James Hetfield, who reportedly participates in canned hunts.
  • Look up Dave's appearance on VH-1's "Rock N' Roll Jeopardy" if you have the chance, where he wiped the floor with the competition. Granted his opponents were Moon Unit Zappa (who didn't know any of the answers and got super-frustrated as the game went on) and George Clinton (who seemed stoned and barely buzzed in), but Dave cleared entire categories all on his own, showing he has an encyclopedic knowledge of music history of all genres (including pop and disco, surprisingly).
  • Megadeth finally winning a Grammy award at the 2017 Grammy Awards, for Best Metal Performance (the title track to Dystopia was up for nomination), after eleven unsuccessful nominations prior to this.