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Headscratchers: The Megas
  • From a YouTube comment:
    • I feel my hands turning into fists" ...Sparkman doesn't have hands.
    • Either it's a metaphor, or Sparkman has a set of hands that he replaces with prongs before a fight. (He is, after all, a robot.)
      • It's a joke. I mean...Metalman's song starts with "throw metal blades from my metal hands". It's supposed to be a little cheesy.
  • So I'm confused. In Gamma Unchained, it has the impression Dr. Wily is singing about Protoman, but constantly referring to Gamma. How's that work?
    • I suspect that he's activating Gamma, and simply remembering aloud what happened with Protoman with the "I thought I could bring the dead back" stanza.
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