Fridge / The Megas

Fridge Brilliance
  • Why is there a cover of Sunglasses at Night on a Megaman 3 prev-oooh.
  • In The Quick and The Blue, Quickman asks "Does Death wear blue?" throughout the song. This gets an added meaning when you remember that Quickman is weak to Flashman's weapon, whose song is Blue Like You.
  • In I'm Not The Breakman the line "What am I supposed to be?" is immediately followed by the Weapon Get theme.
    • Also in the same song, Protoman/Breakman mentions that the creator "is a liar." Recall the plot of the third game...
  • Wily himself isn't unaware of Protoman's feelings on the matter. The second verse of Gamma Unchained mentions Wily having given Protoman a new reactor, and that Protoman was not happy about it. The verse itself ends with "I think that I heard the red song again/he wants revenge..." (In the game, Protoman does show up after the fight with Gamma.)
  • Snake Man's theme is all about him trying to get Mega Man to switch sides—fitting that a snake would try to tempt someone into evil. One part of the chorus even goes, "Take a bite, make your mark."
  • The "Elec" in Elec Man can be short for either "Electric Man" or the less obvious "Elected Man", fitting for someone whose song sounds like a political rally.
    • The mood whiplash of placing his song right next to "Beneath the Steel", about Bomb Man collapsing society with his bombs, is also brilliant: The two songs are about ballots and bullets.
  • Magnetman attracted Roll.
    • And Roll may be repulsed by him.
  • Bubble Man wants to prove he and his weapon are the strongest of all the Robot Masters. In a way, he's right: his weapon is the only thing that can harm the final boss of 2.
  • Walk Away From Light is about Snake Man trying to get Mega Man to join their side. Of course he'd relate to Mega Man, they both share a weakness.
  • Compared to the rest of Shadow Man's song, the chorus sounds confident and badass, especially the line "I am the knife in a gunfight". But wait — a knife is what you don't bring to a gunfight, isn't it? Shadow Man's putting on a brave face, but his fear and uncertainty from the rest of the song is slipping through.
  • Wily's Just Think of the Potential line, about replacing humanity with robots, and Gamma's line ("How can there be peace, while two sides stand?") are not just throwaway lines: In Mega Man ZX, the humans and reploids are all cyborgs and the two categories are barely distinguishable; they made peace by making humans so mechanical they may as well be robots.

Fridge Horror
  • Listen to Evolution of Circuitry, Elec Man's incredibly upbeat, empowering song about having the power to liberate his people and bring about a new era, one of the most upbeat songs they've written. Realize that he gets brutally executed by Megaman immediately after the song ends. (This also adds extra pathos to Dr. Wily's Look What You've later on the same album, and to Spark Man's much more militant and aggressive You've Sparked a War on the next.)
  • During The Message From Dr. Light, listen carefully to the background. At certain points, Light is heard screaming in very much the same way Wily did in Look What You've Done.
  • In Look What You've Done, Dr. Wily talks about how easy it was to convince the Robot Masters to rebel, saying "it was like flipping a switch." Considering that in the original game, he stole and reprogrammed them, did he really persuade them to join him, or did he just Mind Rape them all into complying? Was everything they did and died for simply because they had been Brainwashed and Crazy?
  • Heat Man's stage in Mega Man 2 is what looks like an underground smelting plant. It's doubtful that Dr. Wily would waste anything in his war on Light, so he probably smelts any robots Mega Man destroys for their base components. This basically means Heat Man has had to personally cremate hundreds of robots (including his own brothers!) and knows for a fact that Mega Man killed them. No wonder he's so unhinged and itching for revenge in Man on Fire.
  • Magnet Man's song, though a little sad on the surface, is one of the more upbeat songs on the album, with the titular character talking affably about how just because his love's brother wishes to kill him and his father wants to rule the world, that shouldn't drive the two apart. The music is upbeat and cheery to match his personality; all the robot wants is to be reunited with his love. And then the realization that he too was killed by Mega Man despite his attitude and love sets in...
  • In general, the fact that all of Robot Masters, even the ones wrought with emotional distress or the ones doing things they think are right, are killed by Mega Man without so much as a question. Mega Man does feel tremendous guilt at killing all of them, but he know it's what he's got to do.
  • Light's portrayal in I Want to be The One (To Watch You Die) seems like a far cry from his personality in the games, but The Power Fighters gives us this quote:
    Sometimes, peace cannot be achieved unless those who spread war are destroyed.

Fridge Logic
  • How can Spark Man's hands be "turning into fists" when he doesn't have hands? They're just giant prongs!
    • Maybe the prongs are retractable and are only used for battle.
  • Who is Elec man singing his song to?
    • The electronic feedback and generic fading-out music at the end imply some sort of hijacked broadcast. Chances are he was just trying to spread the message to robots throughout the world (or country, town, or whatever).
  • How is Hard Man old enough to be "an old fighter" and have been accused of having "gotten soft"? Did it take years to defeat that round of robot masters?
    • Given the nature of Hardman's song, with all his speaking of a crowd and "His Town", as well as others like Quickman's [In this "town",I am the law] It's not impossible that the various robot uprisings managed to take control of population centers, which might very well allow for the various conflicts to be drawn out for quite some time. Which admittedly raises the possible question of what happened to any inhabitants after Megaman finished dismantling the robot Master protecting those locations.