Heartwarming: The Incredibles


  • The moment where Helen leaves the kids to go find her husband and Violet runs after her, because she couldn't make her powers work earlier. Helen gives her the best reassuring-parent speech a kid could ask for.
    • After the above scene, when the guard tries to shoot Dash, Violet jumps in front of him - and for the first time is able to project a really large force bubble. It then becomes a funny moment when she screams "Run!" and Dash takes off with both of them inside the bubble like a giant hamster ball.
      • Extra points for Violet here since she didn't know that was going to work. For all their fighting she was fully willing to take a bullet for her brother.
    • Anytime Violet and Dash save each other, especially considering their constant bickering in the first part of the movie.
  • The first thing Bob does when Mirage reveals that his family survived the attack on their plane? He gives her a hug in relief.
  • Mirage's Heel-Face Turn. "Say please."
  • Bob whispering to Helen that he's not strong enough to lose her or the kids again… and Helen gently reminding him that she's a powerful superhero, and so are their children, and they're gonna kick ass together.
  • After 15 years of being in hiding, The Incredibles and Frozone are finally applauded as true heroes.
  • When Helen catches Jack-Jack in midair after his (literally) explosive tantrum following Syndrome's attempt to kidnap him, he instantly calms down and coos "Mama."
  • When Violet and Dash were going to be squashed on and killed by the Omnidroid, Bob rushes in to save them and tells them to go. Not a minute later, Helen literally scoops up a just woken up Violet into her arms.
  • "That's my girl." Cue a thousand of feels.
  • The look on Mr. Incredible's face the first time he sees Dash run on water.
    • The look on Dash's face, when he realizes he's running on water!
  • Bob complimenting Violet on her headband. Made even more adorable by Violet's initial flustered reaction at him noting it.
  • The whole montage of Bob after he takes his new "job":
    • He and Helen share a passionate kiss and some other none-too subtle groping and implications of sex.
    • At one point, Bob sneaks up on Violet and kisses her nose.
    • Bob and Dash spending time together either with racing cars or playing football.
    • Bob kissing Jack-Jack's head and feeding him (while doing the same face thing Helen did earlier).


  • One from the commentary: Director Brad Bird spends nearly the entire thing singing the praises of all the animators who worked on the project, and at one point laments the fact that he probably can't name check every single person who made the movie. This is a guy who really loves his work, and the people who made it possible.
  • The cameo by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston. You know the one.