Heartwarming: The Fugitive

The TV series

  • In the final episode:
    • Gerard giving Kimble 24 hours to find out who helped the One-Armed Man jump bail.
    • In The Tag, Gerard extending his hand to Kimble as he's leaving the courtroom, and Kimble wordlessly shaking it.
    • The final bit of narration: "Tuesday, September fifth. The day... the running... stopped."

The movie

  • Kimble risking his freedom to tend to an injured boy, saving his life.
  • In another example of Kimble's heroic nature, he manages to get the shivved guard out of the bus just before the train hits. He risked his life to save a man he didn't even know from a brutal death, which SHOULD have been a clue to officials that he wasn't such a bad guy from the get-go. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Awesome.
  • When Kimble and Gerard meet again.
    Kimble: (gestures down to the now unconscious Nichols) They killed my wife.
    Gerard: I know it, Richard. I know it. But it's over now.
  • "I thought you said you didn't care?" "I don't, don't tell anybody okay?"
  • After Gerard saves Newman from Copeland, albeit shooting him at point black range:
    Gerard: How are you feeling?
    Newman: Lousy. I have ringing in my ears. I'm afraid I may suffer permanent hearing loss.
    Gerard: You honestly believe I should have bargained with that man. That I should have listened to what he had to say, despite the fact he had you at gunpoint?
    Newman: (pausing) Yeah.
    Gerard: Can you hear me in this ear?
    Newman: Yes.
    Gerard: (whispering) I. Don't. Bargain.
    • While that moment doesn't seem to be very heartwarming, an offhanded comment Gerard gives to one of his superiors over the phone afterwards does.
    Gerard: Well, Sir, Mr. Copeland was a bad man. He was gonna shoot one of my kids. (the man on the other end is still looking for someone to blame) Well, sir, you can blame me, I'm the one that shot him.
  • After messing around with him all film, Gerard pointedly and publicly praises Newman's police work after his effective questioning of Bones Roosevelt.
  • While Copeland was an asshole for not helping Kimble rescue the wounded guard during the derailment, he does help a weak and weary Kimble reach higher ground before going their separate ways.