Trivia: The Fugitive

TV Series

  • Directed by Cast Member: Barry Morse directed Season 4's "The Shattered Silence".
  • Disabled Character, Disabled Actor: Bill Raisch, who played the One-Armed Man, had lost his right arm in World War II.
  • Fake Nationality
    • Lt. Gerard was played by the English Barry Morse. A good thing, too, since anytime a person on the street got too threatening to him for being mean to Kimble, he could switch to his native accent and say, "Blimey, guv, I ain't who you think I am! Must be that bloke on the telly who looks like me."
    • "A Clean and Quiet Town" has Eduardo Cianelli as Viktor Lucheck.
    • In "The Last Oasis", Puerto Rican Jaime Sánchez plays a Native American.
    • Not a single member of the Hungarian Karac-family in "The Blessings of Liberty" is actually played by a Hungarian actor (instead it's one Austrian and three Americans).
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Lots of familiar character actors, and future stars, appeared on this show.
    • Prior to this show, David Janssen (Kimble) was best known for playing the title role in the TV version of Richard Diamond, Private Detective. Younger viewers may recognize him from his later roles on O'Hara, U.S. Treasury, or Harry O, or even for starring alongside John Wayne in The Green Berets.
    • Some may recognize Barry Morse (Gerard) for his role as Prof. Victor Bergman in Space: 1999.
    • Bill Raisch (the One-Armed Man) was previously best known for playing a different one-armed man who beats up Kirk Douglas' character in Lonely Are the Brave.
  • It Will Never Catch On: Series creator Roy Huggins initially had great difficulty in selling the series to potential producers. Many of them felt that a series based on a wrongfully convicted man running from the law would be perceived as being too perverse, as well as a slap in the face to the American justice system.
  • The Other Darrin: Kimble's brother-in-law, Leonard Taft, was played by several different actors.
    • Also Gerard's wife. She appeared briefly in 2 episodes, each time played by a different bit actress (one of them was even uncredited). The one time she had a major role to play was in a rare two-parter where she was played by Special Guest Star Barbara Rush.
  • Trolling Creator: David Janssen and Barry Morse concerning the series's ending. A few examples:
    • Janssen liked to joke that Kimble killed his wife because she talked too much (most prominently, he stated this when asked about the ending in Joey Bishop's late night talk show, shortly before the finale was due to air).
    • Barry Morse and David Janssen also made up an alternate epilogue to the finale for fun: In it, Kimble wakes up in bed next to his wife, saying that he just had the most horrible nightmare.
    • There's a persistent rumour that an alternate ending, revealing Kimble with a false arm and therefore as the real killer, had actually been planned. In "The Fugitive Recaptured", Barry Morse suggests that this may stem from a plan he and Janssen had to pull some kind of false-arm gag at public appearances, even though they never went through with it. Either that or...
    • In an interview with TV Guide given around the time of the series finale, Janssen stated that his idea for the ending was to have Richard Kimble sitting on the beach, reading about the execution of the One-Armed Man in the newspaper. Then he would get up, detach his prosthetic arm and walk off into the sea. It's hard to say now, but he was probably kidding...
  • You Look Familiar: Lots of actors will guest star in more than one episode in a different role. Perhaps the best example is Richard Anderson, who played Kimble's brother-in-law, Len Taft in the last 2 episodes. Anderson guest starred in 6 episodes total. The last 2 are the only ones where he played Len.