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Tear Jerker: The Fugitive

The movie

  • Kimble's thoroughly haunting dream about his late wife, which starts off all dreamy and romantic, then abruptly segues into his desperate, futile attempts to revive her, then holding her in his arms as she died.
  • Helen Kimble's 911 call—her voice weak and shaky, her pleas for her husband to help her. A literal example of this trope, as Kimble is seen crying as it's played in court—where it's being used as evidence against him.
  • Helen's death in general. Richard just came home from a charity party, there were rose petals all over the stairs leading up to their room so it was implied that his wife was waiting for him to come home and have a party of their own. Only for him to find her dead and the killer still in the house.
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