Heartwarming / Suburgatory

  • Tessa and Georges's scenes when they are together as close parent-girl instead of Mr. Fanservice and a Deadpan Snarker .
  • George and Dallas's kiss in the Christmas episode.
  • Noah offering Dalia a pet kangaroo.
  • Tessa and Dallas's scenes, where they both show support and a great Parental Substitute dynamic.
  • Sheila storing blood for all the family somehow moved the troper writing .
  • Carmen's return is one.
  • Dallas and George in the second season, during their understanding, fuzzy-feeling speeches about each other's tiny flaws.
  • Tessa's Character Development : from Soapbox Sadie with a superiority complex to an Exceptionally Tolerant righful The Snark Knight.
  • Tessa's kindness towards her new Love Interest, Ryan and his behavior towards her, always choosing I Want My Beloved to Be Happy.
  • Dalia and George's Parental Substitute dynamic. They really like each other.
  • Dalia, in her own unique style, trying to get Dallas to be less nervous for her date with George:
    "You've dated plenty of men who are better-looking and sexier and beefier and brawnier and more cut and darker-skinned and longer-haired and taller and richer and more successful and funnier and friendlier and who have more summer homes and foreign cars and motorboats and yachts who are more well-travelled and know more languages than him."