Awesome / Suburgatory

  • Dallas deciding to divorce Steven in 'Sex and the Suburbs,' after years of putting up with him cheating on her and leaving her alone for months on end.
    Dallas: This is how you leave a man, Yukolt!
  • Tessa being elegant and kind to Dalia in situations when she, at the beginning of the series, would have exploded.
    Tessa: It sucks. I am sure it's really painful.

  • Mr Wolfe coming out.
  • Noah's daughter giving the awesome mexican maid Carmen the respect she deserves.
    Noah: [Don't do it], you don't want to end up like Carmen.
    Noah's daughter: I would like to be like Carmen.
  • Sheila and Malik managing to manipulate Lisa into going out with him again. Wait...
  • Dallas's tolerance and kindness when at the start of the series, she would have been shocked.
  • Tessa's eliciting of a You Go, Girl! storyline for each of the football player's girlfriends.
  • Tessa vs. Dalia Tessa wins.
    Tessa (inner monologue): Dalia was a punk. And punks jump up to get beat down.