Heartwarming / Strike Back

  • John constantly assuring Katie that he's going to get her home. As well as his relationship with his daughter.
  • Episode 9 of Vengeance. Throughout the series, Stonebridge has been agonising over his pursuit of Craig Hanson, the man who killed his wife, and he's now convinced that it was a mistake to come back to 20. Dalton sits with him and tells him:
    "I said that I would take you based on your psychological evaluation. But I have never opened your file or read it. I brought you back because you make all of us better soldiers."
  • Section 20 checking up on Dalton in the hospital as she recovers from a bullet wound.
  • The first episode of Shadow Warfare. Stonebridge and Scott are on a motorcycle tour of northern California and stop at a bar in a small rural town. Stonebridge notices a memorial shadow box on the wall for a young US soldier killed in Iraq, and silently toasts the man. The barmaid appreciates the gesture and asks if hes a veteran, to which Stonebridge says hes just a tourist. The barmaid sees right through it and tells him, You boys wear it like a badge, giving him a free refill.