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Heartwarming: Squidbillies
  • Of all things, freakin' Squidbillies has this when Rusty refuses to shoot an adorable squirrel as a part of some messed up redneck "coming of age" ceremony. So he aims down and shoots the ground instead - only he actually shoots his own grandmother. Yeah, call it a subversion, but it works.
  • There was also the moment in the Christmas episode when, genuinely moved by a live nativity singing "O Holy Night", Early shares a rare father-son moment with "Well Done, Son!" Guy Rusty... until the nativity turns out to be an elf black ops team sent to rescue the captured-and-tortured Santa. They are promptly mauled to death by Granny's attack dogs.
  • The ending of "Rusty and Tammi Sitting In A Tree, B-A-S-T-A-R-D", where Rusty has a tender moment with his newborn son, Macho Man Randy Cuyler.
    • Made even more tender by the fact that Granny believes the baby to not actually be Rusty's, but taking steps to not enlighten him of the fact.
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