Heartwarming / Sonata Arctica

  • "Flag in the Ground," the story of a couple who is separated when the main character goes to America, but reunited through his hard work and determination. It may be the only happy song in Sonata's catalog.
    I stuck my flag in the ground
    Screaming and shouting, "I've never felt so proud, love!"
    We are free from eternal serfdom
    I'm gonna bring you home, my light!
  • In "Blinded No More", after all the garbage the narrator gives his lover for betraying him, he gives her one more chance.
    • The cover of Bette Midler's "The Wind Beneath My Wings" also comes to mind.
  • "Love", from Pariah's Child: a Childhood Friend Romance that doesn't have a Bittersweet Ending.
    • The actor in "Larger Than Life", after so much time trapped in his job, retires and starts a family.
  • In the sequel to "White Pearl, Black Oceans..." in The Ninth Hour, not only did the lighthouse manager survive his suicide attempt, his lover - presumed dead in the crash of the White Pearl - is alive too!
  • "Life" is the aural equivalent of a happy ending, with its triumphant main riff and fluffy lyrics.
    Life is better alive
    It is a dumb thing to say, but the fact won't wane away
    Smile at someone today
    When your team makes a game-winning goal, get ready to sing...