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YMMV: Sonata Arctica
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  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Would fall to one of their long, epic songs, such as "The Power of One", "Deathaura", or "Destruction Preventer."
    • Fan-favorite "White Pearl, Black Oceans" is also a major contender.
  • Epileptic Trees: Some fans go to bizarre lengths to explain the ambiguities in the "Caleb" story.
    • Prominent theories include: The stories of Letter to Dana, Shy, and other ballad-esque love songs being related to the "Caleb" story, the arsonist in Wildfire being Caleb, the man in The Power of One being Caleb, San Sebastian being a metaphor for the story prior to Juliet, and the theory of Caleb being multiple people.
    • The reasons for these theories can range from plausible to outright stupid.
  • Narm: "Don't Be Mean." Hearing a grown man use a phrase like "don't be mean to me" with such sincerity is a little cringe-inducing. It shows that English is not Tony Kakko's first language.
    • "Shitload of Money". Look at the other song names on this page and then look at that one again. Why it constitutes narm should be obvious.

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