Heartwarming / Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

  • In "Guide to: Dismissal", Ned spends most of the episode looking for his science book and the tips that Suzie threw out. Eventually he meets with Suzie and "stands up" to her, only to make her cry, causing him to immediately take it back. After that, Suzie tells Ned that she found his science book in the science room, and gives it back to him. Just before Ned leaves, Suzie gives him a Big Damn Kiss, and Ned stumbles away like a drunk. It's pretty heartwarming considering what Ned had went through all day.
  • In "Guide to: New Semesters," one of the things on Ned's new semester to-do list is "kiss Suzie Crabgrass" since, ever since he met her in the second grade, he made it his goal to have his First Kiss be with her. At the end of the episode, Suzie gives him that kiss, since Moze had told her about his goal to kiss her.
    Suzie: *after kissing Ned* Jennifer told me how long you'd been waiting for that. I thought it was the sweetest thing I'd ever heard.
  • In "Guide to: Video Projects", Ned accidentally ruins his and Cookie's video project. To remedy this and help out Martin Qwerly, they take the viral video of Martin pretending to be a ninja and add visual effects to it to make it look like he's actually fighting ninjas. This changes him from the school laughingstock to being congratulated for his performance. Mr. Monroe's quote says it all.
    Mr. Monroe: A+, boys. The A's for the project. The + is for that (points to Martin and his admirers).
  • In "Guide to: Dances", Gordy gets one when he turns down a good chance to swoop down and catch the weasel, and instead swipes Seth's basketball. Then he throws it out of the gym, causing Seth to chase it, giving Ned a clear chance to ask Suzy to dance. May also double over as a Crowning Moment of Awesome.
  • Ned comforting Moze after she found out that Jock Goldman had just been using her to get his ex jealous.
    Moze: I'm such an idiot.
    Ned: No, he's the idiot. Any guy would be lucky to date a girl like you!
  • Moze reassuring Suzie that being on the lunch program isn't so bad.
    Moze: I noticed you talking to Lunch Lady, and you seem to know about the lunch program, so I was wondering...Are you supposed to be in it?
    Suzie: *nervously* What? No way. *laughs*
    Moze: Because I was, back in elementary school. My dad was between jobs, and it helped. Anyway, catch you later.
    Suzie: Wait! Actually...I am supposed to be on it. It's just, y'know, it doesn't seem very cool to be on the lunch program.
    Moze: I know we're not great friends, so this won't mean much coming from me, but I know I - and a lot of other kids - would find you a lot cooler if you got behind that counter.
  • Ned and Moze talking about Moze's nickname at the end of Guide to: Nicknames.
    Moze: Sorry. I guess I'm not used to you calling me 'Jennifer.'
    Ned: That's because I've been calling you 'Moze' since the first grade, remember?
    Moze: Yeah...
    Ned: There were three Jennifers in class, but only one Moze. And there still is only one Moze! Wanna know what a 'Moze' is? It's a super-cool girl who happens to be my best friend.
    Moze: You are such a dork sometimes! *playfully shoves Ned*
    Ned: I know. Jennifer.
    Moze: Call me 'Moze.' *Ned grins*
  • Mr. Sweeney keeping Ned from getting in trouble in the finale, and his parting words: "You'll be remembered as one of my worst students Mr. Bigby—and also one of my favorites."
    • Also from the movie, the whole Ned/Moze montage that used all sorts of clips from throughout the years and all set to "Big Brown Eyes" by Old 97's. It is precious.
    • It's a girl weasel!
    • The final scene, where Ned, Moze and Cookie all leave the school with their arms around each other, synchronizing every step like the good pals who made it through middle school that they are.
  • In "Guide to: Career Week" Ned is distraught when he gets his aptitude test results and finds out his best career paths are all education related. Crubbs takes Ned under his wing to teach him about being a Vice-Principal. Eventually, Ned tells Crubbs that he doesn't want to be a Vice Principal and Crubbs reveals to Ned that he didn't want to one either. When he was Ned's age, he wanted to become a Florida-based detective. However, once he actually did it, he was frustrated that he couldn't help the bad guys, just punish them. He then became a vice principal because that way he could help out teenagers before they chose the wrong path, which he considers to be even more rewarding, showing he's not the cartoonishly authoritarian figure he's usually portrayed as. Ned admits that actually sounds pretty cool and reconsiders the idea of becoming an educator.
  • In "Guide to: Tutors", Sweeney informs Ned that he's in danger of failing his class and tells him to find a tutor for the next big test. Ned goes through several terrible ones (including one that does the work for him, one that just berates him and a relative of Martin Qwerly). Later when confronted by Sweeney, Ned explains his tutor woes and Sweeney tells him that he knows of an excellent tutor who can help him pass the exam. Ned later goes to meet the tutor. It's Sweeney.
  • In "Guide To: Friends Moving", Faymin's parents fear that he's depressed (due to his grades slipping, his soccer performance failing and him not having much of an appetite anymore) and try to get him transferred out of the school. But Faymin isn't really depressed (though at the same time doesn't reveal why he has all those problems) and doesn't want to leave Polk. After a bunch of wacky shenanigans, Vice Principal Crubbs, of all people, ends up diagnosing Faymin's "problem": He's in love with Moze!