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Trivia: Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide
  • Adored by the Network: It was a matter of time, after obsessively rerunning Zoey 101 and Drake & Josh, it was inevitable Ned's would become TeenNick's new favorite show to rerun. Wouldn't you know it? TeenNick now is obsessed with running this show. It's the first thing they show in the morning as people wake up and the last thing they show before the nightly Degrassi reruns and is shown in hour-long blocks at least twice in the afternoon hours.
  • Dawson Casting: The characters are supposed to be 13 (7th grade) and for the most part they aimed to get actors in the realm of 12-15 to play those kids (at the start Devon Werkheiser was 13, Lindsay Shaw was 15). But the series progressed slower than real life and the actors ended up pushing 17-18 when they were supposed to still be 14.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Gordy's Cliff the dodgy lawyer from Veronica Mars! And apparently Cosmo, Dad and Jorgen from Fairly OddParents as well.
    • Blaxpoitation star Fred Williamson shows up in one episode as a karate coach.
    • Scoop voices Phineas.
      • And he's Greg.
      • Melissa Peterman, known for playing Dumb Blonde Barbara Jean on Reba, played Mrs. Splitz, the guidence counselor.
      • iTeacher's actress, Mo Collins, was an original cast member from MADtv.
      • Did anyone else notice Rose, The Lunch Lady looks familiar?
    • Mr. Rosso is still a Hippie Teacher, except instead of being a guidance counselor he's the Computer Lab teacher and the Dungeons & Dragons Expy club sponsor.
      • And Abraham Lincoln
    • Cookie later is Kojo from Zeke and Luther.
    • Moze and Amy Cassidy (Jock Goldman's ex-girlfriend) later are Paige McCullers and Aria Montgomery, respectively.
    • Suzie becomes Angela.
    • Anthony Bouvier plays Mr. Wright
    • Mr. Monroe is played by Monroe from Too Close to Comfort.
    • Missy later appeared in a few episodes of Big Time Rush.
    • Chad Danforth is Spencer.
    • Nolan North shows up in one episode as an Andy Warhol knockoff.
    • Meshach Taylor (Mr. Wright) is one of the few actors involved in Ned's that had a major TV role prior to his role as Anthony in Designing Women.

  • Life Imitates Art: Cookie's glasses are eerily similar to Google Glass, featuring computing technology and a fully functional web browser five years before Google would bring the idea to the real world.
  • What Could Have Been: Before the High School idea, there were some pilots shot, where Cookie was a lot taller, and Moze had some differences in personality.

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