Heartwarming / The Neighbors

  • In "I Believe I Can Drive", Marty explains to Amber why he calls her "baby", despite the fact that she's his eldest child and 16, saying that she had been an unplanned pregnancy and turned his whole world upside down (in a good way).
    • "So, if I get carried away with the 'baby' stuff, that's why. You're the baby that changed my life."
  • In the season 1 finale
    Larry: Have the last 472 years taught you nothing? My home is wherever you are.
  • The end of "Supreme Like Me". Jackie's parents' alturism gets the better of them when the Weavers have a burst pipe and they forgo a day with Jackie. And then they have to leave Earth because they want to help on Jupiter. Jackie is quite upset due to the neglect. Larry, for all his bluster and seeming self-centered nature, immediately notices Jackie's mood when he comes home after a pretty terrible day himself and goes to comfort her. But not only that, he's an attentive enough husband to not just comfort her but know how to cheer her up by having her describe one of her favorite things on Earth.