Awesome / Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

  • It was pretty awesome how Ned and Cookie wrecked the school play, even if they didn't intend on knocking down the whole set and injuring Suzie, Spencer, and Mr. Combover in the process.
    • Before that, it was pretty awesome how Moze was able to stop all of their crazy schemes to stop the play, even the scheme with Gordy!
  • It was pretty damn satisfying watching Cookie beat the Killer Bees in the Spelling Bee contest, all thanks to Ned's eureka moment.
  • "If there was ever a time to beat somebody up for no reason, it would be now."
  • Plenty from the movie. Like when Mr. Wright says that they need new equipment to break into the wall and catch the weasel. Cut to Gordy knocking down the front doors with a bulldozer.
    • Ned, Cookie and Moze running from samurai warriors, art museum guards, and Crubbs, which they use to their advantage and catch the art thieves.
  • Moze singlehandedly taking out all of Loomer's team in dodgeball.
  • Moze flipping Loomer after seeing him harass Ned about being "beat up by a girl" in Guide to: Gym.
    Loomer: Come on, Jennifer, I wanna see loser get his butt flipped!
    Moze: (smirks) You got it! (flips Loomer)
  • Moze beating all the boys on the wrestling team (all except the ones who ran away of course).
  • Tired of his students daydreaming, Mr. Sweeney keeps the student's trapped in class during lunch time (on pizza day) until they can solve a riddle of his. Ned, while daydreaming, is able to determine that the answer to the riddle is in fact spiders.
  • Moze being able to outsmart Bitsy by failing her exam so that she too would fail for copying her answers in Guide to: Cheating.
    • Makes it a double whammy when Bitsy, OUT LOUD NONETHELESS, says she'll copy the answers off from someone else. Behind her teacher, who proceeds to remove her name from the Honor role.