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Heartwarming: Legally Blonde

The Musical

  • Elle telling her mom she got the internship - "Look at my name in black and white! Your daughter's doing something right!"
  • Elle and Emmett - "You were the best thing about this place..." and the rest of "Legally Blonde".
  • Vivienne telling Elle to get back in that courtroom and kick ass, because she can. (Also, she has the best frickin' shoes.)
  • The girls of Delta Nu coming to see Elle in her trial.
    • And not regretfully either. They're genuinely excited to be there, like being on the set of one's favourite TV show.
  • "Oh my, oh my, oh my God!!... If there ever was a perfect couple, this one qualifies!!"
  • Callahan telling Elle that she's a great lawyer- until he sexually assaults her, that is.

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