Heartwarming: Legally Blonde

The Film

  • After Callahan came onto her and Vivian accusing her of sleeping her way into the grades, Elle was just about ready to quit. When Elle talks about it at the Salon, a chair turns around to reveal Professor Stromwell. Her line is what gets Elle out of her funk and back to the trial. It later becomes one of the factors that helps Elle get over Warner.
    Professor Stromwell: If you're gonna let one stupid prick ruin your life, you're not the girl I thought you were.
  • At one point in the film, Elle overhears her friend David being cruelly rejected by an Alpha Bitch he was asking out. Knowing how sweet he's been to her up to that point, she takes this opportunity to repay him by pretending to be his spurned girlfriend in front of the other girl to help make him look impressive, and it works.
  • Elle's graduation speech at the end of the film, which shows how much she matured during the film and the Time Skip. But as the very last bit shows, she's still the same happy-go-lucky Elle Woods.
    Elle: "Congratulations, Class of 2004. *flashes big, goofy smile* We did it!!!
  • The simple fact that Kyle, the handsome delivery man, is so obviously interested in Paulette, a woman who's self-worth could not be more low. By the Time Skip, they're married.
  • Elle's sorority sisters come to see her in her trial and are super excited to be there, eagerly showing up on their own free will. After how shallow these girls were portrayed throughout the movie, you can tell at this point that they really are Elle's true friends.

The Musical

  • Elle telling her mom she got the internship - "Look at my name in black and white! Your daughter's doing something right!"
  • Elle and Emmett - "You were the best thing about this place..." and the rest of "Legally Blonde."
  • Vivienne telling Elle to get back in that courtroom and kick ass, because she can. (Also, she has the best frickin' shoes.)
  • In the musical, Elle's parents, no longer dismissive of law school, come with the girls from Delta Nu sorority to see Elle in her trial.
  • "Oh my, oh my, oh my God!!... If there ever was a perfect couple, this one qualifies!!"
  • Callahan telling Elle that she's a great lawyer- until he sexually assaults her, that is.
  • Some theatre groups that do the show add a moment between Vivienne and Elle during "So Much Better," when both are so ecstatic about getting the internship that they hug each other! Before Vivenne's Heel-Face Turn, no less!
  • From "Ireland":
    Paulette: (to Elle) But a girl sweet as you has a future
    You have hope as each new day dawns
    Girls like you always get to see Ireland
    Give my love to the leprechauns