Fridge / Legally Blonde

The Musical

Fridge Brilliance
  • I was listening to the soundtrack of Legally Blonde The Musical and realized that Elle's sorority sisters are a modernized version of the Greek Chorus. What is another name for fraternities and sororities? The Greek System. — Cyberbanjo
    • That's not fridge—the sorority sisters actually lampshade it, though the line's not on the soundtrack.
  • When Paulette's describing what happened to everyone in the "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue, she mentioned that Emmett was Callahan's wife's attorney for their divorce. This is nice and karmic for Callahan, and nice for Emmett to get his revenge…but then you realize that a divorce case for the wife of a man who owns a billion dollar law firm would be a pretty lucrative trial. His mom probably got the big house on the cape!
  • In the beginning, when the girls sing "What You Want", Elle relays her plan to the girls.
    Step One: He's off to Harvard Law, so I get in there too
    Step Two: Make Warner reassess, impress him with my high IQ
    Step Three: We throw a great big wedding, and invite all Delta Nu
    • Her plan doesn't come true the way she thinks it will, but the way she worded it, all of those things do end up happening. Step One happens at the end of the song, Step Two happens at the end of the show, after she's realized she doesn't need Warner, and Step Three is implied to happen after The Finale... between Elle and Emmett.
  • Earlier on in the show, Warner says he needs "less of a Marilyn, more of a Jackie." Elle, of course, being the Marilyn. Marilyn Monroe was a beautiful blonde woman who was often seen as a Dumb Blonde, when she was really very smart, very talented, and far more than the pretty face people reduced her to. Sound like a certain blonde we know?
  • The announcement that Vivienne is "training for the Peace Corps" at the end seems to come out of the blue — until you remember that toward the beginning of the musical, another character had already done a stint in the Peace Corps. And who was that character? Enid! This is probably not a coincidence.
  • 'Take It Like A Man' has a lot of clues about how Emmett is falling for Elle, but there's one quite subtle one. Elle sings "Think of the guy you want most to be" as Emmett changes into the clothes. Who do they both conclude he ends up looking like? Warner, who Emmett knows Elle is/was in love with.

Fridge Logic
  • One thing that's always bothered this troper is that in the 'Gay or European?' sequence, nobody ever seems to suggest that maybe the dude is bi. I mean, sure, they use the fact that he has a boyfriend to confirm he's into dudes, but it's not unheard of for bisexuals to be dating one gender and have affairs with the other. (Personally, I've always just chalked it up to time limits only allowing a certain amount of logic, but it still somewhat bothers me...)
    • Well, his boyfriend Carlos has the line "I swear he never ever ever swing the other way!" so that may have been their way of covering it.
    • And the reason Elle thought he was gay to begin with is that he didn't react to the bend and snap. Which still doesn't prove anything (it's only 99% effective, after all), but that supports her hypothesis that he's not interested in women.
    • Also, the Camp Gay stereotypes that the sequence is based on aren't generally attributed to bisexuals.
    • And the case hinged not on proving that he was attracted to men, but that he wasn't attracted to women - therefore proving that he couldn't have had the affair with Brooke. Him being bisexual wouldn't have served the purpose of the plot.
    • It also flustered him and made his word seem less trustworthy. Yeah, he could be bisexual and having an affair with a woman, but it would seem that he would mention in his testimony that he had a boyfriend during said affair.
    • Because it wasn't the defense lawyers job to theorize about him being bi; they had to prove that he was gay, theorizing that he was bi would have made them look wishy-washy on the stand. Had Carlos not jumped up, and said that Nikos was gay, it would have been the prosecution's job to point out "hey, he could be bi".
    • In addition to all this, the film this is based on came out in the early 2000s, when bisexuality in films and television was pretty much non-existent, and even today bisexuality is still severely unrepresented.

The Movie:

Fridge Brilliance
  • Callaghan being revealed to be a massive pervert. Probably a subtle clue to this - besides Warner who is a big name, all the first year students he picks for his internship are attractive young women.
    • Also another indication is the scene where Vivian complains that he never asks Warner to get his coffee and he always asks her.
      • Also it makes it just a tiny bit more plausible that he would pick first year law students for the murder trial if he wants young women to be in charge of.
  • Trial attorneys or barristers will pick Elle as an excellent trial advocate because she remembers and can put together a sequence of facts into a coherent narrative. She displays further brilliance in being able to use that knowledge to effectively cross-examine an essentially hostile witness in the form of the clothing store attendant. And she didn't even want to be a lawyer at that point!
  • Mrs. Wyndham-Vandemark suspecting Brooke of having an affair with Enrique. Of course she heard it from her daughter. What's more if Chutney wanted to murder Brooke then an affair is the perfect cover story. She probably also wanted to frame Enrique for the murder, hence starting the affair rumour.
  • Brooke getting liposuction. Her husband had a habit of marrying and divorcing a lot. If she did genuinely love him, it makes sense she'd be paranoid about her body—and that her workouts weren't enough. She's just rich enough to afford the procedure rather than becoming anorexic.
  • The fate of Elle (valedictorian) and Warner (nothing special) is summed up earlier in the film due to the fact that Elle managed to get into Harvard Law School with a near perfect score on her first try while Warner needed to retake the test just to get accepted into it.
    • Further indicator - Warner says he wants to be a Senator by thirty. Assuming that he means that he's already a senator by thirty... he hasn't read his constitution.

Fridge Horror
  • Elle and Paulette basically stole her old dog back by lying about the law. They could both get in trouble, and it's definitely not a good look for Elle's legal career, especially since (as per the second movie) she's getting into animal rights law.
  • The way Elle's friend casually asks if she (Elle) can't just take a Percocet suggests prescription drug abuse.
  • Brooke's alibi that she had a liposuction done at the time of her husband's murder. had saved her life. She had been keeping it a secret, so chances are her husband and stepdaughter did not know about it. Chutney expected Brooke to be home at that time. If she had been, Chutney would have shot her as she originally had planned.