Heartwarming / Jackie Chan Adventures

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    Season 1 
  • Jackie's reaction to Captain Black's hospitalization at the hands of Valmont and the Dragon Talisman is part this, and part scary.

The Rock
  • Jackie is poisoned with a toxin that's going to slowly petrify him, unless he offers to exchange the Talismans for the antidote — he refuses to consider it. Jade is not so accepting, and they end up sitting in a park after dark with her begging him to make the deal. The phrase "I don't want a boulder for an uncle!" was a lot more heartwarming than it honestly has any right to be.
    • When her plea fails, she breaks into Section 13 to steal the Talismans and goes to make the deal herself.

The Dog and Piggy Show
  • At the end, Uncle has this to say after he used the Dog Talisman.
    Uncle: "Jackie, thank you for allowing me to re-experience my youth."

Day of the Dragon
  • At the end, we learn that Jade's parents allowed their daughter to stay with Jackie and Uncle for another school year, as they are impressed with the lessons they have instilled in her.

    Season 2 
The Curse of El Chupacabra
  • After El Toro is cursed to become the next Chupacabra, they're forced to leave him tied up in a cave while they head off to find the cure. Paco takes a moment to look back at him, and El Toro smiles.

The Lotus Temple
  • Jackie and Jade not only save Xu Lin from the curse of the Lotus Temple, but they also reunite the girl with her family.

Tale of the Demon Tail
  • Jade is implied to have a childish crush on a boy named "Seymour" (who was actually the demon Hsi Wu in disguise), and she feels upset when the truth is revealed. Lamenting to Tohru that it was nice having someone around who listened to her, she realizes Tohru already fits the bill and gives him half of her Yin Yang necklace.
    Jade: (to Tohru) "Yin and yang. Big and small. You and me."

Demon World (Part 2)
  • Jackie grows despondent after losing the Ox Talisman. Thinking that unlike the rest of the J-Team, he is useless without Super Strength (this due to the fact that this universe's Jackie never learned martial arts). Jade gives him a pep talk about how he never even liked using the Talismans before the change in the timeline. She also tells him that he was a great warrior and can be one again, with a little retraining.
    Jade: "I can teach you what you taught me. Now, the breath flows through the body, down to the toes..."

Tough Luck
  • Finn quits the Dark Hand with the intent of starting his own gang, but his attempts to find henchmen doesnít go so well. His luck takes a turn for the better when Ratso and Chow show up, stating that they quit as well just so they can continue working as a trio. Though he tries to be cool about the whole thing, Finn's overjoyed that his friends want to work with him.

    Season 3 
The Invisible Mom
  • Tohru is very protective of his mother. As he says to Chow:
    Tohru: "Nobody hurts my mommy." (Tosses Chow into a bed of needles)

A Jolly J-Team X-Mas
  • This episode has two moments involving Tohruís mother, who is usually known to be very hard to please, and always at odds with Uncle. First, she admits she is proud of her son because he substituted for Santa. Second, Uncle reveals that he actually bought her a Christmas present.

Little Valmont, Big Jade
  • Daolon Wong turns Valmont into a child, after the fallen crime lord demands to have his Enforcers back. When the Enforcers hear about this, they're touched. Later, when Wong attempts to blast off Valmont, the Enforcers suddenly throw their weapons at Wong, and levitate them mere inches away from him. It's so unlike them to stand up to their probably worst Bad Boss like that, making it also a Crowning Moment of Awesome. Too bad Wong quickly puts them in their places, and Valmont is unsympathetic towards their efforts.
    Finn: Ease up sweaty. No one touches Little V with us around.
    Chow: At least Valmont bothered to learn our names.
    Ratso: And he's so cute now, boss.

Attack of the J-Clones

    Season 4 
The Demon Behind
  • Uncle and Tohru had a heated argument, but after Tohru is kidnapped by Ikazuki, Uncle realizes what a jerk he was being to his apprentice.

Fright Fight Night
  • When Paco turns evil due to the Oni Mask, El Toro tells him to remove the mask, which gets through to the real Paco. Paco says wrestlers can't remove their own masks. El Toro, who always boasts that he never removes his mask, takes off his own so that Paco will remove his.

Deja Vu
  • Jade realizing that she can be The Load to Jackie, quite often hindering him during their many (mis)adventures together.
  • However Jackie himself learns to appreciate Jade's assistance. He finds himself back in the shop and meeting Jade for the first time again. With knowledge of the future, he thinks to call Jade's parents and send her home to keep her out of danger; but then realizes just how helpful she's been to him, and changes his mind at the last minute.

J2: Rise of the Dragons
  • It's revealed that Jade not only becomes head of Section 13 later on, but is also extremely skilled in both martial arts and chi magic. When Jackie asks her at the end of the episode how she turned out so well, she simply looks at him and says "You, duh."

    Season 5 
Black and White Chi All Over
  • The Earth and Moon Demon chis are both activated on Jade's birthday. While the Chan Clan is busy at a zoo trying to find the Moon Demon chi, Tohru gives Jade some cotton candy as a birthday present.

Dragon Scouts

The Demon Beneath My Wings
  • Jade has long assumed that her stern teacher Ms. Hartman hates kids, so when Hartman accidentally absorbs the Sky Demon Chi, Jade believes that her transformed teacher wants to eat her own students. But instead, Hartman uses her new powers to protect Jade from Drago's attacks. She later explains that she's a teacher because she loves children.

The Powers That Be (Part 2)
  • During Drago's rampage, the Chans get help not only from Section 13 and the J-Team, but also from the Enforcers, who arrive at Uncle's shop to help the old man find a solution. And unlike the previous two times they tried to do good ("Dragon Scouts" and "The Good Guys"), they seem rather sincere about reforming their criminal ways.
  • Drago is getting sucked through the portal to the Demon Netherworld, and pleads for help from Shendu. Upon which the Big Bad of the series, the evil demon sorcerer who has betrayed everyone who worked with him for the past 5 seasons, and had been betrayed (and mere moments ago pummeled and insulted) himself by the very person begging for his help... reaches down to help his son. Even if Drago betrays him moments later, the gesture was so out of character, and their bickering in the Netherworld afterwards is so hilariously petty, one can't help but think that even they just might have a chance at reconciliation.
  • And at the end with the final cast call, Hak Foo gives his fellow Enforcers and Captain Black a, as he calls it, "Big Bear Hug".