Awesome: Jackie Chan Adventures

  • When Jackie runs along the top of a train that's going over a cliff and lands on solid ground, even the bad guys are awed. To put this in perspective, this is in the first season.
    Ratso: No way he's human.
  • Valmont's fight with Jackie at Mount Rushmore.
    • During the adventure with the Sheep Talisman, Valmont takes a lot of flak for not getting him any Talismans. Then Shendu goes out in astral form, and Valmont has some impressive snark when he returns.
      Valmont: Shendu! Back so soon? What, no talismans?
    • In the season finale, after being betrayed by Shendu and arrested by Section Thirteen, he escapes and goes off to Shendu's castle to steal the treasure he was promised. How does he accomplish this, you may ask? Simple, by tearing out one of his own teeth to reveal that it contains a remote-control for his high-tech cane (really a Japanese-style shikomizue) to hone in on his position, which in turn, leads to it clocking the guard outside their cell upside the head an knocking him out as it flies to Valmont's hand. Badass.
      Ratso: What're you doing boss?
      Valmont: Raising cane.
  • Jackie Chan has a lot of these. Likely his first of such moments was when he first fought the Enforcers in a playground and defeated them with... windshield wipers. This was when the Enforcers first realized how awesome Jackie was.
    • If they didn't already realize it with his supremely masterful method of saving the vases that they knocked off of the shelves of the shop. They knock two, he dives onto his back and catches both of them in his hands. Then they drop a third. He uses his feet to grab a pillow and then launches it directly in the path of the falling vase to cushion it. Then he launches himself to his feet, catches the two vases again, and puts all three of them back. The looks on their faces: priceless.
  • Jade gets one in her Establishing Character Moments in the first episode: she somehow gets into Section 13 (a top-secret government facility) undetected, grabbed a motorized scooter and tried to "rescue" Jackie. Then she grabs the Rooster Talisman from the shield and Tohru has NO idea it was missing until he got back to the Dark Hand's HQ!
  • The first episode to feature Hak Foo was impressive ("I am Hak Foo, the last human you will ever lay eyes upon.")
  • Uncle had one when he made a fool of Hak Foo soon after his appearance (with some help from the immortality talisman, but still).
    Jackie: "Jade! Uncle just leapt twenty feet into the air!"
    Jade: "Go Uncle!"
    • He may have lost the fight, but seeing Uncle prepared for battle with Dao Lon Wong in "Viva Las Jackies" and having a blast-off with the other wizard was great. He should really take the time to prepare combat spells more often.
  • In the Hollywood episode, not only does Jade's Bavarian Fire Drill work to great effect (among other things, like getting the portal map), she BEAT UP a S13 agent that had just given JACKIE trouble (though Jackie was trying to train him, admittedly).
  • Jade, Jackie, and Tohru all get one in the season 2 episode "The Good, The Bad, The Blind, The Deaf, And The Mute", when they overcome the disabilities placed on them by Daolon Wong, saving Uncle and stopping him in the process. "Not handicapped... handicapable!"
  • Shendu tearing through all of section 13 with only three of his talisman powers and not breaking a sweat.
  • Valmont managing to (temporarily) throw off Shendu's possession by touching the Panku Box and knocking him out.
  • Shendu finally gets his wish to possess Jackie right after possessing Valmont for the entirety of season 2. Then he rewrites reality and (temporarily) wins.
  • Egbert, an otherwise normal rooster, using the Rooster Talisman levitation powers, facing off against Tarakudo and his telekinesis power and drawing him into a stalemate. That rooster was utterly badass. Making it even better, Tarakudo only won through a cheap shot and was visibly struggling, while Eggbert didn't even FLINCH until Tarakudo fought dirty and nailed him!
  • The Chan clan fighting the Chi Vampire while half of them had there own chi all mixed up counts.
  • Jade somehow breaking into Section 13 and steals all the talismans in order to save Jackie from a poison. This quote sums it all up.
    Captain Black: (having seen Jade on the monitors) "She can be a secret agent when she grows up."
    • Also possibly a Call Back to an episode early in Season 1, where Jackie and Jade are moved into Section 13 for safety. Jade asks if this means she's a secret agent... cue Black and Jackie simultaneously going "No!"
    • To put it in clearer terms, she used a fishing line to steal Captain Black's ID off HIS SHIRT, while in a vent!
  • When Jade got trapped alone in the Demon Netherworld in the second season she was further captured by the Demon Sorcerers. This would be a worst case scenario for anyone and how does Jade handle it? She reveals that their brother Shendu lied to them, and that only ONE being can exit through Shendu's portal. This sets off a fight that she uses to get to the portal herself and escape, while still having time to blow a mock kiss at the Sky Demon right before she leaps through the portal and it closes, causing him to crash face-first into a rock!
  • Jade realizing she can be The Load in Déjà Vu
  • Jade dueling the three Dark Chi Warriors into a standstill solely with the staff of the Chosen One.
  • El Toro Fuerte's stand against two Demon Generals in Ninja Twilight
    "This bridge is closed"
  • Jade, with the aid of a couple of talismans, besting the freaking Sky Demon in an aerial duel.
  • Tarakudo hitting the Bishonen Line at the end of season four. Even without his telekinesis he's as dangerous as ever.
    "Over my demon body."
  • The episode "Black Magic" finally gave Captain Black another chance to shine. Fighting and outwitting his Super-Powered Evil Side was totally cool. Not to mention the fact that without the Oni Mask, his Dark Side didn't seem very dark at all. Even less than Jackie's, and he's the main hero of the show! In fact, his dark side had no complaints about rejoining with his lightside, unlike Dark Jackie.
  • Tiger and Pussycat, when they get their act together, beware.
    Shendu: The Chans are in the building.
  • Uncle and Tohru's mother are perfectly capable of beating up bad guys together despite their...unique relationship.
  • Even though he's often labeled as one of the most hated characters in the show, you have to give Paco credit for removing his own Oni mask.
  • Jade in the “Demon World” two-parter. By mere luck she and her memory of the real world are preserved when history is changed ushering in the Demon World. She then has to reacquaint Jackie with his martial arts skill, tell Uncle about the spells needed to reseal the demons and steal Shendu’s talismans, and gather up the J-Team from around the world to make a stand at the Book of Ages to rewrite history as it should be. And she succeeds!
  • In "Re-enter the J-Team", Tohru wins a sumo wrestling contest against a man bigger than he is...which is saying something. Jade's training must've paid off. It's also very meaningful because he was the only member of the J-Team to win his match.
    • To put this into perspective, the sumo wrestler Tohru went up against was easily twice his size! And he beats him by lifting him up off the ground! The sight was so amazing that there was a triple take of the J-Team, the spectators, and the ref!
    • Almost as awesome was Jade knocking Tohru down on the ground during their training. She wasn't sumo wrestling as much as she was jumping up in the air and kicking, but knocking out Tohru and causing a small quake in the house isn't bad for a small girl. More importantly, it inspired Tohru to the success he would have later on.
  • The Final Battle in "The Powers That Be (Part 2)". The Chan Clan, the J-Team, the former Enforcers, and Shendu all contribute in the fight against Drago (who has all 8 Demon Chi powers), the Ice Gang, and their demonic dragon henchmen from the Netherworld (although Finn, Ratso, and Chow have more of a supporting role and decide not to actually fight). It ends with Shendu (empowered by all 12 Talismans) brawling with Drago (empowered by all 8 Demon Chis), while both of them get banished to the Demon Netherworld by Uncle and Tohru.