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Headscratchers: Jackie Chan Adventures
  • In the very first episode of the series, Uncle introduces Jade to Jackie as Jackie's "cousin Shin's girl from Hong Kong". If Jackie and Jade's father are cousins, that would make Jade and Jackie (second) cousins as well; not uncle and niece. However for the remainder of the series, they are referred to as being uncle and niece and the subject is never brought up again.
    • This also begs the validity of Uncle Chan's relation to both characters as well; is he really Jackie's uncle or do they just call him "Uncle" and leave it at that?
    • Eh, it's easier and less confusing to call one's older relative "uncle". Even Jade's parents admit it when they too call Uncle "uncle" then admit he's actually their cousin.
  • In the episode where Finn (of the enforcers) gets a shawdowkhan mask stuck to the seat of his pants, why doesn't he realize that he can pull the pants down to use the bathroom?
    • Because that STILL means he's exposing himself to a demon general. Er, oni general. Same diff.
    • Or, he can't, because Ikazuki is stuck too tightly to him.
  • I have a Headscratcher of my own. If Drago can steal the power of residual demon chi of the immortal weapons, why didn't he go after the Sword of the immortals when he lost his powers?
    • Drago didn't know where the sword was and the the immortal artifacts containing the demon chi probably activates at random times and the sword probably didn't reveal it's location yet.
    • There was no sword, Shendu was turned to stone rather than banished to the Nether World.
      • Actually there is a sword, when Uncle takes away Drago's fire demon chi, it's represented by a sword and Shendu was sent into the Netherworld, otherwise the Panku Box wouldn't have a portal for him and Uncle wouldn't have been able to open it for Jade to escape and send Shendu back. Shendu was turned into a statue when he somehow escaped the Netherworld without having to go through his portal.
      • Perhaps he already found the sword...
  • Is "Valmont" a first or last name? Also, if it is a first name, what's his last name, and if it it a last name, what's his first name?
    • I swore I saw somewhere that said his first name was "Niles" though I do not recall if this was during any episode or simply someone making up a name for him. If not, then considering that Finn, Ratso, and Chow are likely on a first-name basis, then Valmont is probably the first.
    • On the other hand, he's also referred to as Mr. Valmont on several occasions, though people are known to do that with first names.
  • How did Tohru get so big if he grew up in Japan but doesn't like fish?
    • Genetics? Maybe his father was a tremendous giant of a man too.
  • The Dragon talisman can't find an animal host in season 3 because of the lack of dragons in the world. Did they ever address the Komodo Dragon?
    • That's a lizard. The English name for that animal isn't really something ancient magic stuff is gonna adhere to.
    • My question is about why they didn't use Haiku to change something into a dragon or even have Haiku change into a dragon.
    • Why didn't they say the Loch Ness Monster was a dragon?
      • Because it isn't. Just because something's big and reptilian doesn't mean it's a dragon.
      • Technically, Nessie is supposed to be an ancient Plesiosaur; a water-dwelling dinosaur that somehow survived the extinction of the rest of the dinosaurs.
      • In all the legends of Nessie, it's never breathed fire. Breathing fire's one of the major traits of being a dragon.
      • That is only applied to dragons in Western mythology. The dragons in Chinese legends don't breathe fire.
  • Why does Shendu specifically target Jackie to be inside when he changes the Book of Ages in the Demon World two-parter. Sure, Jackie was his enemy and he wanted to get back at him in some way. But couldn't he have just taken some random schmuck's body there in Australia and have changed the book without Jackie, Ms. Save the World Jade, Uncle or Tohru ever knowing about. Instead, he involves the main characters and they are able to change the world back anyway. He deserves to be tortured by his family for that.
    • At the start of the second season, Shendu says to his other family members something along the lines of "I will choose the vessel best suited to serve the task at hand which is my enemy Jackie Chan". So Shendu chose Jackie since he believed that Jackie could handle any potential problem that might pop up getting to the Book of Ages. Plus he properly loved the irony of Jackie helping bring him back to power when he had stopped his rise to power twice beforehand.
    • If he possesses some random schmuck in Australia then Jackie Chan will show up and stop him (not "might", will). If he possesses Jackie Chan, well, the whole world is boned.
    • Yup, what they said. Basically Shendu was having a moment of being Dangerously Genre Savvy. The one guy who's proven to be pretty much unbeatable, no matter what, was Jackie. Jackie shows up to squash his plans, no matter how secret, no matter how far away, no matter what. Possessing Jackie means that Jackie is completely unable to interfere with his plans. Besides, you're overlooking the most obvious answer to your gripe that it was a stupid plan... the plan worked. Sure Jade retained knowledge of it happening and that was the plan's undoing, but something like that would have cropped up anyway, that's not really a flaw in Shendu's plan so much as plot armor for the heroes.
  • At the beginning of season 4, Tarakudo and the Enforcers get the Oni mask from Shendu's palace in Hong Kong. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the palace and all the treasure in it turn to dust in the season 1 finale? How did the palace get restored?
    • Since then, Shendu has been resurrected and was subsequently turned back into a statue. In that episode, they even show the talismans being reformed. The palace crumbled when Shendu was destroyed. So maybe the palace had also rebuilt itself when Shendu came back from the dead.
      • Or maybe it's simply that Oni masks are not easily destroyed.
  • Drago is from the future, does that mean there was a second Drago in the present? Also, how was Drago born? Since Shendu was a statue for years.
    • It's never stated just how old Draco is. He could have easily been conceived before Shendu became a statue. As to why he hasn't shown his face until now, eeeerrrrrrrr, look a three headed monkey.
      • If Drago was indeed conceivd centuries ago, changes are he was most likely imprisoned somewhere just like his father, aunts and uncles. He simply has not escaped yet in present day but will in the near future.
    • Well, Shendu is a demon sorcerer, so he could've created Drago using magic.
  • So when he was working for Valmont, Tohru was an unpleasant brute for the Dark Hand. But then when he's working for Uncle, he's all of a sudden a nice and even somewhat goofy guy. I mean he had his reasons for switching sides, but the personality shift seems a bit abrupt.
    • If you want a writing reason, it's just a retcon. Tohru being a sweet Gentle Giant makes him a more interesting and amusing character than having him be an aggressive Jerkass that just happens to hang out with the heroes. If you want an in-character reason, maybe Tohru was always a nice guy, but he was putting on that facade to everyone (including himself) so that people wouldn't think he was a pushover... he fell into working with bad guys, for whatever reason, so he needed to act like a bad guy. Villains generally don't hire (for large amounts of money) sweet-natured dudes who don't really want to hurt anyone.
      • The first episode with Tohru's mom (the one with the Yakuzza and Octopus Sculpture) offers some credence to this. When the Yakuza are recruiting him for the heist, he comes across very much like when he worked for the Dark Hand. Sure, it is a facade so that he could warn Jackie, but it does point that he has no problem putting on a "war face" to convince others that he is not to be trifled with. It also shows that his primary motivation was earning his mothers respect, which was why he took a high paying job with Valmont. It seems that her praise for his new job (working for Jackie and Co.) may have cemented the shift, as he had gained his mother's respect and could now be himself.
  • In Season 4, episode 9, entitled "The Good Guys". Why is Uncle against having the Dark Hand on patrol in his shop?
    Uncle: Jackie, you cannot go while criminals live in my shop!
    Chow: Excuse me, ex-criminals.
    • He's allowed Tohru to live in his shop for 3 seasons despite not only working for the same crime syndicate, but also being far more competent than his former "co-workers". Granted, unlike Tohru, Finn, Ratso, and Chow revert back to their old ways (with 2 more episodes to boot), but still, it seemed a little bit hypocritical of Uncle to refuse them residence in his shop.
    • Uncle was pretty leery of Tohru at first too, wasn't he? Besides that, Tohru pretty quickly decided to show that he was respectful, kind, and polite, which are traits Uncle especially prizes in young people. Tohru also eventually becomes Uncle's student, displaying that Uncle trusts him specifically. Short answer: Uncle knows Tohru, he doesn't know these three jackasses from Adam.
      • Also, by this point, the J-team had dealt with these guys for almost 4 years as villains. Tohru spent one season as an enemy, while they had repeatedly worked for multiple big bads. There is a reason people talk about "repeat offenders". I bet if they had also switched sides after the first season, there would have been greater leniency.
  • In season 3, Dalon Wong returns and attempts to steal the talismans again, but the last time we saw him, he became mute, deaf, and blind. How did he recover from all 3 disabilities? In that same episode, The Dark Hand is shown in a diner having breakfast, yet they're broke so how were they supposed to pay for their food? Not to mention they're talking about reviving their criminal empire at least 1 person in the restaurant had to have overheard them and be able to call the police there was even a waitress walking around their table. Finally, Daolong traps Valmont in the sidewalk's concrete, in a later episode, Valmont somehow escaped the cement.
    • In the order: Daolon Wong used magic to recover from all 3 disabilities; the Dark Hand either used freshly stolen money or ran out without paying; nobody believed the Dark Hand were actual criminals, just weirdos joking around; someone noticed Valmont being stuck and called someone with a jackhammer.
    • Yeah, if you heard a couple of guys at the next table saying "Yeah, after all those brushes with ancient dragons, demon lords, and magicians that turned us into weird orange assassins, we're finally back on track to create a criminal empire!", would your first thought really be "These guys are clearly dangerous criminals, I have to call the police", or would it be "These guys are clearly some sort of delusional weirdos"?
  • How is it that the Demon Sorcerers look nothing alike? They have been stated to be siblings more than once and yet have absolutely no resemblance.
    • Well, polygamy wasn't exactly unheard of in old times...
    • I have one theory, courtesy of my brother. He says the Demon sorcerers were merely created using magic, and that they were simply created by the same person.
    • The demons have been shown to be able to shapeshift to different forms, such as a human body. Perhaps they decide what kind of default body they like, so it's all based on personal preference.
      • You have a point there, but that still doesn't explain why they have different powers.
      • Because they represent different elements. Different elements have different powers.
      • There's also the fact that each demon chi(when it's in a human host) looks like its original owner's current form rather than something else. Your theory is probably more accurate on why Shendu looks nothing like his spirit form.
  • The Demon World two-parter has quite a few. First; if apparently history was rewritten so that the demon sorcerers were never sealed away in the first place, then why are the symbols uncle later uses to banish the demons still refered to as 'belonging to the immortals who originally sealed the demons', and still have their power?. And speaking of Uncle; how come he still knows how to perform magic while in this reality he most likely never was a student of Master Fong?
    • When Jade put the page she accidentally ripped out back in, the original timeline was restored, albeit with the characters who were involved having some memory overlap. As for how Uncle still knew how to cast spells, well, he said he skimmed a book and that should be good enough.
    • Clearly there are some constants between the two universes, the easiest answer here is that the symbols used to banish the demons have a connection that goes back farther than the immortals who originally sealed them and in the two thousand years that have passed between then and now the symbols which actually represented the weaknesses of each demon have become associated with the immortals. Either that or there is some amount of residual "real world" that Shendu forgot or could not overwrite. People like to overlook this a lot but people being born requires a fair amount of very specific things, like every single ancestor of yours making similar if not identical decisions. Shendu re-wrote history so that he was never turned to stone and his siblings were never banished and yet every named character still exists and other than Jackie losing his martial arts they all seem to have similar skill sets. It's highly unlikely if convienent for story reasons. The page wasn't returned to the book until the very end of the episode and some of the demons had already been vanquished by that point.
  • What makes the Pig talisman's power, Heat-Beam Eyes, such a special power that it's separate from Dragon's Combustion? They're basically the same thing. The only difference is where the fire comes out.
    • One is magic lasers, the other is magic bombs. The Pig Talisman is more precise and has a smaller damage radius. The Dragon Talisman is explosive, and for blasting apart larger areas.
    • And heat and fire are not the same thing. They could be used very differenlty, but in practice, the show forgoed the pig most of the time in favor of the dragon which always made me wonder why they gave the pig that power anything.
  • Does the Monkey talisman affect the victim's mind (i.e. leave their original mind intact or force them to act/behave like the animal they turned into)? Jade turning herself into a monkey but retaining her human thoughts suggest the former, while Tohru was turned into an elephant and was scared of Ratso who turned into a rat suggest the latter.
    • It's both, if you think about it, with varying degrees of human to animal based on the user. When Jade used it on herself, she retained her full cognition. When she used it on Jackie to turn him into a Chinchilla, he retained his full cognition (probably) because it was an easy way to get him to escape. However, when the talisman was used on Tohru to change him to an elephant, she explicitly knew elephants feared mice and rats (Ratso was a rat at that time,) and so Tohru attained that animal fear. I surmise that if one were to use the talisman with full malice, that the victim of its power would potentially lose full human cognition. (Why else would Shendu use the talisman on Jackie during their fight?)
  • In Demon World when Shendu rewrote history why did he free his siblings? None of the interactions suggest that he has a good relationship with his siblings. Granted as far as we can tell the demons not only stay out of each other's territory but seem to come quickly when Shendu thinks he's in over his head so it worked out for him but there is no reason why Shendu shouldn't have rewritten reality so that only he was free.
    • Shendu is only one demon and would have to juggle ruling every nation in the world. He'd much rather share the workload.
    • WMG here, but it may also be that since they would have remained in the neitherworld, they could have had Ripple Proof Memory and find a way to stick it for Shendu for leaving them to rot again.
  • If the Snake Talisman can turn the clothes a person is wearing invisible, then why didn't it turn the the Dark Hand and the stolen money invisible when Ratso used it on their getaway truck?
  • Two questions about the episode with the Irish bad luck emerald:
    • If the jewel wants to be returned to its rightful place at the tomb, so the bad luck curse is to get a person to return it, why make the curse stay with someone if the jewel is stolen? That makes the emerald harmless to its new owner and thus he'd have no incentive to return it.
    • When Jackie received the emerald from Jade, he immediately got a phone call saying he'd been bankrobbed. But if he just received the call, that means the bank robber must have stolen his money before Jackie received the emerald, meaning he didn't have the bad luck curse yet. Is the emerald precognizant? And how could he afford a flight to Ireland in spite of said bank robbery?

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