Radar / Jackie Chan Adventures

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    Season 1 
The Rock
  • We get to see something possibly made to entertain the female audience: Valmont seen from below angle. His closest body part to the camera is his crotch.

The Jade Monkey
  • The Monkey Talisman is used to turn Ratso into a... rat. Finn picks him up by the tail and says "Whoa," staring wide-eyed at him. Problem is, his eyes are positioned so that it looks like he's staring at the rat's.... goods. You can see it from here.
  • After Ratso is turned back to normal, he ends up crushing Finn under himself because he was on his shoulder. After a flash, Ratso is sitting on top of Finn's back, legs spread, looking awkwardly at Finn.

Day of the Dragon

    Season 2 
Lost City of the Muntabs
  • While running away from Muntab warriors, Jackie fails to notice standing in his way a tall and well-endowed female warrior. He accidentally hits his face against her armored chest. While she doesn't move at all, and neither of them address it, it did happen!

Queen of the Shadowkhan

  • There is one "blink-and-you-miss-it scene". At Kasahara's residence, when Viper rises up from a crouching position in order to join Jackie and Origami's fight, we get a quick peak under her skirt. The problem is, instead of underpants, we see just a line. It almost looks like she's not wearing underpants at all!

Tale Of The Demon Tail
  • We see a Marilyn Maneuver. View here.
  • Shendu almost enters the ladies' room in order to retrieve Hsi Wu's severed tail. Earlier, upon finding the portal, Ratso shockingly mistakes that they have to enter the ladies' room.

The Eighth Door
  • We get this little shot. While we know that Hak Foo is in pain for hurting his fists, it almost looks like he's recovering from a Groin Attack.

Demon World (Part 1)

Demon World (Part 2)
  • We see Xiao Fung enjoying Gladiator Games. He implies that they're fought to the death with his line "No mercy gladiators! Battle to the finish!"
  • Hsi Wu is shown keeping Viper as his singing cage bird. Is that the only thing he uses her for?

Glove Story
  • The villain here is Angus McCutcheon, a Scottish pirate wearing a kilt. At one point, he's sent flying, giving us a rare male Panty Shot and a bit too late attempt at a Marilyn Maneuver.
    • When Jade first sees him, she asks "Whoa, who's the old lady with the beard?"
    • At one point, McCutcheon shouts "Nobody grabs my booty twice!" Because of his accent, it sounds more like "no booty grabs my booty twice". Mind you that booty can mean buttocks.
  • The living gloves of Greenbeard the Pirate provide a lot of Squirrels in My Pants moments. At one point, one of them enters Jackie's hand and forces his fingers to shove themselves into his nose.

The Chan Who Knew Too Much
  • The parodied He Knows Too Much theme reaches a point when Jackie enters the Magisters' washroom while trying to escape them, they sound shocked.
    A Magister: *gasps* He has entered the private water-closet!
    Another Magister: He is privy to our privy!

The Amazing T-Girl
  • Jade is petrified and kidnapped by Daolon Wong who simply walks off, carrying her under his armpit. In his castle where they are all alone, he intends to drain the Talisman powers from her. His moves, expressions and the way he holds her in his hands give some pedophilic vibes.
    • When Jade is petrified, she exclaims "What the hey?" It sounds like she's close to say "hell" instead of "hey".

    Season 3 
The Powers Unleashed

The Invisible Mom
  • Jackie is bitten by a cobra and he acts like he's drunk. During his fight against the Dark Chi Enforcers, his lips dry out, forcing him to drink water from a jar. While we know the cause of his disoriented state and that he drunk ordinary water, the fact that he's still disoriented makes it look like he's keeping himself drunk. Eventually, he passes out. The whole fight scene is a homage to a similar scene in Chan's film Drunken Master. Nice job making a G-Rated Drug.

The Ox-Head Incident
  • The show's Never Say "Die" principle is almost broken when Ratso uses the idiom "cross my heart and hope to die", a timely interruption preventing him from saying the last word.

A Night at the Opera
  • Uncle mentions that Jade has been in the bathroom for a long time and wonders if she "fell in".

    Season 4 
Black Magic
  • When Hak Foo strikes one of the Sumo Khan, his battle cry sounds almost like "Die!". This is followed by one of the Khan performing on him a Finger Poke of Doom with its middle finger.

The Demon Behind
  • After Ikazuki's mask gets attached to Finn's butt, Jade is about to crack an Uranus joke before Jackie covers her mouth.
  • When Tohru tells Ikazuki that his breath smells like Finn's underwear, there's a pause in the sentence that makes you wonder if he was going to say the smell to come from something like Finn's anus and replaced it with underwear at the last moment.

The Shadow Eaters
  • After finally getting an Oni Mask, Hak Foo is less than pleased about the tiny Leech Khan. When he attacks Jackie in fury, he actually bellows that he's compensating for "inferior ninja army".
  • When Tarakudo uses his telekinesis to drag Chow from a shower, we first see only Chow's wet feet. Of course he's wearing a Modesty Towel, but we don't know that at first. He also mocks Hak Foo for the Mini Khan with a slightly suggestive tone.

    Season 5 
Relics of Demons Past

The Demon Beneath My Wings
  • Drago does Jade and Ms. Hartman the same way he does Jade in Relics of Demons Past trying to get the Sky demon chi.

Clash of the Titanics
  • Jackie again acts like he's drunk, but this time it's caused by decompression sickness. In the end of the episode, Jackie is left to recover in a pressure chamber, like a drunk who's being left to sleep off their head clear.