Radar: Jackie Chan Adventures

  • In "The Jade Monkey", the Monkey Talisman is used to turn Ratso into a ...rat. Finn picks him up by the tail and says "Whoa," staring wide-eyed at him. Problem is, his eyes are positioned so that it looks like he's staring at the rat's....goods.
  • In "Day of the Dragon", Jade destroys Shendu with the Dragon Talisman. Yes, a preteen kills a living thing. It doesn't matter that this was a demon, or if Shendu did deserve it by all means. Even the fact that he got better afterwards doesn't easen it. Shendu was defeated and in no position to defend himself.
  • In "Queen of the Shadowkhan", there is the issue of Jade, a preteen, ending up with a real tattoo, even if it was not meant to be real. And later, after she becomes the Queen, she changes her outfit to a dress that bares her limbs and exposes her shoulders and cleavage (or would, if she had any cleavage to begin with).
  • In "Origami", there is one "blink-and-you-miss-it scene". At Kasahara's residence, when Viper rises up from a crouching position in order to join Jackie and Orignami's fight, we get a quick peak under her skirt. The problem is, instead of underpants, we see just a line. It looks like she's not wearing underpants at all!
  • In "The Amazing T-Girl!", Jade is petrified and kidnapped by Daolon Wong. He simply walks off, carrying her under his armpit. In his castle where they are all alone, he intends to drain the Talisman powers from her. His moves, expressions and the way he holds her in his hands give some pedophilic vibes.
  • In "The Invisible Mom", Jackie is bitten by a cobra. He acts like he's drunk. During his fight against Dark Chi Enforcers, his lips dry out, forcing him to drink water from a jar. While we know the cause of his disoriented state and that he drunk ordinary water, the fact that he's still disoriented makes it look like he's keeping himself drunk. Eventually, he passes out. Nice job making a G-Rated Drug.
  • In "A Night at the Opera", Uncle mentions that Jade has been in the bathroom for a long time and wonders if she "fell in".
  • In "Demon Behind", Finn gets an Oni Mask stuck to his butt. Jade starts to make an "Uranus" joke, but Jackie covers her mouth with his hand before she can finish.
    Tohru: Your breath... smells like Finn's... underwear.
  • In "Ninja Twilight", Tarakudo is hit by a spell that turns him back to having a body, as it's the only way his mask can be stuck to his face. He declares that it will only happen over his demon body. He rips off his shirt, showing off his well-toned upper body. He spends his last moments this way.