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Golden Sun

Golden Sun: The Lost Age

  • Alex stops Felix before he rescues Isaac and heals him, since he knows Felix would never forgive himself if he let Isaac die. If you read his mind, he comments that even now, he wants to rush to Mia's side and aid her even if they're enemies.
  • Isaac and Felix finally meeting and discussing why Felix and his party are trying to light the lighthouses and the motives behind it and Isaac comes to understand why and agrees to help Felix.
  • Everyone comforting Sheba after she reveals why she wanted to go with Felix on the journey.
  • The ending, mixed with Tear Jerker. To clarify: It turns out that the Doom Dragon was actually Isaac's dad Kyle and Felix and Jenna's parents and the party just inflicted mortal injuries on them, which causes Jenna to have a massive breakdown as Piers and Mia try their best to save them but are unable to. If you talk to the party members outside of Isaac and Jenna, they offer sympathy and Kraden promises he'll keep you safe as you grieve.
    • Luckily due to the special affinity between Mars and Venus, the Mars Lightouse revives their parents and they survive and head home to Vale. But it turns out that Vale was destroyed and the party thinks that this means the people who lived there are dead now, including Isaac's mother Dora and Garet's entire family. It turns out that The Wise One warned them of the danger ahead of time and they all evacuated safely and for the first time in three years, Isaac, Kyle and Dora are reunited and the game ends on a happy note.

Alternative Title(s): Golden Sun The Lost Age, Golden Sun The Broken Seal