Funny / Golden Sun

  • When the party in The Lost Age leaves Lemuria for the Great Western Sea, Sheba asks Piers how old he is (she feels they haven't given him the proper respect for his age since he is really freaking old), but he declines to answer, feeling it is not important. Jenna joins Sheba in the pestering of the question and teases Piers, causing him to beg Felix to get the girls to stop pestering him. Felix's reply? "...."
  • Mia, who up to this point has been built up as the stereotypical White Magician Girl, snarking at Babi in Altmiller Cave out of nowhere.
  • Isaac peered into the wardrobe in Lady McCoy's room...
    • And speaking of wardrobes, we had this in TLA:
      Felix peeked into the wardrobe... What in-!!! What's with all the wardrobes? Where are all the baths?
  • At Kandorean Temple, if you mind read two monks meditating, the following ensues.
    Meditating guy's thoughts: "... ... ... I sense impure thoughts from the man next to me!"
    Other Meditating guy's thoughts: "... ... ... I am hungry."
  • Using the Psynergy "Force" on the wall in the Altin mines. Even better, the only reason you do it is probably that there's a sign saying "Danger! Do Not Touch The Wall!" It gets even better if you didn't pick up the Orb of Force, in which case Garet walks up and kicks the wall instead.
  • A well-hidden Easter Egg: if Felix keeps saying no in the game's various yes/no choices, or just generally disagrees with Kraden for most of the game, when they reach Lemuria, Felix would be ill-advised to say no yet again...
    Kraden: "What!? Are you INSANE!? Or maybe you think you're funny? Because you're not! Maybe this whole quest is just a game to you, but it's not to me! Are you bored!? Do you want to go home!? FINE! That's it! Then let's go home!"
  • When Jenna delivers this priceless line:
    Jenna: Can't you stop talking about yourself for one second, Alex?
  • Say it with me, kids!
    Briggs: Neener neener neener! Neener neener neener! Neener neener... bleah!
  • Tell Garet you know what the Wise One is in the first game.
    I know it's a rock, stupid! (implying that was what Isaac thought)