Heartwarming / Gone Home

  • Sam's first kiss. The voice acting and the giggle are spot-on.
  • Sam's final letter, when she reveals that Lonnie abandoned going to basic training and called her from Salem, whereupon Sam left in the middle of the night to meet her.
    Sam: Oh my god Katie, I fell asleep in the attic, in Lonnie and my old spot, and I missed the first two calls. I just barely caught the third one before the machine got it and it was LONNIE on a PAYPHONE. She'd been on a bus to Basic and she said she couldn't— she couldn't think of anything but ME, and US, and that she couldn't go through with it, with the Army, and being apart and ALL of it. And so she got off the bus in SALEM. She said, " Sam, I want you to pack up everything you can and get in your car and come find me and let's just DRIVE... until we find somewhere... for us. And she asked me...if I could do that. And I said yes...Yes!
  • Terry's crumbled-up manuscript, which has been straighten out with an added note from Jan saying "Don't give up on this, honey!"
  • Don't forget Sam's promise to see Katie again one day
    Sam: Katie... I'm so sorry. That I can't be there to see you in person. That I can't tell you all this myself. But I hope, as you read this journal, and you think back, that you'll understand why I had to do what I did. And that you won't be sad and you won't hate me and you'll just know... that I am where I need to be. I love you so much, Katie. I'll see you again. Someday. Love, Sam.
  • The final notes from Terry indicate that he's grown and matured as a writer. His initial manuscript is schlocky and heavy on sci-fi escapist cliche, but his final draft seems much more heartfelt and introspective. The very fact that the title changes from The Accidental Warrior to The Accidental Human shows that he's willing to explore new ideas, and is also moving on from the specter of his childhood trauma.