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Heartwarming: Fatal Frame
  • In the first game, even though it's a huge tearjerker for Miku, Mafuyu's decision stay with Kirie as she guards the Hellgate for all eternity and keep her from falling to despair and loneliness, was oddly touching. Especially so when you see Kirie's reaction and compare it to the good face she was trying to put on just a few moments earlier when she told them to save themselves and leave the gate to her.
  • "Miku...thank you. For everything."
  • Fatal Frame II's Xbox exclusive Good Ending.
  • In the photograph ending of the third game, Rei can be seen hugging a newly awakened Miku.
  • Ruka finally remembers her father's face for the first time in ten years when she sees his smiling ghost at the end of Fatal Frame 4.
  • Deep Crimson Butterfly's Shadow Festival ending, bittersweet as it may be. Death is nothing to Mio and Mayu if it means they can be together.
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