Funny / Fatal Frame

  • Female Head from the first game. It's the ghost of a woman's head. That rolls in midair.
  • Miku in the first Fatal Frame witnesses a ghost run up the stairs. Her reaction to it is less than what you would expect.
  • Floating Woman in the second game, when hurt, makes a loud gasping noise. Logical enough, and a bit creepy considering she drowned. However, on some versions of the game, it sounds rather like a duck quacking, which is just hilarious.
  • In the PS2 version of Fatal Frame II, the Taboo Tome reads like this:
    The gate to hell is called the ✻
    Gaze not upon the ✻.
    Eyes that glimpse the ✻ will be blinded by the ✻.
    Speak not of the ✻.
    The mouth which utters ✻ will be made speechless by the ✻.
    Listen not to the ✻.
    Those who heed the ✻ are turned heartless by the ✻.
  • When fighting Sae at The Abyss, she sometimes approaches Mio... by flailing her arms and stumbling around. This girl, who unleashed The Repentance upon the village. Flailing around like a little kid on a sugar high.
  • In Fatal Frame III, there is a point where Miku enters a room full of hanging doll/body-looking things. The look on her face isn't so much "abject terror" as it is "...what now?" You can see it here.
  • Using the Festival function along with the Blast, Blow, Zero, or Crush Lens against a high health ghost can be quite hilarious to watch, with it basically being the equivalent to a camera machine gun. Even funnier if it's Kei using it.
  • In IV, upon defeating a ghost, Ruka and Misaki will sometimes pant for breath, one hand to their chest and the one holding the flashlight aimed down. From the right angle, it can look rather like they're pointing at the vanishing ghost and laughing.
  • While it shouldn't be funny, the way the Woman Who Fell ghosts in V scream and flail while falling and then hit the ground can be unintentionally hilarious, especially when they start dropping like flies.