Heartwarming / Covert Affairs

  • Joan breaking protocol to let Arthur know that she's been approached to replace him as DCS. Arthur's immediate reaction is that she should take the job, but Joan will have none of that.
  • Arthur sends Ben in with Annie and Joan because he's worried despite Joan's demands that he let her handle things. Expecting her to be angry when she gets back, Arthur prepares a speech about how much he loves Joan and prepares dinner for her as both an apology and appeasement. The best part? He didn't need it.
    • Then in a season two episode, the pendulum swings the other way when Joan has Annie keep an eye on Arthur. Arthur again returns home with a gift to prove that Joan doesn't need to worry.
  • Basically, any scene between Joan and Arthur. They may have their problems, but they also very clearly love each other!
    • Any scene where Arthur's hair gets tousled gets a bonus. Turns him from distinguished authoritative boss to adorable in no time flat...
  • Annie goes to the hospital to be tested for radiation poisoning. The results come back the next morning, she's fine, so she's free to go. She walks out into the lobby and finds Auggie in the waiting room, stretched out across three chairs, asleep.
    Annie: Did you wait up all night for me?
    Auggie: Me? Nooo.
    • And then they hug.
  • It's a little one, but it's there. When some nameless agent dismissively orders Annie to fetch him coffee, she promptly springs up to go do it. Jai just grabs her arm and settles her back into her seat.
  • Pretty much everything Auggie does for Annie as he relentlessly tries to clear her name while she lies in a coma in "Suffragette City." Special mention goes to Auggie's moment of quiet with her amid all the chaos:
    I miss you, Annie. I have for a long time. Things have been different between us since Barcelona, and it's all my fault. I have been closed off and distant, and I can't tell you how sorry I am for that. I don't know if you can hear me, but I need you to wake up. I know you're not a traitor, and right now you're the only one that can help me help you. I need you, Annie. I never need anyone, but I need you.
    • Also, the strained expressions on his face and Joan's as they helplessly watch a nurse trying to revive a flatlining Annie.
      • Especially bad for Auggie because he can't see what's going on, he just hears the sounds of the flatlining heart monitor and the defibrillator.
  • During Season Two, while Annie is overseas on assignment, she forgets her civilian US passport at home, prompting Danielle to begin a one-woman crusade to find out where she is and to get that passport to her, because her sister is in trouble.
    • When Annie tries to apologize for the trouble Danielle has caused, Auggie (who took care of things) will have none of it: he says that she should never be sorry that she has someone who loves her so much.
  • In Israel, Annie is troubled by her relationship with Simon, and wants to talk about it to Eyal, but hesitates. Eyal reads her completely:
    Eyal: "It's alright, Neshemah. You want to talk about it, but you don't trust me yet. That's okay. I can wait. You may not trust me, but I trust you."
    Annie: "You trust me?"
    Eyal: "You saved my life. Twice. So yeah, I trust you."
    • And then he comforts her when she's upset later, telling her explicitly You Are Not Alone.
  • When Annie is captured by the FSB, Auggie runs an off-book mission to rescue her. Because he's blind, he obviously can't rescue her... so he calls in a favor and gets Eyal to help her.
    Eyal: What, you weren't doing anything today, were you?
    • For his part, Eyal went to Russia not because the CIA would owe Mossad a favor, but because he considers Annie a friend.
    • Shortly after, in "Wishful Beginnings", Auggie and Eyal's first-ever meeting face to face. Since they're something like romantic rivals, potentially, before the whole rescue plan got underway, they could have instantly disliked each other, instead it's like a reunion of old friends.
      • What makes it really sweet is the fact that, before any words are even exchanged between them, Eyal immediately hugs Auggie, like he's just so happy to finally meet this guy who cares so much about Annie. And then their ensuing conversation is adorable.
    Eyal: I wasn't expecting you to be—
    Auggie: —blind?
    Eyal: —so short.
    Auggie: Oh, well I wasn't expecting you to be so handsome.
    Eyal: (to Annie) I like him.
  • Also, Eyal giving Annie his Washington DC safehouse to live in, because she was having post traumatic flashbacks at her house.
  • Also Eyal standing up to his director and defending Annie.
  • Auggie all but admitting his feelings about Annie to Eyal. "I'd never leave her!"
  • Eric Barber's obvious crush on Annie is definitely this... Too bad he has about the social skills of a four-year-old... Case in point;
    Annie: "Hey, Barber. Uh, Eric."
    Barber: "Hey! Annie!"
    Annie: "Could you give this note to Auggie when he gets out of the DST briefing?"
    Barber: "Sure!
    Annie: "Thanks." (leaves)
    Barber: "No problem. Do you eat... lun..."
Barber: "Auggie!"
Auggie: "Yeah?"
Barber: "Uh, Annie left a note for you. I didn't read it."
Auggie: (resignedly) "Let me guess; she's going to the bank."
Barber: "Yeah, that IS what it says, how'd you know th..., I..., uh, I did read it. -I'm sorry.
  • After three seasons of teasing, Annie and Auggie's Big Damn Kiss is unquestioningly sweet.
  • From Rock A My Soul:
    Annie: You will never lose me by telling me the truth.
    Auggie: Then let's keep talking. Because I never wanna lose you.
  • "River Euphrates" (Well, frankly where to even start?!):
    • Joan and Annie seeing each other again, even if only by complete accident.
      • And then almost the first thing Joan does when she recovers a bit from the shock is give Annie a hug.
    • Calder being firm, but not harsh, with Auggie because he knows he can't protect the other man if he "goes off the reservation".
      • Not to mention what he actually said: "We need you. You're way too valuable."
    • And finally, Calder's Big Damn Hero moment when he admits he's all Annie's got for backup.
    • Joan apologizing to Calder for hating him for months, and Calder graciously accepting, only to cap it with, "It wasn't easy, filling your shoes."
    • Rossabi not only willing to speak to the CIA again, in the person of Joan, but he starts out being all sweet and awkward asking after Joan's and the baby's health before getting down to business... And seems to be implying that he feels bad about Annie being, supposedly, dead.
    • Auggie; first, giving Barber a giant bag stuffed full of snacks for his stakeout, then later telling him to get out of the surveillance van to protect him, stating, "You've been a good friend". Barber's response is to first, refuse to leave, then as he eventually does anyway, he sees the tac team and gets all concerned and scared for Auggie...
    • Joan's voicemail to Arthur.
  • "Trompe le Monde":
    • Every scene with Joan and Arthur. They really do care a lot for each other.
    • Annie and Auggie's phone call at the end of the Season 4 finale.
  • When Annie first discovered she had a heart problem, the first person she went to was Eyal, who helped her no questions asked.