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Pretty much every character has one at one time or another, so let's make a list, shall we?

    Annie Walker 

  • "Ow, my tooth!" *punches assassin in the face*
  • Stabs a terrorist with a bottle opener and kicks him through a window. While zip-tied to a car door.
  • Expertly manipulates a villain not once, but twice, rescuing Eyal from him and leaving his organization to implode from within.
  • Annie disarms and beats up a bad guy with one hand...while spinning his Ferrari in donuts with the other.
  • Everything she's been doing in Season 3 and 4, pretty much. Starting with winning out against Lena, moving to getting her revenge on Khalid, and now her chess matches with Calder Michaels and later, Henry Wilcox.
  • Baldly confronting Henry Wilcox, shaking his confidence, matching him move for move in Hong Kong, and finally shooting him dead in a back alley. She also manages to evade the Chinese MSS in the process, after their interrogator underestimated her in the safe house.

    Auggie Anderson 

  • Upon being pulled away from a mission with Annie, he's sat down to do a polygraph. And he lies to the polygraph, to the point where he convinces it that he's not blind.
    • Perhaps a little Fridge Brilliance since he only became blind late in life meaning he may not necessarily consider his blindness a core component of his identity and he has plenty of pre-blind material with which to reference to.
    • Also a bit of a Didn't Think This Through, as he mistakenly assumed they were looking for evidence of Annie's op being deliberately sabotaged, while he was really being polygraphed to find if he was leaking intel to the press. So, his impatient demolishing of the interview just established that he can't be reliably polygraphed, which could only lead the CIA to suspect him more...
    • He does it again in "World Leader Pretend," lying flat out to his interrogator's face that he found the incriminating evidence in a flea market.
  • Fighting two Russian mobsters... shirtless.
  • Chewing out the section of the agency that is supposed to provide agents' covers for dropping the ball on Annie, then going in himself to lead the tour.
    Auggie: Hey! This is Anderson, up in the DPD. You know, it's funny, you guys answer your phones "Cover Operations," so I would assume that your job is actually to provide cover for our people. Is that right? It is! Then can you tell me why Agent Walker's niece and her entire third grade class are standing outside the Smithsonian right now wondering why no one has arranged a tour?
  • Chasing down the terrorist that blinded him, and then defeating him in hand to hand combat, inside the noisy cargo hold of an airplane, which renders Auggie's hearing useless. And yet he still wins.
  • Getting himself temporarily kicked out of Langley after putting Henry Wilcox in a choke hold.
    • Even better, when he goes to visit Joan in the hospital later, and tells her what he did, she commends him for it.
    Auggie: —and I'm out of the building. I might have gone a little ballistic on Henry Wilcox.
    Joan: (smiles) Really? Good for you.

    Joan Campbell 

  • Her many, many arguments with Arthur in which she gets the upper hand, consistently proving that she is capable and strong.
  • She's offered her husband's job, which she is more than capable of doing. So what does she do? She breaks protocol to tell him, refuses to take it even when he tells her to, and says that they will fight the decision together.
  • In "Welcome to the Occupation", walking into a hostage situation personally to rescue an old friend, then facing five armed guards mostly by herself and taking them all down.
  • Getting the drop on an assassin in "There Goes My Gun".

    Arthur Campbell 
  • Calling out Magnificent Bastard Henry Wilcox on his lack of conscience and ordering him out of the room has to be one.
  • Decking Smug Snake Steve Barr in the men's room in "World Leader Pretend."
    • What really sells it is his grin as he walks away. He so enjoyed that!
  • His apology to Joan in "Welcome to the Occupation" - he's not sorry he sent Ben as insurance, but he wrote a speech and arranged for dinner just in case she didn't forgive him. Also a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
  • Getting the best of an assassin in "There Goes My Gun".

    Jai Wilcox 

  • Not only does he go after Annie to protect her, not only does he turn on a disco ball to distract the bad guys, but he shoots an assassin in the alley below from a window right before she can shoot Annie.
  • Out-foxing his own father, a Magnificent Bastard in his own right, into getting him a promotion.

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