Heartwarming / Conker's Bad Fur Day

Of a game that relies on the Darker and Edgier genre and inspired by a show like South Park, it's not very common these exist. But when they do come up, they are rather nice.

  • Anytime Conker does Pet the Dog to anyone. Really. Somewhere deep inside of him is a heart.
  • For example, Frankie, the pitch fork, was Driven to Suicide by his "friends" and Conker helps him down. When Frankie says that he is now his best friend in the whole world, the Paint Pot and Paint Brush proceeds to laugh. What does Conker do? He doesn't object, he doesn't get angry at Frankie; he walks over to those guys and shoves the Paint Brush into the Paint Pot's mouth. When he's done, he tells Frankie to keep going. That's right; They laughed at Frankie, and he stood up for him.
    • It gets even better later! After they defeat the boss; Frankie is broken in two and tells Conker to go on without him, but he refuses and tries to cheer him up by saying that he will be alright. Even when Frankie keeps whining he is still determined. So, next thing he does is put him together with a case so he's whole again. Sure, this may not be a lot, but this is Conker; a character who's only after personal gain and only helps if he gets rewarded for it. But here, he displays a genuine, helpful side of his personality which proves that he's deep down a good person.
  • In the beginning of the game Bee Queen cries that her hive got stolen by wasps. Conker offers his help, without craving any money in exchange as he otherwise does. This is averted later on though; when she later wants help, he wants cash. But itís only because he knew she would reward him because of her royalty.
  • One of the female cogs kissing Conker is both this and Crowning Moment of Funny.
  • After he defeats the boss in the Uga Buga chapter, Conker falls for Jugga, a gigantic prehistoric beautiful girl. She claims that they wont work out (due to their different sizes), but Conker tries to tell her in all his might that it will work out and that he will cut out his drinking habits just for her. While it isnít a good thing since heís already taken, he seems genuine and willing to try for their relationship to really work, which is a glorious act in itself. Jugga still rejects him and says goodbye, and Conker unwillingly complies. She leaves with saying ďI love you always.Ē
    • Jugga too qualifies. She realizes they just wont work out and free him for him to find someone better, even though she explains it in a You No Take Candle language.
    • Conker getting a little attached to Fangy, the dinosaur. While Fangy seems more attached to him than vice versa when they part, he doesnít seem overjoyed about it either.
  • Conker honoring Rodent when he thought he had died in the Itís War chapter.
    • Also, Rodentís speech to Conker by the lighthouse afterwards, that if he would go through something like that again, he would have wanted it to be with Conker.
  • The fact that Conker really loves Berri deep down. It wouldnít seem like it what with his perverted behavior in occasional parts of the game (the sunflower, Jugga, reading porn mags), but itís just lust. When it comes to true love, Berri is the only one for him. Which makes the ending even more heartbreaking, where he admits that the only way the day could have ended in a good way was if Berri was still alive. He doesnít care about being king or having riches, he wants to be with Berri. Thatís probably the most loving side we get to see in Conker.
  • Everyone chanting for Conker when he becomes king, even those who were not his friends to begin with (the Paint Pot, Paint Brush, King Pantherís ex- guards etc.)