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  • Tommy befriending Carrie, and Sue wanting to make up with her, although by the end Tommy is killed and Sue is mourning Carrie's death and probably traumatized by Carrie's rampage.
    • Pretty much all his scenes with Carrie. He's just so patient with her such as sitting with her in the car when she was nervous and teaching her how to dance. Moments before his death he can be seen reaching over to Carrie as if he's trying to comfort her.
      Carrie: Why'd you want to?
      Tommy: Because you liked my poem.
    • Which is another point in his favor - after reading her poem in class, the Jerk Ass English Teacher has a laugh at her expense and calls it "weird" and "creepy". Tommy immediately calls him on it before Sue asks him to take Carrie to Prom.
    • And in the 2013 film Tommy actually calls the teacher an asshole in defence of Carrie. This time it's clear that everyone knew what he said, so he had no problem defending her in front of the class.
    • And when they arrive at the prom, at least in The Musical version, Carrie appears to be getting cold feet, at which point Tommy offers to take her someplace else and just hang out there. And considering everything that happened, one can't help but wonder what might've happened if she'd taken him up on that...
    • No matter what version, the scene with Carrie and Tommy dancing together is always downright adorable.
    We're here, and I like it.
  • The teacher trying to show Carrie how beautiful she really is.
  • Everyone treating Carrie like an equal and clapping when she wins prom queen. Doubles as a Tear Jerker when we know whats going to happen soon, but still heartwarming to see everyone happy for Carrie.
    • In the De Palma movie, Sue sneaks into prom and watches Carrie and Tommy dancing together from under the stage. She spends all her time there smiling, happy that Carrie's having a nice night. And though it falls firmly into Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! territory, Sue's visit to the prom ends with her seeing Chris set up the pigs blood and goes to warn the gym teacher. The teacher, thinking Sue was just there to cause Carrie trouble, has her thrown out.
  • I Never Dreamed Someone Like You Could Love Someone Like Me I dare you to listen to that song, or watch that scene and try not to smile or at least get watery eyes.
    There must be a God. Could it be that he's heard me at last?
  • In the second movie, there's what Jesse tells Rachel he loves her while she sleeps after having sex. When Rachel realizes this she ends up saving his life from her own rampage, although it doesn't seem to save her.
  • In the 2013 remake, Carrie leviates Ms. Desjardin off the floor so she won't be electrocuted like the other students, sparing her life.
  • Also in the 2013 remake, Carrie nearly kills Sue. But after realizing she's pregnant, she rather gently throws Sue out of the house as she brings it down around her.
    • No, actually she stops herself from killing Sue BEFORE she realizes she's pregnant, beginning to choke her saying "why shouldn't I hurt you? I've been hurting my whole life.", but then stops herself, releases Sue and breaks down crying. This makes the moment even more heartwarming, as she realizes that deliberately hurting someone else as she's been hurt all her life doesn't help anything, especially when her intended victim truly was trying to be nice to her.
    • Just before that, Sue, having personally witnessed the chaos and destruction, charged into Carrie's house to try and talk Carrie down and get her to safety. Especially when you consider that, for all Sue knew, Carrie was out to kill her too. She had no reason to think she would even make it out of that house alive.
      • That's canon. Sue is desperate to find Carrie, picks up mental images of her dragging herself down the road after killing her mother, realizes that Carrie might very well kill her as well and keeps right on following her.
  • In the 2013 film, Carrie is about to kill Chris but when she sees how terrified Chris looks, she actually snaps of her psychotic episode and stops. She is willing to spare her biggest bully. Sadly, she ends up killing her anyway in a move of self-defense when Chris takes advantage of the moment by trying to run her over again.
  • A strange one from the 2013 remake, but after using her powers to lock her mother in the closet, Carrie casually glances at the radio on her way out of the house, causing it to turn on. It's playing "Amazing Grace"; even in the midst of her teenage rebellion, Carrie took time make sure that her mother would be comfortable by letting her listen to her hymns.
    • Of course, the radio also conveniently served to drown out the noise of her mother banging against the door so that Tommy wouldn't hear any of it...Could also double as a Crowning Moment of Awesome in that she's giving her mother a taste of her own medicine.
  • Another example from the 2013 remake has Carrie looking up a video about telekinesis on YouTube and watching it in small screen until a boy shows her how to watch it in full screen. That's also the second time we see that someone has been nice to her.
  • "You Shine" from the musical. Tommy and Sue expressing their complete love for one another and making up for the fact that they won't be going to prom together.
  • A very minor case in both the 1976 and 2013 versions, but the brief "getting ready for prom" montage is a nice breather from all the drama and seriousness, as it shows Tommy and his buddies picking out tuxedos together and just being teenagers (and of course, the 2013 version shows Ansel Elgort, well, being Ansel Elgort for the entire scene). Both versions of the scene also provide some much needed comic relief to cap off what is yet to come.
  • At the very end of the book, Amelia's letter. When she sees Annie playing "marbles", she remembers her own grandma using her power to protect the family. Her only worry is that Annie has inherited her great-grandmother's "heart spells" as well.
  • In the 2002 film there's the scene where Tommy asks Carrie to go with him. Tommy tells her that Sue finds her interesting and that she has "a lot more going on than most people realise", which is actually true. Tommy then makes a joke about the look on Chris's face when she finds out Carrie is going to the prom and she isn't - and Carrie smiles for the first time.
  • Also in the 2002 film there's Helen and Norma's sincere happiness for Carrie being there. Helen had previously appeared to be part of Chris's Girl Posse, but here she is genuinely nice to Carrie and acts as her friend for the night.
  • The 2002 film's scene where Sue asks Tommy to take Carrie to the prom. Kandyse McClure conveys just how much she wants Carrie to have her magical night.
    "Just take her and hold her hand."
  • Unlike every other version of the character, the 2002 film's version of Chris actually shows redeeming qualities - she hesitates in pulling her prank when she sees how happy Carrie is and has to be bullied into it by Billy, and then later she screams at Billy to stop when he's trying to run over Carrie with his car. It's actually kind of a shame that she dies in this version of the story.
  • In the book's Scrapbook Story elements an excerpt from Sue's Autobiography I Am Sue Snell when she talks about Prom Night, despite everything that happened that night to her friends, classmates and town, she makes it clear that until the catastrophe that was the Crowning, she still hopes that Carrie had the time of her life and that she was finally happy for once.
  • In the novel, Tommy offers to take Carrie out for a hamburger and root beer after prom, a gesture that obviously really touched Carrie, who'd never been asked to go to a meal — or anyplace — with someone before. Tommy really did want Carrie to have a nice time.

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