Awesome Music / Carrie

  • The song "Evening Prayers" in The Musical. Showing how Carrie struggles to comprehend God, while displaying how Margaret, despite being a total whackjob, genuinely loves Carrie, and would rather die than see her daughter suffer. The harmony between the two women's voices at the end is beautiful, and quite moving.
  • The version of "The Destruction" that is used in the re-done version of the musical manages to be both heartbreaking and terrifying at the same time.
  • If you had gone into the musical expecting a campy tribute to the original, the opening number, "In", will quickly dispel that notion.
  • "A Night We'll Never Forget" is a fun, optimistic, bouncy act-opener... and if you know what's going to happen, it's oddly chilling, with lines like "I'll be gone from this dump by the final week of May!" and "I will never look back once I finally say goodbye."
  • In the 1976 film, the track that plays during the prom as it builds up to the blood dump. It switches from an uplifting theme when focusing on Carrie on stage, having the first great moment of her life, to an ominous one when the camera goes back to Billy and Chris hiding underneath the stage ready to ruin that moment, the two slowly converging as disaster looms.

Alternative Title(s): Carrie 1976