Heartwarming / 1408

  • The home videos from before Katie died; whatever Mike's flaws, it's clear that he loved the hell out of his daughter. Unfortunately, those same home videos are only the run-up to Mike being repeatedly psychologically kicked in the nuts later on.
    • Although it's a bit grim, the last shot of Mike, happy at last.
  • When the room tricks Mike into thinking he's escaped, Mike attempts to reconnect with his ex-wife, Lily. It's pretty heartwarming seeing him try to reconnect with the woman he left due to Katie's death.
  • Mike attempting to reconnect with his father in the deleted scenes, showing that despite his attitude early on, he still loved his old man.
  • Mr. Olin listening to the tape, when he smiles as Mike says "Round one goes to the hideous Mr. Olin." He clearly admires Enslin, and is grateful for what he did, despite all the loss and tragedy.
  • Mike setting 1408 on fire was obviously because he was going to take the room with him, but the other reason? The Room was going to try to take Lily as well.