Nightmare Fuel / Carrie
Carrie was the novel that put Stephen King on the map as a horror author. And even now, these scenes are still capable of some serious chills.
The novel

  • The scene where prom-goers are electrocuted by broken power cables. We're given a lovely description of Rhonda Simard convulsing from the electricity, before her full skirt burst into flames. While still convulsing. Yikes.
  • At one point Carrie loses "sight" of the gymnasium doors and some try to escape - only to have Carrie regain focus and slam the doors again - severing one poor guy's fingers off.
  • Sue is at home during prom. When the town's fire sirens go off, she rushes to the window and sees the high school on fire. Sue gets into her mother's car and, being a novice driver, is unable to start it quickly and must force herself to sit and wait until the car is ready to try again. Once she is moving, she drives to the school - only to witness the entire gymnasium wing explode into a massive fire ball.
  • Later on, a woman, Cora Simard, (who is actually the mother of the aforementioned Rhonda) describes the horrific deaths of much of the town's populace, many of them having been awoken from their sleep by the disaster unfolding outside. Carrie used her powers to snap the surrounding power lines. The downed lines horrifically electrocute many of those present. Cora then describes the death of her friend, Georgette Shyres, as she runs away from Cora in a panic. Georgette runs straight into a power line and we are treated to a truly squicky description.
    "She let go of my hand and started to run for the sidewalk. I screamed at her to stop-there was one of those heavy main cables broken off right in front of us — but she didn't listen. And she ... she ... oh, I could smell her when she started to burn. Smoke just seemed to burst out of her clothes and I thought: that's what it must be like when someone gets electrocuted. The smell was sweet, like pork. Have any of you ever smelled that? Sometimes I smell it in my dreams. I stood dead still, watching Georgette Shyres turn black."
  • Carrie getting her first period was like nightmare fuel to her. This was a girl whose mother never told her about female biology let alone stuff normal for women, like pre or post menstrual. So when she got her first she initially thought she was bleeding to death. To make matters worse, when her mother, a religious fanatic with a pathological fear of sexuality, does find out about it, rather than do the rational thing and calm her down, she beats her and locks her in the praying closet claiming that she must have sinned, because from her viewpoint her daughter was blighted with the curse of blood.
  • The 'Prom Night' section of the book features a AP news ticker later on. As time progresses, the news becomes more and more serious...
  • Chamberlain after Prom Night, especially when people are still finding and burying bodies.
  • Carrie's life, for the most part, is a total nightmare. Her classmates bully her, her mother punishes her for everything she does, she has no-one to turn to, and in the end her mother tries to kill her.
  • The book also makes clear that the pig blood prank didn't just send Carrie over the edge all of a sudden; she'd been harboring violent revenge fantasies for years. After the likes of Columbine and Parkland, every time this comes up is incredibly eerie to see back in the '70s. This premeditation also comes through in how her first act after leaving the school is to burst all of the nearby fire hydrants in order to kill the water pressure, leaving the town unable to put the fire out so it will burn down completely.

The 1976 film

  • The very last scene of the movie, where Carrie's hand reaches up from the ashes to grab Sue, terrified an entire generation of moviegoers, and helped to establish the "final reel Jump Scare" as a horror movie tradition.
  • Even the immediate aftermath of Carrie being dumped on with pig's blood is full of this. Just the way she momentarily stands there in stunned silence that gradually gives way to a silent wail of horror and anguish...
  • After the pig blood, when she goes nuts and kills everyone in the gym and sets the school on fire with her telekinetic powers.
  • There's that shot of Carrie standing outside the gymnasium, with the screams of people being burned alive in the background. What makes it scary is that she's just standing there, motionless, before going on the move again.
  • The statue of Saint Sebastian on the cross as the house was collapsing and burning on top of Carrie and her mother at the end. The eyes are terrifying. And its facial expression has changed since the first time we saw it.
  • Margaret literally stabbing Carrie In the Back while they're praying, which causes Carrie to tumble down the stairs. Then Margaret comes down the stairs with a crazed grin on her face and makes the sign of the Holy Cross with her knife, all while pursuing Carrie, who backs away and tries to get into the closet, before she impales her mother with a bunch of knives, including a spatula, so that she resembles the statue of Saint Sebastian.
  • Margaret White in general. She is pretty much every horrifying stereotype of The Fundamentalist wrapped into a truly vile whole.

The Rage: Carrie 2
  • What's the difference between Rachel and her sister? When Rachel goes berserk, her powers cause her tattoo to spread across her body like veins.
  • The dream sequence at the end has Rachel visiting Jesse. The two share a kiss, right before Rachel shatters like glass.
    • The alternate version of this sequence located on the DVD had a snake leaping out of Rachael's mouth and plunging down Jesse's throat.

The 2002 film

  • In the scene in the remake, when the blood is poured it slows down the scene so it's like there's a whole hose of it spraying at her and when it's over she's completely covered in it.
    • The scene following that has Carrie shaking in fear at the blood, and it almost looks like she's having a panic attack.
  • One promgoer gets his arm caught and crushed in the door.
  • Tina getting crushed to death by a falling basketball backboard.
  • Pity the poor teacher that was stuck hanging from a vent during and for a long time after the carnage, unable to lift herself and unable to leave as the floor below her was electrocuted.
  • Carrie calmly leaving the burning gymnasium while everyone else falls dead from the electrocution.
  • Margaret drowning her daughter and reciting a prayer while doing so.

The 2013 film
  • In the theatrical trailer, Chloe Moretz shows just how bone-chilling her screams sound.
  • The same hymn is also used in the first 1-minute teaser trailer to very unnerving effect, played alongside the crackling of the fires and the witness statements. "They say...they say...they say...they say..."
  • The "Find Carrie" app if you connect with Facebook. While one of your Facebook friends acts as lookout, you sneak into her house, look at her yearbook and you find out she has a crush on you with the words "FOREVER" written underneath your picture and stars drawn all around it and all your Facebook friends in the yearbook are crossed out. Then your friend warns you that her mom's back and then you try to get out but then hide in the closet when her mom comes in. Then you turn your cellphone flashlight on and you catch a glimpse of Carrie. Then you hear her whisper your name. Cue Oh, Crap! and Jump Scare moment.
  • There's a deleted scene where Chris and Billy are driving around at night, looking for Carrie's house. While the scene is mostly funny, Chris actually jokes about firebombing her house if they find it.
  • Margaret reaching for sewing scissors and preparing to stab Carrie, who at this point is a newborn baby.
  • The pig slaughter scene is especially disturbing in this version. Billy tells Chris to pick out a pig that looks like Carrie the most, which Chris takes totally seriously. One of Billy's friends can't bring himself to kill the poor thing, only for Billy to gleefully do it instead, even kissing the hammer before bringing it down. Then Chris turns it Up to Eleven by slitting the pig's throat herself, and the look on her face leaves no doubt that in her mind, she's doing it to Carrie.
  • At several times during the prom sequence and the showdown with Chris and Billy, Carrie can be seen sporting a Slasher Smile between her expressions of rage. Also the fact that it is made abundantly clear that Carrie is in complete control of her powers during the sequences.
    • Compare this with the 1976 and 2002 versions of the same sequence, which mostly give the impression that Carrie is in shock rather than enraged. Here, you can not only tell she's enraged, but she's clearly on a Power High. As noted above, this makes this scene much more like its literary counterpart, where the rampage was more or less premeditated to the point where Carrie even took action to thwart the fire department.
  • The mean twins Nikki and Lizzy get trampled to death while Carrie watches in glee.
    • It's worse than that. She spotted them fleeing toward the exits, and deliberately held them down with her telekinesis so she could watch them get trampled on!!
  • Yet another unlucky teen during the prom rampage is crushed by folding bleachers.
  • While trying to escape, Tina is whipped by electric cords and then set on fire.
  • Chris's death - she's thrown face-first into the windshield, and then her car gets thrown into the nearby gas station. Trying to run over Carrie twice was obviously a VERY BAD IDEA.
  • The alternate ending is a mix between this and Narm.
    • One particular creepy moment features a Freeze-Frame Bonus of a blood soaked Carrie just standing in her room, holding Sue's baby.

The musical

  • "And Eve Was Weak"—the demonstration of Carrie's mother's abuse, starting right after the calm and loving "Open Your Heart" where Margaret get steadily more panicked and desperate about "praying for forgiveness" as Carrie confronts her about her period and trying to get her to actually talk to her for a change. It ends with Margaret locking her in her "prayer room", although there's one version at least that had her slice Carrie's hand open before doing so. The fact that this version's Margaret seems to genuinely love Carrie to some extent makes her violent fanaticism even more unsettling.
  • "The Destruction" on the revival's official soundtrack, which is sung right after the blood is dumped onto Carrie. You hear her freaking out, people laughing at her, and then... chaos, things falling, fire, and screaming. Then, as the screams die away, you hear Carrie's Leitmotif playing, and one last explosion, which is followed by the sound of sirens. It's chilling.
  • The opening song "In" was originally pure Narm with its cheesy synth orchestration and choreography resembling an exercise video. The 2012 rewrite turned it into a much more serious rumination on the social pressures of high school, complete with an introduction of all the overlapping anxieties of the students that's sure to resonate with anyone who was an outsider in school.

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