Heartwarming / AJ Lee

  • AJ winning the title from Kaitlyn at WWE Payback. In the initial moments following the win becoming official, she was so emotional she couldn't even stand.
  • Primo and AJ finally kissing on the NXT season 3 finale.
    • What's also very heartwarming is that when Kaitlyn is announced as the winner, AJ runs down to the ring and jumps into her arms. When you take into account how heartbroken AJ was to be eliminated, it's a great combination of Friendship Moment and I Want My Beloved to Be Happy. It's also Heartwarming in Hindsight that the two of them properly debuted on the main roster as a tag team.
  • AJ getting to hang with Lita at Wrestlemania 29. Doubly heartwarming because AJ also told the story of how she broke down crying when she met Lita for the first time 10 years ago at Wrestlemania 19 as a fan, and now she got to hang with Lita as a fellow wrestler.
  • AJ marrying Punk.note 
  • After more than a year of people chanting "CM Punk" at her, when she announced her retirement, "Thank You AJ" became one of the top trends in the world on Twitter.
  • Giving Bayley a Colbert Bump by wearing her "I'm A Hugger" shirt to the post-WM Raw (typically the show where all the smark fans who traveled to Mania go to see a second show), in what would turn out to be her last WWE appearance.