Tear Jerker / AJ Lee

  • When AJ was forced to resign as the General Manager of Raw. She starts by saying that the allegations made against her (that she was fraternizing with John Cena) are completely untrue, but she feels she has to resign because it's either that or getting sacked in disgrace. Then she gives a speech about how she grew up homeless and thought she'd never amount to anything, and thanks the fans and Vince for giving her that chance... and then Vickie gets brought out to gloat.
  • Her match against Kaitlyn on the January 8, 2014 episode of Main Event becomes this once you're aware of AJ and Kaitlyn's real-life friendship and the fact that it was Kaitlyn's last match before she was released from WWE. The character of AJ Lee was probably glad to see her former friend-turned-rival gone for goodnote , but the real AJ Lee was probably heart-broken that she wouldn't get to have her best friend working with her anymore.
    • Made even worse after AJ wins. She jumps into Kaitlyn's arms and give her a hug like she used to when they were the Chick Busters. There's a moment where the mask slips and you can see poor AJ sharing a real, emotional moment with Kaitlyn in the last time they will be on WWE together.
    • Adding extra punch to render this even Harsher in Hindsight, AJ's real-life boyfriend CM Punk would also be quitting WWE soon after (at the end of the month specifically), making it a real one-two punch for AJ.
  • The night right after AJ successfully defended the title against the entire Divas division at Wrestlemania XXX, she lost it (through her own doing) in an unplanned title match on RAW, and probably what's left of her mind along with it. Note that since she lost, we hadn't heard a thing from her until she came back three months later.