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Headscratchers: Yoshi's Island
  • Can anyone think up a reason, besides pissing off the player, as to why Yoshi dies if he so much as brushes any kind of spike?
    • They give him really bad tetanus?
    • Baby Bowser got them from Dr. Wily?
    • Poisoned, maybe?
    • He actually gets hurt by them, just like falling off the screen, whereas getting hit by anything else merely knocks the baby from his back?
  • If a boss fight takes place in Prince Froggy's stomach, how come you die if on a later level, if you get eaten by a Lunge Fish?
    • Maybe Kamek (who made Yoshi shrink in the first place) made it so Yoshi would live, and be alive while Prince Froggy was digesting him.
    • Frogs do not chew their food, so Yoshi survives being eaten.
  • What exactly do these "stars" do in Yoshi's Island DS? I mean as in the star children; the reason Bowser goes back in time. What do they do? Does it give them some kind of power or something. It was rather ambiguous.
    • It... gives them top billing in the series, including spinoffs? Maybe it's more than that, but I wouldn't know. Still, I'm fond of the theory that the seventh star child, a green Yoshi, was granted the ability to speak properly. Thus he's the fluent Yoshi seen in a number of earlier games, most notably Super Mario RPG, where he serves as a translator.
    • (Original Poster) I believe that the green Yoshi who is the seventh star child is THE Yoshi, and it makes sense (they wouldn't just make it a random Yoshi). But is it officially him?
    • Well, Bowser stated that the power the stars would give him would enable him to take over the universe, so I guess that's the answer...
  • Just where is World 6 anyways? And why does Yoshi need to climb to the top of the island to get there?
    • Several options
      • Hell, or a hell archetype: It's a wasteland full of dead or evil things where it's always night.
      • A completely unrelated island: Kamek told Yoshi he would never reach the Koopa kingdom, so there's that.
      • An alternate version of the main island: and evil version obviously.
    • The top of Yoshi's island is probably the only place he could teleport from. If the island really is another world rather than just a different island, then it could outright be the only way to get in. Which would also explain why Kamek had a castle built there.
    • The crater of the island's volcano? It is a solitary island in the tropics after all.
  • Why why why why WHY did they feel the need to A. Bring Adult Bowser into the plot of Yoshi's New Island with no reason. and B. Completely destroy the original game's ending, only to recycle it verbatim with an added Adult Mario in the past stinger thrown in with no explanation?
    • Alternate continuity? Then again, recent Mario games have decided to recycle and/or shaft stories. Did Miyamoto direct Yoshi's New Island?
  • Why does the boss of the first fortress you come to (World 1-4 I think) fly around the room expelling air after you defeat him? Was he holding in a massive fart for the whole battle?

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