Headscratchers / The Cleveland Show

  • What is with Cookie's bitchiness toward Donna? From what we've seen it appears to be entirely unprovoked.
    • Steelmag9 here. If you watch the Thanksgiving episode from S1, Cookie tells Donna that she doesn't like her because Donna broke Cleve's heart by choosing Robert over him in high school. Cookie also says that Donna is only with Cleveland now because she's fat and needed a husband to raise Rallo and Roberta following her divorce.
    • Also, that Thanksgiving episode seemed to imply that Cookie was hurt at Freight Train's disrespect of her and she was taking it out on Donna (in one scene Freight Train hurts Cookie's feelings and she immediately insults Donna).
    • There is also a fairly prevalent trope in media where parents-in-law don't get along with their children's spouses.

  • Why the hell hasn't McFarlane made Tim's "I'm a bear" a running joke to solve problems. He did it once and it was hilarious
    • Because he doesn't want a really funny joke to turn into a Deus ex Machina. I'm not saying I don't want it to come back, but I don't want it to be an easy escape for any problem in every episode, to the point where it isn't funny anymore.

  • In The Cleveland Show's part of the "Night of the Hurricane" crossover, the hurricane is said to hit Stoolbend, then pass through Quahog, and then finally end up in American Dad Land. The episodes were aired that order, but from a geographical point of view... the hurricane went from Virginia, to Rhode Island, and then back to Virginia. It went 450 miles to Rhode Island, AND THEN BACK AGAIN! ...why?
    • It's never stated that the events of the hurricane happened in the order the episodes were aired. The TV station has control of the TV schedule and which order the different shows air in.
    • It's probably safe to say that it's just Rule of Funny used by Breaking the Fourth Wall.

  • In the opening intro, Cleveland was singing about old friends in the lyrics, Terry is shown which is understandable since he is a old friend of Cleveland, but why was Principal Farquhare there? He's not a old friend of Cleveland! Any guesses?
    • They went to high school together, guess its close enough.
    • On "Field of Streams," Cleveland bullied Wally Farquhare in high school.

  • Why hasn't Roberta appeared anytime Cleveland and the family appeared on Family Guy?
    • Actually, I think she was shown in one episode but was from behind. If not, then it could be possible that she probably somewhere else.

  • Maybe it's just my imagination but is it me or does it seem like the Cleveland Show is the only show of McFarlane's works to have anti racism aesops that are really clunky and too obvious. It's not to say his other shows don't have anti racism messages but it just feels like in this show makes such a big deal out of it. Is it possible one of the writers has some issue with supposed "black racism"?

  • How the heck did Donna not know about her Uncle Kevin?! Donna's mom gave her to Kevin when she was a baby. Kevin didn't become Auntie Mama until she was 6 years old. Donna HAD to know about Kevin. If she did know, she wasn't curious about his "disappearance"?
    • You have it a bit backwards there. Kevin was still dressing as a woman when Donna was six, so she was Auntie Mama then. Watch the scene. It's just that she didn't become the OUTRAGEOUS Auntie Mama we know today until Donna was six, notice how she apologized for accidentally farting a tiny bit.

  • Donna had a younger sister named Janet who appeared in two episodes in Season 2. However, Donna's backstory doesn't allow any room for a sister: her mother seemed to indicate that Donna was her only child, and Donna's father is unknown. Either Janet is a cousin who Donna views as a sister, or Janet was retconned out of the show.