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Trivia: The Cleveland Show
  • Actor Allusion: In one episode, Cleveland tells Gus the bartender "Shut up, Eraserhead!". Gus is voiced by David Lynch.
    • In one episode, Rallo mentions that instead of using a rap song Murray wrote for them, they should have used a song written by his friend's uncle, T-Pain (who voices one of Rallo's friends, in one of the few times T-Pain isn't autotuned).
  • Adam Westing: Kanye, no, KENNY West
  • Adored by the Network: During its first two seasons Fox absolutely loved the show, which was shown by the fact that they ordered a full first season based on reactions to the leaked pilot, and ordered a full second season before the first season even finished. However, the love didn't last forever which leads us to...
    • Screwed by the Network: Following the debut of Bob's Burgers which took the show's post-Simpsons timeslot, Cleveland was moved an hour earlier, so new episodes aired directly before The Simpsons. In addition to this, advertising for the show diminished. It got a fourth season, despite all of this, but, in the end, the constant timeslot changes and popularity of Bob's Burgers killed The Cleveland Show.
  • The Danza: Arianna Huffington as Arianna the Bear.
  • Hey, It's That Voice! (with some hints of What The Hell Casting Agency):
    • Holt and Terry are voiced by former SNL cast member Jason Sudeikis (outside of SNL, Sudeikis was also in the movies Horrible Bosses, Movie 43note , Hall Pass, and We're The Millers, made some appearances on other sitcoms, like 30 Rock and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and appeared in the reality series, Who Do You Think You Are? on an episode where he maps his Lithuanian roots). On SNL, Sudeikis is known for his recurring characters Vancenote , the Male A-Hole in the short-lived "Two A-Holes" sketches with Kristen Wiig, The Devilnote , and Tommynote  and his celebrity impressions of Joe Biden, Adam Lambert, Billy Ray Cyrus (on The Miley Cyrus Show, replacing Bryan Cranston), Dane Cook, Glenn Beck, Rod Blagojevich, Wolf Blitzer, and Harry Connick, Jr. Sudeikis was also one of four replacement cast members to play George W. Bush after Will Ferrell left the show.
    • Former cast member Will Forte (Forte left SNL after its 35th season) voices Principal Wally (using a higher-pitched version of the voice he used for Stuart Proszackian from Sit Down, Shut Up) and other characters. On SNL, Forte's popular recurring characters were MacGruber, a MacGyver expy (and one of many recurring SNL characters to have his own movie), the first announcer for What Up With Thatnote , The Falconernote , and crooked politician Tim Calhoun. His notable celebrity impressions were Zell Miller, Lorne Michaelsnote , Greg Allman, Benny Hill, John Edwards, and was one of the four cast members to replace Will Ferrell as George W. Bush.
    • Arianna Huffington (a syndicated columnist and founder of The Huffington Post) is the voice of Tim the Bear's wife, Arianna.
    • Seth MacFarlane was Tim the Bear note  from seasons one to half of season four. From the second half of season four to the end, Tim the Bear was voiced by Jess Harnell (Captain Hero, Wakko Warner).
      • Seth MacFarlane was also one of three voice actors for resident physician, Dr. Fist. Tom Kenny (Heffer Wolfe, Abner Doubledeal, Uncle Howee, and SpongeBob SquarePants himself) was the first replacement voice for Dr. Fist (he filled in for Seth when Seth was busy with the movie, Ted), then when Dr. Fist was given his own episode, Bryan Cranston (Hal and Walter White) became the new voice of the doctor until the series ended.
    • Lester's son is voiced by Glenn Howerton (who got his start on the short-lived FOX sitcom, That 80s Show, but is more well-known as vain, sociopathic lech, Dennis Reynolds, on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia).
    • The bartender and owner of The Broken Stool is voiced by (and looks like) David Lynch.
    • Mr. Waterman is voiced by Bruce McGill, who was Jack Dalton on MacGyver and is best known as Daniel Simpson Day ("D-Day") the biker on Animal House (and the voice he uses for Mr. Waterman has the same Southern accent as his character from The Insider). There hasn't been a more jarring case of Playing Against Type since Tim Curry voiced Nigel Thornberry on The Wild Thornberrys. See for yourself
    • The second voice of Roberta (Reagan Gomez-Preston) was Zaria on The WB's all-black family sitcom The Parent Hood back in the 1990s. The first voice of Roberta (Nia Long) was Lisa (Will Smith's girlfriend and, later, fiancee) on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.
    • The nursing home attendant Mrs. Bailey is Dawnn Lewis (LaBarbara from Futurama).
    • Rallo's friends are voiced by pop musicians T-Pain and also voiced himself on the episode "Menace II Secret Society."
    • Holt's mother is voiced by Stacy Ferguson, better known as Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas. Fergie also voiced the Christian girl who seduced Junior on the episode, "Jesus Walks."
    • The Hungarian dub of this show reunites the Total Drama Island cast, as the voice actors who play Cleveland, Junior, and Donna are the same ones who do Chef Hatchet, Duncan, and Gwen.
  • The Other Darrin: During the first 13 episodes, Roberta was played by Nia Long. Then, from episode 14, "The Curious Case of Jr. Working at The Stool" to the last episode ("Wheel! Of! Family!"), Roberta is played by Reagan Gomez-Preston (who played the teenage daughter, Zaria, on the WB sitcom The Parent 'Hood).
  • Talking to Himself: Played straight with Mike Henry, whenever Cleveland and Rallo interact with each other. Averted mostly with Seth MacFarlane, who only voiced Tim the Bear and Dr. Fist (until he found replacement voice actors for those characters). Compare with Family Guy and American Dad!, where MacFarlane voices a sizeable amount of male characters, mostly the father of the familynote , the bizarre live-in guest of the housenote , the next-door neighbor with a sexual sidenote , and a newscaster characternote .
  • What Could Have Been: A promo released prior to the show airing had different designs for the family. Donna's hair was smaller, Rallo had a buzzcut instead of an afro, and Roberta's clothes were more revealing (she had short-shorts and a midriff with a jacket top). Also, a British family was supposed to be the other neighbors for Cleveland, not Holt.
    • (mixed with Bowdlerization): The theme song originally ended with, "And so, I found a place/Where everyone will know/My happy black guy face/This is The Cleveland Show," but for whatever reason (censorship, most likely), "My happy black guy face" was changed to "My happy mustached face." The closed captions had the original line when the show first came on, but have since used the new version.

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