Awesome / The Cleveland Show

  • Cleveland's totally improv rap after Federline Jones requests it. Because he is, in fact, straight outta Stoolbend, he's a crazy muthafucka named Cleveland.
  • Similarly, Cleveland Jr. burning a Kanye West poser. (who was actually played by Kanye himself)
    Cleveland Jr.: A, B, C, D, E, F, G...
    Cleveland Jr.: Someone shoulda told you not to fuck with me.
  • Holt's Big Damn Heroes moment in the episode "Cleveland's Angels".
  • Cleveland Jr.'s sudden Imagination Powers in a recent episode.
  • Pretty much the entire second half of "Hot Cocoa Bang Bang" with Cleveland Jr. leading the nerds on a rampage through comic-con and Cleveland's showdown with Robert Rodriguez.
  • Peter's Big Damn Heroes moment in "BFFs", showing up to save Cleveland and the gang from being raped by hillbillies.
    Peter: Leggo my negro.
    Hillbilly: Well, well, looks like it's four against one.
    Peter: You mean four against two.
    (The door swings open to reveal the Evil Monkey)
    Peter: Thanks for your help, Monkey. Now rip their faces and nuts off.
    (The Evil Monkey proceeds to kick ass)
  • In "Das Shrimp Boat" Cleveland taking out an entire group of Somali pirates while high on energy pills.
  • Roberta beating up a trio of college frat boys in "B.M.O.C"
  • Rallo singing "Mother" by Danzig. A nice BLAM from the show.
  • Tim showing up to confront Donna about faking being injured.
    Tim: Yeah you did, you did, but then this morning I woke up and I remembered something - I'm a bear! I can kill you, maul you, rip your face off, and eat you, I won't even go to jail for it. So...yeah, I'm a bear, I can kill you. So, tell Cleveland the truth. Cause if you don't -ROOOOOOAARRRR!...(chuckles) Okay, byesies!
  • The boxing match between Cleveland and his dad, with Cleveland finally getting the upper hand for a change. It becomes sad and awkward halfway through, when Freight Train has a heart attack.
  • In "Cleveland Junior's Cherry Bomb", there was a scene where Cleveland, upset by his son's pledge of virginity, asks his step-daughter's boyfriend Federline to get him laid. Federline takes Cleveland, Jr. to the mall and sends him after a group of easy-looking women. The boy tells them that they need to improve their self-image, which prompts Federline to slap him. Cleveland, Jr., of all people, grabs Federline by the collar and threatens him. Federline is visibly intimidated.
    Cleveland, Jr.: I may be a virgin, but you do that again and I'll kick your ass.
  • The time when the guys' wives all teamed up to beat the living hell out of Holt's abusive girlfriend. Double-points for Kendra (Lester's wife) body-slamming her.
  • This show actually doing a good job of depicting homosexuality and "coming out" in "Terry Unmarried" (Despite how lackluster the rest of the episode was). A reviewer for the gay-interest website praised the gay storyline, calling it "...a vast improvement over other LGBT portrayals in Seth MacFarlane's other series and more mature than the typical 'coming out' episode that many series have included dating back to the 1970s." Quite a feat, considering how much criticism Seth MacFarlane has gotten for depicting gays as stereotypes on Family Guy (not so much American Dad!), as seen with Brian's cousin Jasper and in such episodes as "You May Now Kiss The...Uh, Guy Who Receives," "Family Gay," and "Quagmire's Dad" (which was actually more offensive to transsexuals and transsexuality than homosexuality).
  • Freight Train, Rallo, and Cleveland, Jr. solving the mystery behind Lydia Waterman's death in "Who Done Did It?"
  • Cleveland standing up to Freight Train by drinking one of his cans of RC Cola right in front of him. Then when it looks like Freight Train and Holt, Lester, and Tim's fathers are about to beat their sons, Freight Train honors Cleveland for standing up to him by giving him his belt, along with Fright Train inviting them all up to the clubhouse to celebrate.
  • Cleveland's response to his dance partner's demand for sex in "Dancing with the Stools":
    Cleveland: NYET! I'M A MYARRIED MYAN!
  • Rallo once managed to actually destroy Cleveland Jr.'s optimism in Squirt's Honor and from that point he went about coldly and bluntly stating the truth about everything. He also ripped the head off Larry the Leopard. Rallo felt that at least Jr. wasn't a chump anymore, and then Roberta gave a scathing "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Rallo over what he did and in defense to Jr. She points out how, despite everything that went wrong in Jr.'s life, from his parents divorcing, his mom dying, and his sudden obesity, he somehow managed to keep seeing the best in people and the world. And then Rallo, with his constant "too cool for life" attitude, managed to destroy Jr.'s innocence and faith in mankind like it was nothing. Rallo is so shaken by this that he realizes he's a terrible person and has to restore Jr.'s optimism or he is definitely going to Hell one day.
  • The episode Our Gang has Cleveland unwittingly leading a gang made up of troubled youths he's mentoring. He thinks they are selling cookies but really they are selling drugs, which are stolen by a real. Then Cleveland steals it back we get this.
    Cleveland: Good evening Mother Fuckers!
    Gang Leader: Who the hell are you ?
    Cleveland: Cleveland-Mother fucking- Brown Mother Fucker!!!
    • When the gang retaliates and abducts Cleveland Jr. Cleveland goes Papa Wolf on them and has the youths he mentoring help him rescue Jr.
  • One for Patty "Fatty Patty" Donner: after being revealed as slimmed down and sexy to a stunned Donna (who expected her to still be fat and subsist on a diet of fried foods) and when the latter asks her how she slimmed down, Patty said she cut out fried foods out of her diet and that Donna can slim down that way herself. Ever has an instant of flinging back fat-shaming and the fantasy of getting back at your former tormentors has ever been awesome.
  • Rallo and Murray's Mind Screw revenge on the latter's gold digger wife in "Sex and the Biddy". After marrying him and then confirming him to be unfit to live with her, they pay her out with her own coin and convince her (and the authorities) she's become a Crazy Cat Lady.