Heartwarming / The Cleveland Show

  • The reason for Auntie Momma dressing up as a woman ("she" is actually a man named Uncle Kevin). It's sweet, if not a bit unusual. It shows how much Auntie Momma cares for Donna.
  • The episode "Murray Christmas." Rallo meets an elderly Jewish man who's racist and Rallo makes anti-semetic comments. To teach him a lesson, Rallo's teacher makes him spend time with Murray. Being an old man and a young boy, they can relate due to having to wear diapers and early bedtimes. The ending where Rallo gives him a menorah and a dreidel for Hannukah was real sweet.
  • "All You Can Eat", Junior likes a girl who thinks he's a lesbian and he not only accepts her but attends her prom pretending to be a lesbian and gave a speech on being yourself and in the end, the girl, Daisy even gets to dance. With Roberta of all people.
    Daisy: Are you gay?
    Roberta: Who cares?
  • In "Love Rollercoaster" Lester uses an invention that disguises his voice as Alan Alda to call his wife and thank her for the letters she sent.
    "What? I love my wife. If that makes me a homo, then so be it."
  • Roberta's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Rallo over what he did to Cleveland Jr. in Squirt's Honor was both awesome and actually sweet considering she was defending Jr.'s optimism and faith in humanity.
  • Actually subverting Double Standard: Abuse, Female on Male with Holt's psychopath girlfriend. No one makes fun of Holt being attacked by a girl, and everyone attempts to stand up for him. Doubles as an Awesome Moment for the gang's wives who give her a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown.