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Headscratchers: Skull Girls
  • Are there multiple Vice-Versas? Canonically, it's orange, but Cerebella's ending shows her wearing a white one.
    • It's seen in multiple colors in gameplay, so I wouldn't be surprised if Vice-Versa could change colors at Cerebella's will.
    • Multiple Vice-Versas doesn't sound unbelieveable. But one would assume nobody else would be able to use the "alternate" Vice-Versas either.
      • It's outright stated the Cerebella is the only one capable of controlling Vice-Versa, which is why Vitale even bothers keeping her around. This likely Josses the "multiple Vice-Versas", or at least means only one can be "activated" by Cerebella at a time.
    • I always thought Viceversa was painted white to fit in the Play Boy Bunny motif.
    • Vice-Versa can grow sunglasses, I don't think changing colors is that implausible.
  • If Samson's mouth is on the back of Filia's head, what happened to Filia's brain?
    • Samson is just a shapeshifting mass; the mouth doesn't go anywhere. Filia's brain is probably fine.
    • I thought Samson could've eaten all of Filia's internal organs and Filia's entire body was already filled with his shapeshifting goo. I mean, it's a good source of bones for her Level 3 super...
      • An additional notes section on Filia, alongside noting her babycheeks and chubby body, notes that Samson's mouth is like a portal. This would indicate that Samson's entire body exists inside Filia, meaning that they co-exist, in a kind of shapeshifting phase. So, when Filia is moving around, or doing one of the few attacks she can do without Samson's help (her Low Kick, for example) then her body is the dominant, and thus Samson exists only as a portal; when the majority of Samson's attacks occur, then Samson is the dominant and Filia is just a vaguely-conscious husk of flesh.
  • Just how the hell is Parasoul's wish impure? Her only goal is to protect the innocent people, and she has literally no selfish gain from the wish whatsoever.
    • Parasoul's wish might have been seen as impure because it was only a wish to protect her sister, the one person most important to her, without much thought to anyone else. It was selfless, but maybe not selfless enough for the Skull Heart? She may also be non-pure hearted. Or, since the wish disqualified Umbrella from being the Skullgirl, it could have needed to shuck off the burden onto a different host.
    • I assumed it was because the Skull Heart is a colossal dick and is deliberately trying to find reasons to declare wishes impure.
      • See also: declaring Filia's wish as ever-so-slightly impure, because Filia, in her amnesiac state, thinks she harmed Painwheel in her past. Her guilt isn't even real.
      • As a Jerkass Genie, the Skull Heart would certainly not be above taking advantage of the Exact Words. And those exact words are "...if she is impure of heart..." Meaning that while Parasoul's wish was totally selfless and pure, if the Skull Heart looked deep inside Parasoul and found even the tiniest trace of impurity—like, I dunno, a memory of shoplifting a candy bar once when she was a kid or something—then it could go "Aha! Your heart isn't pure because you haven't been 100% completely good all your life! That means I can turn you into a Skullgirl, mwahaha!"
    • Umbrella might have been the primary beneficiary of the wish, but Parasoul had her own selfish reasons for not wanting Umbrella to die: she didn't want to lose her. It's like if someone wishes a loved one back to life. The loved one might be the one profiting directly, but they're only being brought back because the wisher can't let them go or move on.
  • What if somebody wished to not become the Skullgirl?
  • Why didn't Cerebella just use the Skull Heart to wish for another Life Gem or something?
  • If Gigans are infertile with other races, how the hell is Scythana only PART Gigan?
  • So Squigly's mother became the Skullgirl 14 years before the story. Given that Squigly rose in response to the Skullheart before and rises in response to Marie becoming the Skullgirl, and Parasoul's mother being the previous one....what happened with Squigly during THAT Skullgirl's rise?
    • Nothing. Word of God has confirmed that Parasoul's mother was in another country when she went Skullgirl, and Skullgirl zombie-making powers don't extend that far back.
  • It seems like the Skullheart's been around a while — though not, as Leviathan says, forever. Still, why hasn't the Canopy Kingdom started practicing cremation of the dead (like the Free Folk of A Song of Ice and Fire do to keep their own dead from rising as wights) to keep the undead legions the Skullgirls can raise down to a minimum?
  • Skullgirls are said to appear every seven years. So Squigly's mom was the one 14 years ago, then Parasoul's mom 7 years ago, then Marie now. Still, it's as if she somehow did nothing during the time of Parasoul's mom as a Skullgirl.
    • The Queen had to threaten all 3 kingdoms so had to cross some borders. Squigly may have just been out of range and stayed dead.
  • If you know that you're going to become a Skullgirl eventually (as certain characters do in their endings) and you want to make sure the world isn't terrorized by your Skullgirl self in the future, what's to stop you from committing suicide? Can the Skull Heart stop you?
  • How can Black Dahlia be so old yet look so good? Seriously, she's almost as toned as Ms. Fortune despite being old enough to be graying. [1]
    • Clearly the Black Dahlia is a living weaponized porcelain doll.
  • With the recent reveal of a little of Valentine's past in lab 7, we know that's where she lost her eye. We also know that they could have replaced it, but she chose not to. Which then begs the question why they didn't replace Peacock's; ASL is responsible for both, so it would have been possible to fix Patricia with a conventional set rather than intergrate them into her arms, and she may have come out less crazy as a result.
    • 360 owner here. I hope that was something Alex said at Salty or something and not from the story mode. :( ANYWAYS... I think maybe they put her eyes there for the Argus system. More eyes means she shoots more lasers. Also, during "Argus Agony" the eyes fold out into even more eyes which would be awkward to implement if she had them in her eyes. Besides, she can arguably see better this way. During the intro to her story she had them floating everywhere so she could look at all those televisions. There's probably some combat applications there if you get creative.
    • Not entirely sure that Peacock's eyes could have been replaced before she transformed into a cartoon. She got her them mashed into jammy paste by that slaver; and even if they could connect new ones, we haven't learned how long it took for her eyes to become those black portals that they are now. Can't really do eye-surgery when the patient uses the sockets for storage space.
    • Original poster here. To the first response, it's not from story mode; it's in the lore section on the SG website (so no doubt subject to change at Alex's whim). As for the eye stuff, I suppose it makes sense, or about as much sense as anything else in Skull girls. Just thought it was a little retroactive plothole.
  • If Regina's the real head of the circus troupe, does that mean the misogynistic Taliesin actually takes orders from a woman? (Such delicious irony.)
  • What is someone wished that the Skull Heart never existed?
    • It's a selfish wish. Rather than trying to help someone, you're just serving yourself by not turning into a Skullgirl. So, you'll become a skullgirl.
  • Why couldn't Parasoul, in her story ending, run out after grabbing the skull heart, and then shoot it? She could certainly outrun Umbrella, and even if she did suffer ill effects from holding the skull heart, she wouldn't need that long to it get out of range of her sister...
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