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Headscratchers: Skies of Arcadia
  • The damn Imposters. I've gone through every guide and site, and I can not for the life of me make those bastards appear. Every game has ended with Vyse the Fallen Pirate, and it irritates me to no end! What does it take to make them appear!?
    • They're in Nasrad, toward the back, where you would go if the palace was still there.
    • Look at their entry on the wanted list in the Sailor's Guild, then go to Nasrad. Vize should be standing near the paint splattered building. If he isn't, then progress farther in the game so your (now invisible) Swashbuckler Rating goes up a bit more. If you haven't looked at their wanted list entry, most of the bounties won't show up. (Baltor, Gordo, and Lord Bane still do.) I've had that problem before...
  • The Dark Rift and Ixa'taka-Yafutoma stone reef don't extend into Upper Sky. The Yafutoman ships can travel into Upper Sky. The Yafutomans seem to be interested in western culture, so why don't they try to travel outside Yafutoma until Vyse shows up?
    • Supposedly, they believe the world ends after the stone reef, like most people until Vyse sails around the world.
    • Oh but they did. Where do you think the Mystery Merchant is from? You meet him fairly early in the game on Sailor's Island.
  • So, hey, Piastol. How exactly would a ten-year-old pirate kid have killed your dad? Shouldn't your vendetta be against Dyne if anything?
    • She only saw Vyse and Aika amidst all the fire, and starting a fire is something even a ten-year-old can do.
      • Except she knew Mendosa had died of sword wounds, not the fires. True, Dyne does use a pistol, and the main trio are pretty young for the main chunk of the story, but a ten-year-old coming out the victor in a fight against Valua's Grand Admiral is... pushing the bounds of logic a bit. At best little Vyse could have finished him off or something.
      • Logic has no place in Revenge!!!!. Getting more serious, considering everything that had happened (Dad dying, the fire, and being boarded by Pirates) she likely wasn't thinking straight. More to the point, didn't she say she reacted more out of instinct when she saw Aika. Plus she was only ten herself. Too young to fully consider everything, and later too angry.
  • The fact north and south poles are linked bugs me. That world isn't round, it must be a weird curved 3D cross.
    • Toroid, technically. Shaped like a donut, which means everything they said was correct. They said the world was round in the game, and a donut is round, but they never said it was spherical.
      • Actually, they did. Enrique says it when you get the Discovery.
      "The world is a sphere. That means that the east is connected to the west, and the north is connected to the south."
    • Gameplay and Story Segregation.
      • Ah we see the planet from space, it's spherical alright.
  • The battles are fought on an invisible grid, where the placement of your characters and the enemies effect the effectiveness of using and dodging some abilities. However, there is no solid way to tell your characters where to move.
  • How do you pronounce some of these names? Galcian? Nasr? Piastol? Probably several others I can't think of...
    • Let me try to help, here. This probably is not the correct pronunciations either, but they're something to go on:
      • "Galcian" : gall-see-yawn. "Gallse'yawn." Probably pronounced with some French flare, no emphasis on either syllable.
      • "Nasr" : nah-seer. "Nahseer." I like to have a slight roll on the 'r'. Emphasis on the "Nah."
      • "Piastol" : pya-stole. "Pyastole." Sounds almost like a mispronunciation of "pistol." Emphasis on the "Pya."
      • Actually, all of the Valuan names have Spanish roots and/or pronunciation. It is still Gahl-see-awn, though. Piastol is most likely Valuan rooted as well, her father being Mendosa, and pronounced Pee-ahs-tohl, so your pronunciation is still right. My point is that knowing the Spanish pronunciation helps though.
      • Piastol is a corruption of "piaster", a type of currency, (several other characters are also named after currencies, including Drachma and Gilder). Galcian may be a corruption of "Garcia", going by the Japanese version. Nasr is an Arabic word which means "Victory".
  • Just the fact that this game doesn't get nearly the recognition it deserves counts as an IJBM.
  • Was no one else bothered by the fact that out of all the improvements that Legends made, no one thought to make the cutscene dialogue fully voiced?!
    • They probably did, but I doubt it was feasible. The audio had to be compressed as it was.
    • Word on the street is, Service Games is bringing back some of their old IPs. If they bring back Skies of Arcadia, voice-acting is probably gonna be one of the first things they'll bring in.
      • If they do, I hope they use the English VAs for Vyse and Aika from Valkyria Chronicles. They fit the characters perfectly, IMO. Fina's voice... not so much.
  • Who exactly do the Blue Rogues steal from after the ending? The Valuan Armada works for Enrique now, and some of the good guy characters actually become Valuan admirals according to the end sequence. Considering that they may have been nice enough to return the Delphinus, it seems strange that they would keep attacking Valua after that. Is there really enough to steal from the Black Pirates (without returning it to whomever it was originally stolen from) or collect in Sailor's Guild bounties to keep them in business?
    • Black pirates and corrupt merchants, presumably.
  • Vyse didn't prove the world is round — Belleza and Vigoro did. All Vyse did was log more miles.
    • Maybe the Valuans tried to keep it under wraps as a strategic thing, so Vyse got the credit for selling the information to the Sailors' Guild.
      • That's what they did regarding Ixa'taka, so it wouldn't be unheard of for them to do the same thing with the knowledge that the world is round-ish.
    • Actually, even if they had reported it, they wouldn't have "proved" that the world is round. They headed west from Valua and eventually wound up in Yafutoma but they didn't prove that if you keep going to can reach Valua again. All they proved is that you can get to Yafutoma by going west so for all anyone knew, Yafutoma was the edge of the world in the far west and Valua was the edge of the world in the far east. Yes, they were operating on the assumption that the world was round, but they didn't prove it was round. The person who actually proved the world was round is Vyse because he completely the world's first circumnavigation and showed that the world was connected.
  • So, Cupil is a shapeshifter. While he becomes more powerful the more chams he eats, presumably he can handle at least basic shapes even at the beginning of the game, since he's able to disguise himself as a bracelet. This could be a huge boon for the characters, but they never use him for anything but Fina's weapon. Nobody ever says, hey Cupil, could you turn into a key for this lock so we don't have to go find the real one? Turn into a weight to hold this switch down? Turn into a knife and cut Fina free when she's tied up? Yeah, there's an obvious reason why they couldn't actually do this, but they could have at least tried to justify it. Cupil's potential Mundane Utility probably surpasses his actual worth as a weapon for the offensively-challenged Fina.
    • Hey, if you want to find the right number and combination of Chams to turn him into a Cupil Key, be my guest. Seems like more work than it's worth, especially depending on how complicated the key is.
  • How is it that these six Gigas (I'm going to assume that "Gigas" is both the singular and plural form) are canonically so powerful that they nearly caused the extinction of the six ancient Arcadian civilizations, yet at the same time so weak that they can be defeated by a single sky-pirate ship? According to the logic of this game ("the Gigas are so powerful they are a threat to all life as we know it!") that would mean that either the Delphinus (and the Little Jack to a lesser extent) is actually more powerful and therefore even more dangerous to the planet than all six Gigas combined, or the other ancient Arcadians were idiots who never thought of something as simple as "shoot the Gigas with cannons until it falls down" and the Silvites were genocidal dickheads who slaughtered billions of innocents not because they saw no other choice, but purely for the lulz.
    • The Delphinus is not just any sky-pirate ship, it's a superweapon specifically designed to rival the Gigas in power. With the exception of the Hydra, it is far and away the most powerful ship in the setting. The Moonstone Cannon was perfected by study of the red and green Moon Crystals, and was strong enough to punch a hole in the "impenetrable" Grand Fortress. Imagine the damage it could do if it was turned on a normal city! And the Silvites didn't use the Rains of Destruction because they had no other choice, they did it because they are genocidal dickheads who saw the other civilizations as being unworthy of continuation.
    • Not only that, but the implication is that the Silvite Elders have decided to wipe out civilization a second time specifically because military technology is approaching the level of the ancients. The Delphinus is very nearly a modern day Gigas in this setting.
  • Valua finds out where Dyne and his gang live and captures them, but they escape. Why not go capture them again?
    • The Valuan Admirals - and by extension the Valuan fleets - are just plain busy with their big plans. The Blue Rogues are lucky but still small fries at the time they make the big escape, and the Admiral most motivated to go after them, Alfonso, has been disgraced. Taking and holding their home port isn't a good use of manpower and time... and the nature of Fina's mission means she'll be going to where the Valuans are also going anyway, so why chase what's going to deliver itself to you in good time?
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