Funny: Skies of Arcadia

  • After Aika briefly leaves your party on the first visit to Pirate Isle, try looking through the cloth of her house.
  • The party meeting Bellena.
  • As the group tries to recover the Delphinus in Yatofuma, Vyse grabs Fina and helps her jump to the Delphinus, Aika then proceeds to help Enrique board by giving him a hard shove, causing him to fall face first onto the ship's deck.
  • The Ixa'ness Demons calling Aika and Fina old hags gives us this;
    Aika: Hey, who are you calling an old hag!? Fina!! Don't just stand there, they're calling us old hags!!
    Fina: ...Aika? What's an 'old hag'?
  • After winning their first ship battle, Vyse and Aika start to perform their Victory Jig..... Until Drachma interrupts:
    (CLANG!!) What are you doing!? Hands on the wheel boy!!!
  • The party's reactions to "Daccat's Treasure" are all pretty funny, especially Aika's
    Aika (really annoyed): Some old bag of bones is laughing at us from his grave while we ran around looking like idiots!! And we're still broke!
    (Vyse stops laughing and looks like he's about to cry.)
  • The two instances of the game playing around with the boilerplate "X joined your party"/"X joined your crew as a Y" messages:
    Drachma joined your party... again.
    Pow joined your crew as a jester... of sorts.
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