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Headscratchers: Pony POV Series
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  • Why doesn't Havoc un-erase _________ from existence? I mean, he can do it to himself, and he did say that he misses him AND is sore, upset, and unhappy that that happened, so why can't he use his ability to overcome Entropy's powers on _________? What, does he think that Entropy will just erase _________ from existence again?!
    • Just because Havoc has the raw power to reassert his own existence after he gets erased is no reason to assume that he could do the same for anyone else.
      • Oh. Well then, why doesn't he find somebody who can?
      • Because that somebody would have to be a being more powerful than Havoc. And there isn't anyone more powerful than Havoc. Entropy, the Father of All Alicorns/Sane Reality/Buddy, and Fauna Luster are on the same ranking (power-wise) as Havoc, but they are not more powerful than He is.
      • And he can't ask to work with the alicorn elders to un-erase _________ from existence because...?
      • His pride. It's outright said that the only Draconequi that approved of Ponyland being frozen by the Windigos was Entropy, but he still was too proud to admit his family couldn't resolve the issue and wouldn't let the Alicorns step in to destroy the Windigos directly. He's likely too proud to ask the Alicorn Elders to help him, even if he cares about his son.
    • Bright Eyes' chapter implies another reason; even if He COULD, D___t was a Well-Intentioned Extremist who even Strife thinks wasn't a good Draconequus and if he was restored, would be a huge treat to existence. It's seems Havoc WANTED to, but knew D___t being revived was simply something that would cause more harm than good.
  • Why is Discord being punished after being retrieved by Rancor?
    • They're punishing him for the evil he committed. Havoc IS the Dimension Lord of Hell, punishing the dead for their sins is his job. We can only assume Discord's not wanting to be forgiven (something he outright SAID) means Havoc has to punish him too, even if its not eternal.
      • Why doesn't Discord want to be forgiven?
      • With Dark World Discord; self loathing now that he actually HAS realized he's wrong.
      • What does he loathe about himself?
      • That he was a sadistic monster and tyrant who hurt everyone, that he threw away everyone who ever cared about him. Lots of things.
      • Is that not his job? Is that not what the readers want him to be? Is he not the perfect villain to blame for everything and to hate without regret?
      • No, his job is causing chaos in the right amounts to cause change, which, despite going overboard, he still does to a degree. Being a sadistic monster and tyrant is not covered in the Blue and Orange Morality that would come with that.
  • Why did Discord eat his brother Destruction?
    • He wanted Destruction's power and saw a wounded Destruction so he decided to eat him.
    • The narrative implies that they were both at the ends of their respective ropes...and then Discord snapped and went for the nearest source of energy. Wanting Destruction's power had nothing to do with it. It could have just as easily gone the other way - in fact, in an alternate timeline it actually did!
  • Why would Discord need the power of Destruction?
    • Why would any Evil Overlord need power? They crave it and will take it if they can.
    • Also, remember that after the Plot Twist of Rancor Stealing Destruction's power, we found out that Discord wanted the power, and besides that, he needed Destruction's raw power to control Havoc's power.
      • Why is Discord evil?
      • Origins kind of covered that; he's had a sadistic streak that Celestia unknowingly helped him feed that turned into full blown psychopathy. Real like Serial Killers and psychopaths don't always have a Freudian Excuse.
      • Why did he have a sadistic streak?
      • The author would prefer leaving SOME things to audience interpretation, that's one of them.
      • Hence Head Scratchers.
      • The point is, it's basically intentional Fanfiction Fuel.
      • A headscratcher in itself... to trust a critical plot point to the first theory given.
    • Well, one could always speculate, and say that it was something he had as a personality trait from having violent siblings. Or alternatively, he just was that way. Or, he's taking his power as a god as a privilage rather than a responsibility, and is hense acting irresponsibly.
  • Why didn't Pandora interfere to prevent Destruction from being eaten?
    • Because Havoc's insane Avatar told her not to. Even if the REAL Havoc wouldn't have, he wasn't there to say the Avatar had gone off the deep end.
      • Why did Havoc's Avatar tell her not to? Why didn't she ignore him and interfere anyway?
      • Because it was insane, and because that LAST Draconequus to completely disobey their parents was Ret Gone. True, Havoc wouldn't do that, but he IS the embodiment of fear and her father. Pandora had no way of knowing Havoc ultimately didn't approve of his Avatar's actions at the time, presumably because an Avatar going completely insane is NOT something that happens often.
      • Was Discord obeying or disobeying his parents on this one?
      • Could go either way. Figure it out yourself!
  • Why is Havoc considered a good father?
    • No one ever said he was, the Draconequi respect him.
    • Actually, I think Havoc is at least an ok father. He fears for his children being hurt by his wife. He wants the kids to grow by allowing them to experience failure. He even permitted his son to go learn about mortals (although that one's still in process). He's even against a state of perpetual fear. So that's something.
  • Why do Havoc's Avatar's powers require Destruction's to work?
    • Havoc's powers don't, but Discord's body was too badly wounded at the time from their removal to be able to use much, if any of his power.
    • Havoc's avatar's power was probably too strong for Discord's own power alone to control: he needed Destruction's power to brute-force it into working for him.
  • Why did Havoc's Avatar give his powers to Discord in the first place?
    • According to Word of God, Havoc's love for his children warped by the Avatar's insanity.
      • Why did he choose Discord over Destruction or Pandora?
      • Pandora lacks a ruthless streek required to eat the Avatar and Destruction was already eaten.
      • Why did his Avatar want Destruction to be eaten?
      • It was insane, you can't exactly give logic to someone who's definition of sane is already incomprehensible to mortals.
  • Why is Havoc's favorite son still Discord?
    • Where is that said? Strife or Rancor are the only ones implied to be his favorite child.
      • -> Havoc, "You Have Something Against My New Bouncing Baby Girl? My _____ ___ Didn't Know How to Respect ___ Mother, Destruction Never Embraced His Destiny Or Purpose In the Cosmos, Anarchy's A Good Boy, But He Is So Unmotivated Sometimes. Discordance, Is By Far My Least Disappointing Son. There's A Reason I Told Dissy That We Wanted A Girl Instead of Another Boy." Source: [1]
      • Least disappointing and favorite are not the same thing, Discord is least disappointing because the other three got erased from existence, didn't accept their duty, and are lazy. If Anarchy was more motivated, he'd probably be the favorite. At least Discord IS doing his job.
      • Why isn't least disappointing son and favorite son equivalent? What is Discord's job anyways?
      • Chaos, he may be over doing it, but he at least has zeal about it.
  • Why doesn't Havoc miss Destruction, if he still misses his first son?
    • Who says he doesn't?
      • Why hasn't he ever expressed it? Why hasn't anyone else in the family ever expressed it?
      • Because, hammy as they all are, Havoc and his family DO reserve the right to keep some of their feelings (whatever those feelings may actually be) unexpressed. Havoc hasn't had many appearances were mentioning Destruction's death and mourning it would be logical. And Pandora explicitly said she DID miss Destruction.
  • Why was Discord born at the Paradise Estate?
    • He was born into the mortal world, he had to be born somewhere.
      • Why was he born into the mortal world?
      • Word of God: Because he wasn't interested in living in the Immortal World any longer. Because the Mortal World was where Celestia was escaping to... and he still had QUITE a few bones to pick with her. Because the Mortal World is where he has access to billions of mortals to torment and toy with... and he wanted to engage in a more hands-on, down-and-dirty, in-your-face, one-on-one interaction with the mortals... rather than remain a 'distant god,' like Celestia's parents mostly are. Because: CHAOS!!!! As for why he lost his memory, that's ambiguous intentionally for the audience to decide.
      • Why was he no longer interested in the Spirit Realm? What issues did he have with Celestia? Why was he suddenly interested in mortal affairs? Why would his memory loss be any different from the Alicorns?
      • Because the Alicorns and his siblings could presumably band together stop him if he went on a rampage in the spirit world. Given Rancor's advent triggered a reality quake, it's safe to assume the Alicorns couldn't just emerge in mass to fight him on Earth unless he went far enough it would justify the damage. Did you read Origins? It spells it out pretty clear why. Because mortals are funner to 'play' with. Word of God: IT wasn't, the difference was Discord and 'Dissy' absolutely refused to accept the other so a Split Personality Merge was impossible.
      • Why then did he leave during the chaos of the Alicorn-Draconequus War? What did he have against Luna, Galaxia or any of his friends at the Paradise Estate? Why didn't he ever attack Celestia during the War or G1? Why was Celestia's imprisonment during Epilogue a paradise from the only time Paradox couldn't touch - before the first timeloop? If his memory loss was the exact same as the Alicorns, then why did his memories spontaneously return in the form of his parents during G1?
  • Why would Discord's family oppose Paradox's plans?
    • Spoilers.
      • Why is discussing the motives of Discord's family spoilers? Why are they still interested in post-Discord Dark World?
      • Because the answer to the question would spoil something that hasn't been revealed yet.
    • You know Alex, you don't have to answer everything. Personally, I figure that it's not conductive to the peace treaty that the Draconequi and alicorns brokered after Ragnarok. Or perhaps that it's something both Pandora and Anarchy are against.
  • Why was Discord's oldest brother so angry that he actually confronted Entropy directly?
    • Word of God: Not everybody is capable of holding their temper indefinitely with a bitter thing like ENTROPY as a mother. I imagine her nastiness would get under a kid's skin after a while. It boils down to simple, everyday mother/child friction. Only in _____'s case, finally giving in to the urge to rebel and backtalk against his mother came at the expense of his life.
      • Why didn't he see it coming?
      • Who's to say whether he DID see it coming or not? Either way, ____ was completely fed up with Entropy.
      • Was he the suicidal type?
      • That's up to interpretation.
      • Hence Head Scratchers.
      • No, hence 'Alternate Character Interpretation'.
      • To be fair, ____ didn't know that Entropy would erase him if he called Her out. _____'s siblings only learned how little Entropy really valued their existences from poor ____'s example.
  • Why has Discord hated the 'Why?' since long, long before the Alicorn-Draconequus War?
    • Word of God: Because to explore and explain the 'why' about some unknown thing is to discover (or at least attribute) reason and sense to it. And being the great Chaos-aficionado that he is... Discord despises reason and sense: "What fun is there in making sense?!" He'd much rather have some phenomenon remain baffling and inscrutable.
      • Why does Discord believe that "The world is nonsense"?
      • Word of God (Louis): You must admit: the world (and all its inhabitants) are filled with QUITE a number of illogical, irrational inconsistencies, paradoxes, conundrums, and insanities. And Discord is only too happy to revel in all of them.
      • Why is this an acceptable explanation? What kind of story setting would allow the illogical, irrational inconsistencies, paradoxes or insanities to occur?
      • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic of course.
      • No, Real Life. Not EVERYTHING in real life makes sense you know. Discord quite literally IS those things being Chaos personified.
      • Real Life is not a story, and this story is not Real Life. Why else would this Head Scratchers page exist, if not for pointing out Fridge Logic and Plot Holes?
      • No, the point is that the pony world has the same crazy nonsensical things that our world does (IE, things that are just how things are and don't make sense, like how we still don't know why certain natural phenomena happen), Discord happens to prefer those parts over the things that make sense.
      • Why not name a single crazy, nonsensical thing that occurs in the Pony POV Series?
    • Gentlemen, can't we take a deep breath for a second?
  • And why hasn't anyone ever asked these questions before?
    • Because they must not have thought they were worth asking to them, I don't know.
      • Why aren't these questions considered important?
      • Word of God: You'll have to ask all the hundreds of other people who didn't ask them. We cannot speak on their behalf.
      • Why not speak for the authors then?
      • The authors want SOME things to not be quantified and left to audience interpretation.
      • Hence Head Scratchers.
  • Why does Discord's family need Destruction back?
    • Like Rancor said, the rest of the Draconequi were stuck doing double duty doing his jobs, Discord's, AND their own. Rancor took his power back so she could at least have the power to handle his job and her own. They didn't need Destruction back (he's dead), they just took his power.
      • Rancor had to steal the power of Destruction from Discord forcefully. She wouldn't have had to betray him if he were willing. So what does Discord's family need destroyed that Discord wouldn't but a loyal tool like Rancor would?
      • Doing it that way had the bonus of mortally wounding Discord's mortal form and throwing a giant wrench into Paradox's plans and gave him a way back to their realm he otherwise was being blocked from taking and on top of that, it's shown at least by the Draconequi's rules, Discord still deserved punishment from them for cannibalizing his brother (explicitly said to be a taboo even to them only allowed by Havoc's insane (once more even by their standards) avatar). Draconequi have Blue and Orange Morality, so perhaps Discord wasn't punished for the crime against his own family until they'd carried it out themselves.
  • If the purpose of the SAS tailing the bearers during the Nightmare Moon incident did not involve killing Nightmare Moon in any circumstances, since Shining Armor was lambasted for assuming they would ever attempt that, then what was the point of sending Black Thistle protocol soldiers, instead a SEAL team?
    • Simply, which would be more likely to DISTRACT Nightmare Moon? Nonlethal force, or lethal force? Even if it wouldn't KILL her, you'd still want to take the biggest guns you could to stand a chance of distracting her or stunning her. The SEALS are competent, but they don't have the big guns of the SAS because they're nonlethal, it makes sense to send the big guns against something on Nightmare Moon's level.
      • An angry goddess seems like a situation where conventional force won't help, or may even worsen the problem. It's very fortunate that they never had to test that theory.
  • In the Nightmare Mirror timeline, how did they manage to drag Apple Bloom out of Sunnytown & Everfree in the first place?
    • According to Word of God, it was because Applejack pretty much demolished Sunnytown in a Roaring Rampage of Revenge.
      • But how did she break the curse that keeps zombies within the borders of Sunnytown/Everfree?
      • Word of God says either the utter destruction of Sunnytown broke the curse, or that it was because Apple Bloom wasn't being held there by having been one of the ones who killed Ruby.
  • Alright, this is not quite a fridge logic because the answer has implicitly been provided, but why do Discord's Parents send a weapon capable of killing a Concept to the Dark World timeline, when the only active Concept is Discord himself?
    • Just because it's meant for killing concepts doesn't mean it can't kill other things. Heck, the concept of an individual could be erasable, so perhaps it has general uses besides killing gods.
    • Plus, it's probably a useful weapon. In addition, we can't be sure it's able to kill ACTUAL gods, it was only used to slay a Demigod.
  • Where did all the psychiatrists mentioned in the series come from? How did they escape the Day of Discord without seemingly developing any issues, to the point of being able to treat so many patients immediately after? Just what were Dr. Head Scratcher & Dr. Freudian Excuse doing during that day, anyways?
    • A number of them did come from Canterlot to help. And I suppose as professionals who deal with trauma and upset ponies, they probably consulted with each other after that day, and healed relatively fast compared with everypony else.
      • I mean, one of the central themes is how a pep talk and an afternoon off won't heal severe psychological trauma; it took three weeks for Pinkie Pie to even acknowledge that she had an issue. And Pinkie Pie is the only one who is capable of self-reharmonizing, but even that takes three full days. I just can't help but feel that's a sort of Hand Wave, like the psychiatrists are more of a plot device than characters with actual flaws or depth.
      • Maybe it is. Maybe there's just some times when Alexwarlorn feels like getting too in depth would detract from the overall series. I'm guessing that the psychologists came from Canterlot, and they put on a brave face to handle the trauma while applying their professional career to others. After all, from the way the series plays out, there'd be no helping anyone if the only horses to come out without deep scars to actually be able to help others are fluttershy, Luna, Celestia, and Applejack. It probably just is a hand wave.
    • Actually, the problem with the psychiatrists was addressed in story: The Interviewers helped snap them out of their funk.
      • Dr. Hoof Wave is never encountered again after that incident… but apparently Dr. Head Scratcher & Dr. Freudian Excuse were merely hypnotized into doing random silly things during the Day of Discord, so they were fine after.
  • OK; I can understand Onyx's contempt for Unicorns and Pegasi because of the whole slave labor thing, but his hatred of Celestia in the latest entry comes completely out of left field. What the hell?
    • He's a Conspiracy Theorist who believes that the Alicorns are secretly tyrants oppressing and enslaving the 'superior' Earth Pony race. They are The Mare! (The fact that they wouldn't use their magic to fix his wife's insanity doesn't help, either: he just sees that as further proof of their true nature.)
      • Well, he used to. He's gotten better and seems to have given up on his bigotry, much to the joy of his neighbor Silver Axe.
  • Why is the entire story on deviantART? Especially for the mature entries that you would need a DA account to read, like Luna's side story, and the Generational Transitions.
    • Because won't accept fanfics with songs that are only ponyfied versions of copywrited ones and Equestria daily has yet to accept it.
      • What about Google Docs? Or Fimfiction? The latter being a site created for Pony content with numerous Musical fics which contain ponyfied songs.
      • Talked with the author, he said he's planning to post it on Fimfiction as soon as he's posted the last of the stories leading up to the final arc.
      • You can also read up to Rarity's reharmonizing [2] and download an e-book version here and here.
      • And now, you can start reading the fic proper on Fimfiction here.
    • The fact that Equestria Daily won't publish this fic pisses this troper off to no end. What the hell?!?
    • The author is every bit as ticked off as you are.
    • It does make one wonder why they won't publish this. Is it simply because of the typos?
      • Apparently, they think he wrote Applejack's accent as too thick, which is total BS as far as this troper is concerned...
  • This is a technical question, but in Second Family, Luna mentions that she was able to gain foresight by looking into Truth for longer than her. So does that mean that Luna now has the same powers as Rota Fortuna without that responsibility?
  • This is more of a discussion question, but do you think Rancor knew about Nightmare Paradox going into the Dark World. She obviously was there for Destruction's essence, thus her insistence that any action taken is technically not important to her. (planning the backstab). But on the other hand, she seemed genuinely surprised when Paradox spoke to her. And yet, Discord's conversation with Anarchy after he's taken back to his home realm seems to indicate the family knew something about her. So, how does that work?
    • Nightmare Paradox was masking herself so no one she spoke to would realize she's there and ask the unaskable question that would force her into the open. Rancor had to take a little time to get past the disguise and realize who was there, that's all. It seems like the draconequi know Paradox is there, but they can't exactly pinpoint her location or they'd probably rip her out of the Dark World themselves.
  • What happened to Destruction after Discord killed and ate him? Can't Havoc bring him back to life like he did Discord when he was stabbed in the back by Rancor? Where did his spirit go? It's never explained!
    • Destruction was eaten in the spirit plane, Discord was killed on the mortal plane by another Draconequus, so only his physical body died, while his true self when straight back to the Draconequi realms, something he mentioned when Galaxia shattered his original physical body (stating if a Draconequus had killed him, he'd have gone back to the Draconequi's plane). Presumably Discord ate his Concept and technically is the God of Destruction.
    • ...That still doesn't explain what happened to him. Where did he go after he was eaten?
    • Perhaps he ceased to exist, perhaps he entered Pony Heaven, perhaps his soul was reborn as Rancor. The story likes to leave things up to the audience to decide a lot of the time.
  • Entropy I guess I can understand because "nothing was any value to her," but why is Havoc such an obnoxious douchebag? And don't give me "he's got Blue and Orange Morality" that's no excuse.
    • He's the Anthropomorphic Personification of Fear, he's got Blue and Orange Morality. He does love his children, he cried when D__t's Shadow of Existence was destroyed and still hasn't forgiven Entropy for erasing him in the first place and is apparently a decent father to them (by Draconequi standards). And he was willing to hear out Dark World!Fluttershy and agree with her points in the end. It's kind of subjective how good of a person he is, but judging him by pony morality simply isn't correct, because he has an alien morality.
    • 1.I'm not a pony. 2. Having Blue and Orange Morality is no excuse. Otherwise I wouldn't have mentioned Entropy. 3. Fluttershy isn't a reliable source of information because she's too nice.
  • Ok, I can accept many different things about the spirit world, including that thanks to the abilities of timeline skewing Rancor can get Cadence's hair ribbon for her spear and then thank Twilight for it before she is formally inducted as an alicorn. I can get how the spirit dimension allows for applebloom to be dead for near eternity before meeting Darkworld AJ. However, what I CANNOT accept is that somehow Amitica is responsible for the many subtle surprise positive turns in the POV series. It just seems...unbelievable. Nightmare Paradox existing at the same time as Twilight the Unicorn makes sense to a degree because she's technically a canon immigrant from a time in the future, and then kept pulling herself into the past, so that she was on the same plane as all her previous selves. I can get that. I can also get that due to her twisting the timeline sideways so many times that there needed to be a kind of union of metaphysics among the many versions of twilight in order to contain the power Paradox took on for herself. That I get. However, this then leads me to probably one of my biggest questions. If Nightmare Paradox had to be purified into Alicorn Amitica, and that technically she didn't exist for eternity until the ascension happened, then how in the world did they manage to beat paradox the first time? You know, the time when there wasn't Amitica to keep twilight from going to the dark side. Did firefly choose to get help from megan on his own before? Did Celestia really get rescued by a sister she didn't even know existed at the time? Did twilight the alicorn really pull herself back even when she hadn't reached her ascension yet? Does amitica technically count as a paradox as well in that she spoke to herself before alicornification so she shouldn't have been able to exist even less than paradox because she was from a could be rather from a was? I mean....IT MAKES NO SENSE!!!!!!
    • You're getting confused, understandably, because a Concept always exists after it's been formed. Amicitia was always there. She was always the Benevolent Interloper. Time in the POV-verse doesn't work the same for the Spirit World as it does for the Mortal World. So while we followed Twilight the Unicorn's progression into becoming Amicitia, Amicitia herself already existed and had always already existed.
      • But that doesn't help!!!! If there was some kind of workaround such as that another god or goddess was filling in for happy endings and magic before Amitica's ascension, I could buy that. It would seem perfectly plausible that there was a second force that ensured Twilight remaining morally true, Celestia not dying in the draconi-alicorn war, and that magic existed in the world. I could have accepted that. I also understand that "discovering" concepts doesn't mean that they weren't there before, like how there was always such a thing as Justice before we started to think about what that means. I understand that. However, what doesn't seem right to me is that we have the finite reaching the infinite in such a way that there seems to be a paradox and/or cover up of Celestial proportions in the works.
      • Problem 1: The Cover Up. If Amicitia always existed, then was Celestia LYING to reharmonized twilight when she was talking about seeing her 9 brothers and 8 sisters at her trial after the windigos? After all, she said effectively that all her still personable siblings were there, morning star excluded due to him rebelling. Did twilight just...stay out of the running of the family because she was too busy making everyone else happy? Did she just..not see her mentor at all during that time due to her either being inside Fauna Luster adjusting or for some reason not wanting to see her mentor? Was the reharmonized timeline celestia something that she cannot exist in and Amicitia had to canon immigrate into like Paradox for her moment to save her? But the way she talked about it makes it seem like it was her own timeline rather than any of the "splinter" worlds.
      • Problem 2: The Time/Concept Paradox. Further, this brings up a problem about "becoming". In Dark World 34, apparently ascending requires being "unmade" so that while you might still recognize your old identity, your new identity becomes what you are now. But, if by your logic Amicitia always existed even before DW, then what did Twilight the unicorn even ascend into? Did she just...blend herself and paradox's parts into what Amicitia was? But that would contradict what Fauna Luster said about her being the first mortal ever to ascend to become a major arcana. Did she erase the amitica from before this point in timeline splits? Doesn't seem very loving for Fauna Luster to sacrifice one child for a duplicate with a different history, especially since there was apparently a trial period for Twilight to grow up into an alicorn. (that I'm excusing in terms of length, but not for residency, since razaroo from G3 was already there) Not to mention that this would be a contradiction of just how serious a deal Trixie made ascension, if she was taking on another's burden for them. If there was a kind of "reboot to the start", where after being placed into the eternal time stream she was then "magically" catered back to the dawn of existence and concepts so that then she could always exist(you know, back when Morningstar was still getting started), then that could have made sense as well. But this would cause a contradiction of consequence. You see, I've observed that although time is different in the spirit realm, there is still something called the passage of time, as the gods do find time to change. Hence how Discord slowly grew worse over his many interactions with Celestia. What doesn't quite make sense to me is that Twilight finishes ascension after Cadence went through the Dark World, meaning she reenters existence after the DW. But then how can she really be the 2nd voice there if she technically could not have really been there since it was an older self that ascended at that point? Clover might have been unmade into minty, and then split up into 2 essences, but she still had to start with the material that was Clover. You can't just go backwards infinity times to look for the start of something. Otherwise, that thing will never start at all. If her choice placed her into an alternate timeline where she always existed, that might make some sens, but then the idea that she was always the voice runs into a problem because it again doesn't answer the question of how she stopped herself the first time. Was it an alternate paradox that changed its mind thanks to Trixie or the element of magic, or cadence or shining armor or....You can't just say that it was always this way, because paradox very forcefully made certain it wasn't always this way in that timeline. The idea of localizing Amicitia as always being the same being as Twilight the unicorn doesn't seem to work because unless she was created in the moment of twilight's purification as another alternate personality, or through some magic mumbo jumbo that would make some sense too, but that's never really stated, and the way it's currently presented makes it seem more...I dunno....inadequate as an explanation. It's just... graghgrahgrharowerrrrrgggghhhh. THIS is why I HATE a Stable Time Loop as a concept. It's because when you draw a circle, you may create an unending loop, but you have to put your pencil down first in order to draw it. That's why this whole "always exists" business doesn't make sense to me, because unless you're an elder, every story has to have a beginning. And the way you've structured this, it seems like there isn't really a plausible one for Amiticia. At least, not one that can start the loop in a way that mentally/philosophically makes sense to me. Maybe it's time to go to the WMG page to write down some outs I thought of doing this. Maybe I'll feel better afterwards. =(
      • Here's one possible explanation. The Benevolent Interloper was another potential future self like Paradox. Paradox's screwing with the time stream resulted in things like this being able to happen. The Interloper was another Potential Future Twilight, in this case, Alicorn!Twilight. At one point, Paradox realizes who the Interloper is but isn't worried about it, so it's likely she's aware there are other potential futures but that they're just shadows that can't be because she's inevitable. When Paradox was defeated, Twilight became this potential her instead of Paradox. She then completed the Stable Time Loop to lock her potential future and Eclipse's defeat in stone so Eclipse was defeated once and for all.
      • Uuuuhhhhh. I hate Time Travel.
    • Actually, that bit about 'another god filling in' could work, if you insist on having cause—>effect. There's a precedent with Mother Deer filling in for someone (presumably Princess Gaia) in Bright Eyes's Gaiden story.
  • How is Discord's concept "best described as deconstruction"?
    • Because if there's one thing discord's good at, it's taking something pure and good, and taking it apart on its own terms to try and show the nothingness and nonsense behind it. The truth being painful? Laughter being hurtful? Killing Kindness? Impossible choices to impossibly conflicting loyalties? Turned into dolls when you liked them? Amplifying hearing the patterns in life so they're a deafening roar instead of a beautiful beat? Discord's a master at taking that which seems good, and tearing it down to nothing as his concept.
  • Shouldn't the Wolf be after Amicita since its technically her fault the timestream's been "disrupted"?
    • IT can't. Amicita sacrificed herself to create Shining and the Interviewers (who are continuing her purpose as a Concept) and the Interviewers don't interfere more than they do already because it'd attract the Wolf to them.
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