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A Fanfiction so big now it could fill a sizable tv series. And now, it has a recap section for people who forget the important plot points or want to know what this is all about. Warning, there will be unmarked spoilers for some parts.

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     Season 0 

Season 0: The Discorded Ponies

  1. Part 1: Applejack's Discording


EPISODE TITLE: The Truth Hurts

The first view of this series gives us Applejack and her breaking. Interestingly enough, the breaking is prefaced by AJ asserting to herself(?) that she doesn't lie; she just is wrong sometimes or is not intending to be taken seriously. "It ain't a lie if ya ain't really trying to trick'em right?" We then have Discord separate the girls with the hedge maze and show AJ the visuals of a possible outcome in 'The Grove of Truth' to the gang's situation. She assumes honesty must have lead to that path, accepts it as the hard future, and decides it's not worth being honest. Nobody will care as long as they aren't hurt. If she can't prevent it, why not try to make it hurt less. Thus Liarjack is 'born' out of AJ's desire to save everyone from the cruel truth.

  1. Part 2: Pinkie Pie's Discording



Pinkie introduces herself and seemingly goes on a non sequitur. Next it starts raining chocolate, the Elements are taken by what she sees as an amusing guy, the group is separated, and suddenly she finds a balloon garden. Strangely, this garden is filled with non-stop laughter which starts inflaming Pinkie's insecurities. Pinkie then recounts a number of instances whe she has been dismissed during events culminating with the events surrounding the surprise party from Party of One; all these memories become twisted into further feeding her fears. Alone, drowning in fear, she decides to lash out and disown laughter.

  1. Part 3: Rarity's Discording

CHAPTER TITLE: Most Deserved

EPISODE TITLE: Most Deserving

Curiously we see Rarity seemingly responding to questions and even to multiple personages as she tells someone to get out and then apologies to another. Obviously offended at the previous line of questioning, she defends her selection as the Element of Generosity with multiple examples of sacrificial acts and admits sometimes she does act selfishly, but what more can a mortal pony aspire to than only having a couple flaws? As the action moves to the hedge maze, we witness her immediate ire at losing her horn. This isn't mere vanity as her livelihood and primary means of artistic expression, making objects of beauty, is heavily dependent on her telekinetic abilities. It is at this point, separated from everyone else that she comes to obstacle Discord has planted. Rarity weighs digging the jewels out first or returning after saving the world –again- and decides it will be all right to indulge in a little selfishness; it shouldn't be too long a delay. After dislodging the singularly large stone and being reunited with her friends, she dismisses the idea that she could have misjudged the worth of this newfound treasure; she found it, she dug it out, so it's hers by right of labor. She decides to let the selfish side she's always had be ascendant and to forgo weighing needs.

  1. Part 4: Fluttershy's Discording



Unlike her other friends, there is nothing Discord can say which can convince Fluttershy to reject her kindly disposition. Angered and impatient, he 'taps' her on the head. Fluttershy falls dizzy. The personality that awakens feels nothing but scorn for her companions around her. She is disgusted by the memories she has of Fluttershy being 'a hoofmat.' At the end, 'Fluttercruel' decides "it's time to be cruel."

  1. Part 5: Rainbow Dash's Discording


EPISODE TITLE: Conflict Of Interests

Discord presents Rainbow Dash a choice: either flee the maze and he'll save Cloudsdale, or remain in the game and Cloudsdale falls. She decides Cloudsdale's more important, but is filled with absolute shame and regret. In contrast with most of her friends, Dash's train of thought shows she's retained a more coherent, sober (though flawed) rationality. Her inner narrative reveals that she's banking on her friends being able to triumph over Discord on their own, because "We always come out on top, even when it seems impossible!"

Afterwards, the next time they cross paths... Dash resolves to ACT as though she's been brainwashed and deranged, even to the point of forcing her friends to fight her into submission. The idea of everyone knowing that she willingly CHOSE to betray her friends while of sound mind and body is more than her heart can bear. And thus, 'Rainbow Dash' becomes 'Traitor Dash.'

  1. Part 6: Trixie's Discording
See above for more detailed recap.

  1. Part 7: Twilight Sparkle's Discording


EPISODE TITLE: Horrid Strangers

Twilight Sparkle is completely baffled and heartbroken that all her friends now have such nasty attitudes and are acting so unlike themselves. Ironically, it's a kind lie from Liarjack, that 'everything's gonna turn out okay,' that pushes her over the psychological edge. She succumbs to hopelessness.

  1. Part 8: Equestria Discorded



Once she was 'Twilight Sparkle.' Now she is 'Twilight Tragedy.' Discord is now 'Master' to her, her five fellow Element Bearers, and indeed, the entire world which Celestia once ruled. The Elements of Harmony are gone. In their place: the Elements of Chaos, which prevent the six Bearers from dying, aging or being killed.

Twilight Tragedy is a morose, dismal soul, existing in a morose, dismal world, where the sun and moon rise and set arbitrarily. She has severely faulty memory issues, including only a foggy concept of how much time has passed - she can recall Apple Bloom dying of old age, and Scootaloo dying trying to battle Discord. Yet, in spite of her poor memory, Twilight tells us her story: what became of her, her friends, and her world.

When Discord first corrupted the Element Bearers in the hedge maze, it was the first nudge down six long, slippery slopes. Countless years have passed, and all six of the former heroes are firmly settled at the dark and slimy bottom of their respective slopes.

Liarjack has become a shameless congenital liar; a champion of misinformation to make Josef Stalin proud. She claims that Celestia and Luna were tyrants that prevented anything from ever changing, and portrays Discord as a liberator. She echoes lies others tell themselves, and invents endless more on the fly, especially when faced with any form of unpleasantness. Twilight can rarely tell what to believe from her.

Celestia has been turned into a golden statue, while Luna is now a silver statue.

Spike is still alive... a giant-sized adult at this point in time. Discord joyrides around on Spike as his winged steed, often to the point of exhaustion. It falls to Twilight to actually care for him.

Rarigreed is lost to her delusions. She hoards rocks and boulders like a dragon hoards treasure... insisting that they're actually gold and diamonds and such. She is completely filthy from always digging rocks up, and habitually rubbing herself against them as though they were all in an orgy. Sweetie Belle acted as Rarigreed's caretaker until old age took her.

Angry Pie is consumed with bitterness and furious grudges; waging an endless, nonstop war upon laughter itself. Laugh in her presence, and she'll hunt you down and make you die a violent death. Discord is an exception, though: she tried attacking him once, and he left her with a permanent limp. This hasn't slowed her down at all.

The things Fluttercruel does are so unspeakably vile... Twilight cannot bring herself to speak of them at this point in time.

Surprisingly, Derpy Hooves is still alive, as is her daughter, Dinky. But Discord has transformed Dinky into a muffin, promising to only turn her back if Derpy ran several zillion laps around the castle. She's still at it. And birds are always trying to peck at her muffin-daughter.

Mercifully, Trixie has passed on after an unnaturally long and empty existence, never having recovered from her catatonia, drifting from place to place like a leaf in the wind.

At one point, Traitor Dash appears in Twilight's bedroom unannounced, to break into wretched sobs. She states that Discord promised that he'd turn time back: restore them all to the happy days of Celestia's rule... provided she murders the pony she cares most about. And she can't bring herself to do it. Twilight says that Discord forces these sort of sadistic choices upon Traitor Dash all the time.

Suddenly, the fog is lifted from Twilight's memory! She remembers everything again; how things were! Her old self! She vows to set things right... and then Discord appears, snaps his fingers, and Twilight Sparkle reverts to Twilight Tragedy once more. It ends with Discord sending Twilight to deal with some foolish upstarts who've dared to practice magic. Obediently, she heads out. Duty calls.

     Season 1 

Season 1: The Reharmonized Timeline or The Elements Realigned

  1. Part 1: Fluttershy's Reharmonization



Picking up after the proper timeline of the show, Fluttershy returns home after the biggest party in ponyville history celebrating Discord's defeat. Unfortunately, it's clear that not all the ponies are the best, mentioning how Big Macintosh was VERY uneasy around Winona for some reason. As she heads home, she thinks about how there wasn't anything to worry about her "discording", since discord had forced her to be cruel. At that point, someone laughs, but nobody's there! It's only when she gets home that the truth is revealed. There is someone else living in her body.

  1. Part 2: Rainbow Dash's Reharmonization



The truth about Rainbow Dash's discording is revealed but she gets unexpected support in the form of Scootaloo.

  1. Part 3: Rarity's Reharmonization

CHAPTER TITLE: Diamond in The Rough

EPISODE TITLE: Irreplaceable

Rarity is barely able to overcome her mental breakdown and decides to give some generosity to a little filly that might need it the most.

  1. Part 4: Applejack's Reharmonization

CHAPTER TITLE: The Truth and the Whole Truth

EPISODE TITLE: The Truth Liberates

The Princesses allow Applejack short access to a very special place: Truth, the mirror that reflects the endless timelines. There she is confronted with everything that could have been and some things that never should have been.

  1. Part 5: Pinkie Pie's Reharmonization

CHAPTER TITLE: Laughing Together


Pinkie Pie is in the middle of a mental breakdown but things soon take a turn for the worse when her inner anger is literally trying to consume her.

  1. Part 6: Twilight's Visit

CHAPTER TITLE: Turn the Other Flank


Twilight visits the now catatonic Trixie and it turns out that her family is just as excentric as the showpony herself. But even the memory spell is unable to free the unicorn from her discording.

  1. Part 7: Rainbow's True Reharmonization


EPISODE TITLE: Indecisive Jackass

Even after informally adopting Scootaloo and finding some measure of peace, Rainbow Dash is still wracked with guilt over her actions during the Day of Chaos. Eventually, she decides to gather the rest of the Mane Six and confess her deception, but her inner turmoil caused by trying to rationalize the difference between Loyalty and Betrayal threatens to awaken something dark and sinister within her.

  1. Part 8: Trixie's Redemption

CHAPTER TITLE: Tarot Number Thirteen

EPISODE TITLE: Devastating Loneliness

Twilight is finally ready to venture inside Trixie's mind to save her but it turns out something very sinister is lurking within the showpony.

  1. Part 9: Luna's Day of Chaos
CHAPTER TITLE: Canterlot Chaos


Luna's experience at the Day of Chaos was just as unpleasant as everybody else's. She does come very close to embrace her Nightmare insanity again.

  1. Part 10: Trixie's Reharmonization
CHAPTER TITLE: Second Family


Trixie is officially introduced to Twilight's complete circle of friends. But after a rough start some unique bonds are formed.

     Season 2 

Season 2: Princess Gaia

  1. Part 11: Fluttercruel's Takes Over
CHAPTER TITLE: Difference Between The Steed And The Alicorn


Fluttercruel is finally able to take over Fluttershy's body and decides to have some fun. That is not some euphemism, she basically just wants to have a "girl's night out."

  1. Part 12: Fluttercruel's Day


What begins as a "girl's night out" for the Flutters quickly turns to nightmarish tragedy as the sudden realization of an Awful Truth warps Fluttershy's mindset, twisting her body and mind into something not entirely equine. Something that is determined to bring true Harmony and happiness to Equestria, no matter the cost.

  1. Part 13: Fluttershy is Missing


Eventually Fluttershy's friends begin to notice that their friend seems to have disappeared and that the world is under the attack of a new threat that is ready to devour everything within fog: Princess Gaia.

  1. Part 14: Princess Gaia's Knight
CHAPTER TITLE: Teacher, Teacher


Under the influence of Princess Gaia Cheerilee turns hostile to keep her children trapped within the fog of illusion.

  1. Part 15: Princess Gaia's Changes
CHAPTER TITLE: Everkind Fluttershy


The heroes have to track through an overly cute and creepy world to finally reach Princess Gaia alias Fluttershy to put an end to this mess. Sadly they have underestimated her power.

  1. Part 16:
CHAPTER TITLE: Micro-Battle Pros


Under mind control the six ponies that have come to save Fluttershy end up aiding her in her takeover instead.

  1. Part 17: A Truth Made Known


Applejack's turth turns out to be the only thing that can reveal Princess Gaia as what she really is: Nightmare Whisper, the insane Nightmare of Kindness.

  1. Part 18: Nightmare Whisper
CHAPTER TITLE: Foal of Omelas


Finally faced with the insane Nightmare a brutal battle ensures. In the end only the six Elements of Harmony can take her down but where to find a new Element of Kindness? As it turns out Fluttercruel is more determined than ever to save her mother.

  1. Part 19:
CHAPTER TITLE: Pearl Necklace Part 1


Fluttercruel did survive using her own Element of Kindness and together with her mother they return to their friends.

  1. Part 20:
CHAPTER TITLE: Pearl Necklace Part 2


As Equestria recovers from the Princess Gaia Incident, Celestia pulls the Flutters aside to politely, yet firmly explain just how catastrophic the results of Fluttershy's actions could have been, and what the consequences would have been if worst had come to worst.

  1. Part 21:
CHAPTER TITLE: Pearl Necklace Part 3


Princess Gaia's takeover did influence many different ponies and Filthy Rich as well as Golden Tiara might have had the best experience out of all of them.

  1. Part 22:
CHAPTER TITLE: Pearl Necklace Part 4


Fluttershy has to face to punishments of Luna and Celestia and both are not going easy on her.

  1. Part 23:
CHAPTER TITLE: Pearl Necklace Part 5


In the end Fluttershy and Fluttercruel face the ponies for what they have done, both the good and the bad.

     Season 3 

Season 3: Butterflies

  1. Part 24: Rainbow's Visit

CHAPTER TITLE: Bolt's of Wonder


Rainbow Dash gets a surprise visit from Spitfire and she learns how Discord did torture her idols.

  1. Part 25: Trixie Leaves Ponyville

CHAPTER TITLE: Trixie's Last Hurdle


Trixie needs to come to terms with herself before returning home. Good thing that Twilight is there to help her with the last step.

  1. Part 26: Luna's Dream

CHAPTER TITLE: Nights Princess Luna


Luna's newfound friendship with Pipsqueak soon takes a turn for the worse.

  1. Part 27: Truth of the Worlds

CHAPTER TITLE: AJ's Dream Part 1


Again Applejack has to face the visions of Truth but this time there is something dark hiding within.

  1. Part 28: Nightmare Mirror

CHAPTER TITLE: AJ's Dream Part 2


Applejack is confronted by Nightmare Mirror, the Nightmare of Truth and Applejack's alternate self. Soon it becomes a struggle to prevent her from becoming Applejack's future.

  1. Part 29: Zecora

CHAPTER TITLE: Butterflies Zecora


Zecora tells her own story of the Day of Chaos and it is not a cheerful one.

  1. Part 30: Celestia's Recalls

CHAPTER TITLE: Butterflies Celestia


Celestia talks about her past on this world, it goes all the way back to Butterfly Island.

  1. Part 31: Nurse Redheart

CHAPTER TITLE: Butterflies Nurse Redheart


A look into Nurse Redheart's family, work and her view of life.

  1. Part 32: An Owl's Thoughts

CHAPTER TITLE: Butterflies Assistant


Owlowiscious reveals more about himself and the other animals of the mane six.

  1. Part 33: Lickity Split

CHAPTER TITLE: Butterflies Little Guy


Lickety-Split is revealed to have a family focused on prepreving knowledge of the past. But much to his frustration nobody else seems to care.

  1. Part 34: Pipsqueak

CHAPTER TITLE: Butterflies Companion


Pipssqueak tells us about his friendship with Moonlight alias Luna.

  1. Part 35: Fluttercruel

CHAPTER TITLE: Butterflies Fluttercruel


Fluttercruel and Fluttershy just try to live their lives as normal as possible but the actions of Nightmare Whisper catch up to them once more.

  1. Part 36: Applejack Awakes

CHAPTER TITLE: Butterflies Applejack


Applejack continues her life and accidentally breaks a very important part of reality.

  1. Part 37: Rainbow Awakes

CHAPTER TITLE: Butterflies Rainbow Dash


Rainbow Dash talks about how living together with Scootaloo did influence both of their lives.

  1. Part 38: Pinkie's Worries

CHAPTER TITLE: Butterflies Pinkie Pie


Pinkie Pie realizes what Applejack has done and desperatly tries to fix reality.

  1. Part 39: Spike's Worries

CHAPTER TITLE: Butterflies Friend Of A


Spike is frustrated that he doesn't seem to have a geniune bond with most of the ponies around himself and that it took so long for the story to even notice him.

  1. Part 40:

CHAPTER TITLE: Butterflies Good Morning Fillies


The CMC are all having a great time with their big sisters while Diamond Tiara is struck with Discord.

  1. Part 41:

CHAPTER TITLE: Butterflies Silver Spoon


Silver Spoon's own traumatic event at the Day of Chaos utterly traumatized her and left her unable to feel anything but fear for her father. But much to her surprise the CMC, the fillies who can't do anything right, manage to befriend and help her.

  1. Part 42:

CHAPTER TITLE: Fluttercruel's Best Pet


The Events of May The Best Pet Win from Fluttercruel's perspective.

  1. Part 43:

CHAPTER TITLE: Cheerilee Secret Interview


Cheerilee reveals more about her traumatic encounter with a love poison.

  1. Part 44:

CHAPTER TITLE: Fluttercruel's Cute-Ceañera


Fluttercruel celebrates her cutie mark with her new friends and learns a bit about them and herself.

  1. Part 45:

CHAPTER TITLE: Replacement Screws


A look at the messed-up family of Diamond Tiara.

     Season 4 

Season 4: The Time of Origins

  1. Part 45:

CHAPTER TITLE: Happy Cake Adventure AKA Rewrite 1


Pinkie Pie reveals the story of how G3 got completely obliterated by the combined efforts of the Alicorns and the Draconequi. Celestia, Luna and Discord are also there but the three have yet to fully grow into their future roles.

  1. Part 46:



Celestia and a small group of survivors find themselves fighting against Discord's sister Strife and Luna.

  1. Part 47:



The end of the world is near as Celestia and Strife finish their battle one on one.

  1. Part 48:

CHAPTER TITLE: Origins part 1


Celestia reveals more about the forgotten past of this world including the beginning of Discord's rise into the sadistic villain he is known as.

  1. Part 49:

CHAPTER TITLE: Origins part 2


The Alicorn tells her student about the chain of events that would lead to her making her greatest mistake.

  1. Part 50:

CHAPTER TITLE: Origins part 3


Celestia makes her greatest mistake and today the ponies know these creatures as Windigos.

  1. Part 51:

CHAPTER TITLE: Origins part 4


The ponies manage to overcome the Windigos but the resulting tension between the Alicorns and the Draconequi ends up escalating into a war between the two families.

  1. Part 52:

CHAPTER TITLE: Origins part 5


Fleeing from the war Celestia, Luna and Discord find themselves reborn onto this world, lacking the memories of their horrible pasts. They manage to befriend each other but things take a turn for the worse again when Discord's dark side awakens.

  1. Part 53:

CHAPTER TITLE: Origins part 5


Celestia and Luna manage to shape the Elements of Harmony into what they are today and finally defeat Discord.

     Season 5 

     Season .5/ 6 

     Season 6 

     Season 6. 75 

     Season 7 

Season 7: Not The Wedding You Remember

  1. Under The Stars 1
  2. Under The Stars 2
  3. Reach For The Stars 1
  4. Reach For The Stars 2
  5. Chrysalis 'Birth of a Monster'
  6. Chrysalis 'Raising of a Monster'
  7. Chrysalis 'Crowning of a Monster'
  8. 'Birth of King Sombra'
  9. 'Forgotten Pink Ponies'
  10. Silver Spoon 'Character Rerailment'
  11. Invitations Sent And Lots and lots of Ponies
  12. Lots of foreshadowing and character driven stuff
  13. 'And That's How We Got Three Flower Fillies'
  14. 'No Loose Screws'
  15. 'A Bug-Pony's Life'
  16. 'Something Not Right Here'
  17. 'Everything Is Just Perfect'
  18. 'Hope In Unexpected Places'
  19. 'White Knight?'
  20. 'Then All Tartarus Broke Loose'
  21. 'Escapes And Explanations'
  22. 'Behind Enemy Lines'
  23. 'Dances With Ponies'
  24. 'Bug Candy'
  25. 'Whole Moon'
  26. 'Operation Save Magic' (good things happen)
  27. 'Family Bonding' Starring Evil Discord
  28. 'Magic Duel' (Epic Stuff Happens!)
  29. Omake 'Too Much Focus On The Villains'
  30. 'Cutie Mark Crusaders Dragons Savers! Yay!'
  31. 'Family And Friends'
  32. 'Friends Joining Up'
  33. 'Out Of The Back Grounds' (Reunited Sisters)
  34. 'Best Laid Plans'
  35. 'Big Theater Fight'
  36. 'The Stare Vs The Truth'
  37. 'Notes Get Scrambled'
  38. 'Twilight Sparkle Vs Shining Armor'
  39. 'Orange Butterfly'
  40. 'Sisters'
  41. 'This Chapter Is Guaranteed To Give You Smiles'
  42. 'The Best and the Worst part 1'
  43. 'The Best and the Worst part 2'
  44. Second Chance?
  45. Into the Witch's Den
  46. The Last Performance Of Queen Chrysalis
  47. 'Mighty Hercules' Part 0
  48. 'The Mighty Hercules' Part 1
  49. 'The Mighty Hercules' Part 2
  50. 'The Mighty Hercules' Part 3 Of 3
  51. Short: Pony POV Kabuto
  52. (Yay): 'The chrysalis is broken'
  53. 'Princess Luna Returns'
  54. 'Cadence vs Cadenza'
  55. 'Actress' Review'
  56. 'A Loose End's Last Stand'
  57. 'Friends Making Up'
  58. 'Reharmonization'
  59. 'The REAL Wedding!'
  60. 'Love Is In Bloom'

     Season 8 

Season 8: Finale!

  1. Let Us Begin...
  2. Chaos' Revenge
  3. Rainbow Dash (And Friends) Totally Awesome Radical Ponyville Adventure
  4. 'Somepony, everypony is wrong.'
  5. Pony POV Series Pearls 'Lost Episode'
  6. A Rainbow Learns The Truth
  7. We're All Still Here!
  8. Answers and Identities Revealed!!!
  9. Side by Side At Last
  10. The Fighting Is Finished
  11. Big Talk Between Two Friends
  12. Professional Help
  13. Not Much To Scoot About
  14. Scootaloos, Trixie, Clover, Twilight Sparkle
  15. Rainbow Dash's Reaction
  16. How We Came To Be Here
  17. Return of the Cutie Mark Crusaders
  18. Getting Some Help
  19. A Pinecone Vs A Blue Lily
  20. Magical Filly Adventure!
  21. It's Too Dangerous To Go Alone. Take This!
  22. Daring Do And the Mysterious Mare
  23. Super Crusader Adventure
  24. Over The Garden Wall
  25. Little Madam Rarity
  26. Inner Research
  27. Crimson Lights Take Warning
  28. Voyage Of the MoonPearl
  29. Giggle At the Ghosties
  30. Cutie Mark Crusaders vs. Blank Mark Crusaders
  31. Lickety Split Sunday Island During The Storm (Big Turning Point)
  32. The White Wolf vs The Dark Hound ('Through running.')
  33. Equestria Warriors
  34. Pony POV Series Finale SPECIAL!!! 'Tapestry' (Crusaders of the Lost Mark)
  35. Night Rising
  36. Surprises
  37. Will Any Souls Get Through?
  38. Pegasus Promise
  39. Scootaloo's Reveal, Farewell MoonPearl
  40. An Apple's Final Battle
  41. Final Element of Harmony
  42. Applejack vs Nyarlathotrot
  43. How Apples roll
  44. Rebirth of an Alicorn Part 1
  45. Rebirth of an Alicorn Part 2
  46. Rebirth of an Alicorn Part 3
  47. Discord's Dream
  48. Preparing For Ze Boss Rush!
  49. Optional Canon Balancing Act
  50. Kinda Sorta Maybe 'Canon' Funeral For an Evil Dorito
  51. Let Ze Boss Rush Begin!!!
  52. Friends in High Places
  53. Canterlot Warriors
  54. Tower of Nil and Chaos
  55. 'Battle of the Faux Princesses' Part 1 Family Ties
  56. 'Battle of the Faux Princesses' Part 2 CMC vs Gabby Gums
  57. Side Story: Baby Goddesses
  58. I Like The Red One
  59. Apple Orchard in Bloom
  60. Duel of Tear Reharmonized
  61. Havoc and Azerhorse Comedy Sketch
  62. The Top
  63. Tunnel of Doubt
  64. Sanctium
  65. the end
  66. NOT The End
  67. Song of Healing